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[#피플Live] Song Chan-wook: Actor Lee Sang-yeop who is actively performing in the role of Yun Jung-woo in the drama (lover of the hour of the afternoon of a weekday) We came to see him directly. Hello? However, Song Chan-wook: I came here after a long time out of the studio, where is this now? Lee Sang Yeob: Yes It is the day when it is the last photograph (lover of 3:00 pm on weekdays afternoon). I took the last shot here. Song Chan Wook: Oh yeah?  Because it is the last shot, now it is still midway through the drama.  I'm actually a little curious about the conclusion, can you give me a little exposure?  Do not you think that you will go with the original again after seeing the original again? We have been expecting from the beginning, but the ending will be a little different because we are making our own feelings and colors and feelings.  Song Chan Wook: Oh yeah?  Yes.  I can only say that it is different.  Song Chan-wook: If the situation of the drama actually comes to Mr. Lee Sang-yeop, what would you choose?  I do not want to make a choice to fulfill my responsibility in a happy way.  I think it's the same as Yoon Jung-woo's choice in the play.  It seems like this is the last time I asked for a city hall.  That's right.  Song Chan-wook: But now our producers are evaluating the actor Lee Sang Yup.  This is a dialogue prayer in the drama. Now, you are saying that you are deeply emotional and deeply emotional.  But now Lee Sang-Yeob is not such an actor is not such an actor who slowly and deeply penetrates to the public.  what do you think? Lee Sang - Yeob: It is a great honor to say that it is leaking.  I pray for the goal.  But in fact, I'm going to walk one step at a time, so in fact, in the middle of it, I like to be able to make bread in one room, but now it seems like I'm doing it like I'm slowly penetrating slowly.  And that's the goal. Song Chan-wook: I am very surprised to see actors playing various characters as I talked about while doing various works that are both novel and great, and playing with the characters by immersing them in every time.  How are you so immersed? @sangyeob #이상엽 #leeSangYeob #평일오후세시의연인 #LoveAffairsintheAfternoon

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