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They are avoiding each other again😭 ohh seriously, how long the writers will be doing this💔 . Woojin new stills for "I Wanna Hear Your Song" new episode tonight! . Yeon Woo Jin X Kim Se Jeong two people deep in their heart Both are caught in a close approach to the truth. KBS 2TV drama Tell Me Your Song which is full of unfortunate romance and creepy thriller. It will burst. On the 9th, 'Listen to your song' side unveiled still cut of Jang Yoon and Hong Yi Young. The two reunite on the steps of Lee Young's house, and their eyes are passing by as they stare at each other. Jang Yoon is pained by the appearance of Hong Yi Young who turns around powerlessly and hides his bitterness in the reality that she cannot reach her. In the meantime, the appearance of a person watching two people far from the entrance of the alley raises tension. The direction of Jang Joon and Hong Yi Young romance, which is getting dangerous as it gets closer, will be unfolded in front of the chaotic reality. . #yeonwoojin #연우진 #iwannahearyoursong #letmehearyoursong #너의노래를들려줘 #gugudan #kimsejeong #sejeong #songjaerim #jiyeon #queenforsevendays #priest #introvertedboss #judgevsjudge #nothingtolose #marriagenotdating #divorcelawyerinlove #korean #drama #actor #korean #drama

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