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The conflict between Lee Bang Won and Lee Seong Gye rises to the surface and heralds another level of tension. . Lee Bang-won and Lee Seong-gye face each other and create a breathtaking tension. The cold, hard look does not reveal the inside easily, but the hidden blades point at each other sharply. . The face of Lee Seong-gye, who sits on the throne of the new world, and the heathen who does not break the momentum in front of him, is like a calm but impending storm. Looking at them, the eyes of Nam Sun-ho, Han Hee-jae, and Queen Sinduk are also nervously shaken. The embers of blood wind are sprouting in the fate of three people who are at the center of power but cannot relax the movements of Bang Bang and Lee Sung Gye. . The 5th episode of My Country, broadcast on the 18th of Oct unfolds after the founding of Joseon. Lee Seong-gye, Queen Shin-duk Kang, and Seon-ho Nam and Han Hee-jae, who had power near them, tried to suppress Lee Bang-won, but Bang-won who previously declared to the that “the new world is my father's country and my country” could not easily be suppressed.  Meanwhile, Seo Hwi, who was ordered by Nam Sun-ho to protect his sister, must risk his life and steal the heart of Bang Won to kill him. Attention is drawn to how Seo Hwi and Nam Sun-ho's risky plan will change their fate. . “My country” crew said, "Watch how the three men, empowered in their own ways, will go through their destiny. "The interests between the characters will be mixed with the detailed and detailed development, and the story will be more interesting." The 5th episode of 'My Country' will air at 10:50 pm on the 18th of Oct tonight. . Translated from Naver news. . #Janghyuk #张赫 #장혁 #チャンヒョク #ajincome @ajincome #koreanstar #koreanactors #WokofLove #beautifulmindkoreandrama #fatedtoloveyou #youaremydestiny #운명처럼널사랑해 #運命のように君を愛してる #moneyflower #돈꽃  #badpapa #배드파파 #사자 #나의나라 #sidushq

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