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[#피플Live] How are you so immersed?  Think about each one of your daily or small things just by matching it to the character.  For example, when I ate rice, I tried to eat this side dish, but if it was this character, would I eat it?  I started from the trivial little thing and thought that I could get something just right at some point.  So I would like to be immersed and ready to concentrate a little bit like that.  Song Chan-wook: As you are full of entertainment, you will come in a lot of entertainment now. Is not it hard for you to get out of this role again and play an active part in the entertainment?  I do not know how to do this.  Even though I want to go further, some other kind of character in me has made a limit on me so far, so I think that the limit is coming up.  Song Chan Wook: You've recently come out of town.  When you look at the fishing, you seem to have overcome it.  Before I went to filming, I was stressed because of my character or work. When I went to get healing, I went to healing, and while I was doing healing, I felt a lot of foolishness.  Song Chan-wook: Then you will continue to act now. What role do you want to play in the future?  Lee, Sang Yeob: I think a lot of these days,  Song Chan Wook: Young and young?  I heard that you want to try your sweetheart.  Even if it is younger or younger, it looks better now than it was when I was older.  Song Chan-wook: Do you have any plans for the next work?  Yes.  I am currently studying various works, but I do not really see other works until now.  It is so deeply penetrated that we have to go through it a little bit.  Song Chan-wook: I guess you have not played the role of young and young.  I do not know.  Song Chan-wook: So now I'm really in the middle of the drama, but the filming is over. @sangyeob #이상엽 #평일오후세시의연인 #leeSangYeob #LoveAffairsintheAfternoon #KoreanActor

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