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β € πŸ™„πŸ€” Bad Papa Special event? What kind of special event is being held for three days? Dying to know and join the event!!! Talking about all Bad Papa! Handshake and seeing off..??? β € β € Not for three days but two days; 10/28 Tokyo, and 10/30 Fukuoka β € I guess this Bad Papa event is like the one that was about all Money Flower last November 2018 in Tokyo. β € β € β € #μž₯혁 #janghyuk #チャンヒョク #λ°°λ“œνŒŒνŒŒ #badpapa #バッドパパ @ajincome 이건 λ­˜κΉŒμš”...? κΆκΈˆν•΄ μ£½μ–΄μš”...흑흑흑 β €

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