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"" 20th anniversary? It's an unimaginable time when the first start. Time has flows and flows into today. Actually, I don't think it's special. Just a day, a month, a year... I've only done what I've. When it comes to my birthday, Rather than being congratulated I thought I was thankful to my parents. It's the same today. I can be here until now Because of the fans who being by my side Who holding my hands. So thanks to you guys. Thank you for being with me for 20 years. I hope we have more great time together in the future. <Signed> 20 years together 200 years to be with kkk "" #leedongwook #leedongwookfanmeeting #iamwook #tomyinside #handletter #이동욱 #이동욱팬미팅

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