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[Daily Economy Star Today Seok Hoon-cheol guest reporter] Jeon In-hwa and Yoon Shi Yoon, who met in the drama bakery king Kim Tak-gu, met in Hyuncheon village in 10 years. MBN entertainment program 'Natural', which aired on the 5th afternoon, depicts Jeon In-hwa and Yoon Suhi Yoon who reunited in 10 years. Jeon In-hwa called Eun Ji-won and Kim Jong-min and suggested that they go together. Eun Ji Won, Kim Jong Min and Yoon Shi Yoon visited Jeon In Hwa's house. Yoon Shi Yoon expressed the joy of seeing the paintings of the whole person after 10 years. Jeon In-hwa also welcomed the appearance of Yoon Si-yun. Jeon In-hwa and Yun Shi Yoon expressed their affection for each other by referring to the `` King Baking King Kim Tak-gu '' in an interview. Jeon In-hwa and Yoon Si-yun had a good time referring to the memories of baking king Kim Tak-gu. On the other hand, 'naturally' is a reality entertainment program containing celebrities' rural village settlement. 9:00 pm every Saturday. , , , #yoonshiyoon #jeoninhwa #kimnongmin #naturallyshow #mbn #koreanactor #southkorea #koreanentertainer #realityshow #kimtakgoo #bakerkingkimtakgoo #princecharming #handsomeactor

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