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Finally the day 🦋 💕💃💕🦋 Raises expectations to the fullest. TVN's new Saturday TV drama 'Love's Unsettling' (played by Park Ji-eun / Director Jeong-Hyo Lee / Production Culture Warehouse, Studio Dragon), which is scheduled to air in the second half of this year, is one of the conglomerate heirs Yoon Se-ri (one of Son Ye-jin), who has crashed into North Korea due to paragliding accident. It is an absolute top secret love story of North Korean officer Li Jung-hyuk (Hyun Bin) who loves to hide and protect the world. On the day of the script reading scene, crew and actors gathered in one place to lead the 'breakfast of love'. Park Ji-eun, director Lee Jung-hyo, and Hyun Bin (Lee Jung-hyuk), Son Ye-jin (Yun Se-ri), Seo Ji-hye (Seoul) and Kim Jung-hyun (Ku Seung-jun), who will make the work of high quality, participate in the fun and emotion. Predicted the birth of a drama. As soon as the reading began, the actors immersed in the role and exploded synergy. Hyun Bin, who played the role of North Korean officer, Lee Jung-hyuk, was charismatic and sometimes cute. Son Ye-jin, a Korean heir to Yoon Se-ri, also reflected the scene brightly and brightly with a lovely and bright appearance. The two foresaw a fateful but fateful encounter and announced the beginning of an absolute top secret love story that would heat up the second half. Suh Ji-hye transformed into a North Korean celebrity squad with Namsim sniper visuals, and showed off his charm while expressing himself. Kim Jung-hyun, who was immersed in the unknown character Gu Seung-jun, morphed into a subtle character itself and drew a three-dimensional character. The combination of actors who will play an active part in the North Korean military is also eye-catching. Oh Man-seok (Cho Chul-gang) and Kim Young-min (Jung Man-bok) played tension with the drama and showed off their acting skills. In addition, Yang Kyung-won (Pyochi-soo), who played the role of an atmosphere maker, Yu-Su-bin (Kim Ju-dok) who was bright in the South, and Tang Jun-sang (Geum-eun-station), who played the youngest North Korean army, boasted a breath of fantasy with the leading couples. .

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