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The way she thrust her body into his body only means that she is in total surrender to her man. Her love, passion and her trust she gave it all to him. The way he pulled her closer to him in a tight embrace only means one thing, he loves her more than anyone else and to love and hold her in his arms is his greatest desire. Today is very meaningful to this couple. This is the day when thier love was put to the test. Both remained strong and faithful to each other. They came out triumphant and victorious. They are now So Happy and So In Love. ❤️🌟🌙❤️ .... #thewayjijikiss #starmooncouple #themoonembracingthestar #starembracingthemoon #jijicouple #jichangwook ❤️#namjihyun Vedio Credit belongs to @mysuspicious1

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