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KSH: *reads comments* There's a kiss scene!!!! JDY: Ah we can't tell this... KSH: *clueless* Why? Since this is a rocom drama... JDY: No..We don't know about that yet.. Keep watching it! KSH: Do we even have to keep it secret? *looking at KTO* KTO: What's the question actually? KSH: Is there any kiss scene? KTO: So you gave a spoiler? KSH: No.... MC: *saved the convo* Okay, maybe yall can check it by watching the drama.. KSH: Ah can also check it.. JDY: Yes.. since we still don't know abt it yet.. so you can check it.. KTO: Did they ask about with who? KSH: No, they asked Is there any kiss scene. KSH: The question was really simple but the answer is so like this *laughs* JJH: People won't watch our drama cuz got annoyed by watching this *everyone laughs* JDY: Ok then let me change. Since its a romcom you can look forward for that. KTO: Yes.. there would be a romantic kiss and comedy kiss *everyone amazed* JDY: Indeed... MC: BTS indeed ㅋㅋ Rough trans by me

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