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Jung Hae In candidly opened up about how he struggled during the drama “One Spring Night” and how it affected his confidence and self-esteem. During a recent interview for his upcoming film “Tune in for Love,” Jung Hae In shared, “While working on this film, I thought a lot about my self-esteem,” and “In the film, Hyun Woo [Jung Hae In’s character] continues to build confidence in himself as the story progresses, and it reminded me a lot about the times when I was struggling.” He continued to say, “Whenever I’m acting and playing a character, I end up running into a wall when I feel the limitations of my acting skills. When that happens, I have to just keep going, but the thought of ‘So this is the limit of what I’m capable of’ hits me and my self-esteem crumbles.” Cautiously, Jung Hae In confessed, “Personally, I found ‘One Spring Night’ so difficult,” speaking about the drama he had appeared in with Han Ji Min, where he played a pharmacist who was raising a son on his own. He explained, “I struggled a lot in ‘One Spring Night,’ and I think that’s why I feel a stronger affection for it. It was the drama that left me feeling the most empty and like I’d been hollowed out after it was over. Spring is short, and that drama really was like a short and memorable spring night.” “Tune in for Love” is a retro melodramatic film that takes starts in 1994 and plays out across eleven years. Jung Hae In will play Hyun Moo, who runs into Mi Soo (played by Kim Go Eun) in a snack store and falls in love, only to have to face the hardships of reality. The film will be released on August 28. (Article by Soompi) #junghaein #onespringnight #hanjimin #kimgoeun #tuneinforlove #kdrama

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