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[#İNTERVİEW] Many people say that their eyes are pretty. Do you use circle lenses? . . ▶ Lasec. No lens is needed. Dry eye may have helped (smoke). (laugh) -Park's reaction to receiving eyes. . . ▶ I felt that Park could also see the other person because I felt Park's aura. Park says, "It's too good." (Laughter) They both took a good joke and took a good breath. I wouldn't have been here if I kept living with that feeling. -There was also a pity at the production presentation. . . ▶ I see my work many times. This one seemed hard to see again. As I said at the beginning, I would like to express the script and the situation well. So when I started, I thought I had such a story, but until the end, I thought I was good. -The single part is difficult to express. . . ▶ Because my partner was married, I talked well to each other. Park had a lot of conversations with the director. I asked 'what is this feeling' and communicated a lot. So could I have followed it? As I filmed this drama, I changed my mind a bit. I realized that I should love someone as a whole man. I thought I should avoid hitting the opponent entirely. In the past, it was a personality. After watching this drama, it seems that after a while, the characters in this drama are all tired. When I loved and dated something, I thought I would love someone completely. -Has the marriage hall changed? . . ▶ I was thinking about getting married, but now I have no idea. I met this work and came to think differently. Unlike now, I now wish to meet someone who can love me wholeheartedly. In the past, I had a look that suited to someone. There are times when the relationship is over, and now I just want to make a love that I can love as me when he says 'since it's evergreen'. The most listened song of this work is 'Can I get married'? I heard a lot because the actors around me were married people. @sangyeob #이상엽 #leeSangYeob #KoreanActor #평일오후세시의연인 #LoveAffairsintheAfternoon

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