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💕 [Eng] Yulmu is especially sincere during filming, very sincere. No matter anything he done so well. Is a type of person would keep the emotion for a long time. Sometimes when he makes impromptu line, he'll say cute words with a sincere expression lyk 'Omo~ The redbean filling is too much.' I always laughed out loud at that moment, I really spent lots of effort. I love to laugh originally. He sometimes so cute & always show that kind of acting cute face. Every that time, I’ll really think why he perform Yulmu this role, hide the nature of himself, performed such bad face. I seldom will sigh. Sir Neungyang, I’m Dong Ju. I’ve lots of words want to say to you. Firstly, you’ve changed a lot recently, right? Bcuz your face is too different, so I’m so confused. Also in every aspect, brought lots of disaster to other people. It’ll be great if you do things properly. And not say others, please must don’t touch Nokdu will be great. Don’t know why I performed out my emotion towards Nokdu. It’ll be great you don’t do that, really, I’ll not look on with folded arms. Don’t think I’m so weak, don’t ignore me, don’t treat me at will🤣Pls, pls listen to my words. But before it, you also gave me made something delicious, also have warm moment isn’t it? If you cannot back to that moment also pls don’t forget your face at that time. Don’t forget. Become kind a bit will be great. You’ll be blessed only if you live kindly. That’s right? Pls, it’ll be great if you turns kind, Sir Neungyang. Pls. . The person I wanna thanks. I always filming with sunbae nim. Cheon Hae soo who always together with me, we’ve been filmed together when I was very young. We work together after a really long time. There is one scene I’m in crisis of pull away by pervert, that moment is very difficult, is a scene I’m very sad, very upset in my heart. When filming my upper body, Cheon Hae soo sunbae keep teared, catch emotion with me together. (Continue in my last lost👉🏻😉) ... Our pretty & adorable & funny Sso😚😂❤️ . Cr: wavve, anvov90, wowhellosohyun twitter, kimsohyunbling weibo #김소현 #kimsohyun #金所泫 #lovealarm #kimjojo #dongdongju #thetaleofnokdu #녹두전

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