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<This is an interview of Jang Hyuk’s acting teacher, Ahn Hyukmo done by 여성동아 in August issue in 2013> ⠀ Jang Hyuk, the actor whose foundation is solid so he will never fall apart ⠀ It was when he was 21years old that I saw him the first time. I got the impression he was handsome and very polite. But his pronunciation was not clear and had a hard time to choose the right words and plus he always got nervous so he was very stiff. I wondered if he could be able to act. ⠀ This isn’t a nobody’s story but the Jang Hyuk’s, the one who is a well-known actor now. At the time a director Ahn met Jang Hyuk, he was an aspiring actor who had a history of failing auditions 119 times. The more numbers of failure got increased, the harder he stuck to the acting like a workaholic. ⠀ Jangy Hyuk visiting him with a dozened box of energy drinks, he analyzed characters and practiced acting until they drank all up. Around 11pm after all actors went back, he started to practice acting with Jang Hyuk and very often he failed to go back home even after the sun rises. ⠀ Seeing such Jang Hyuk, director Ahn realized that old saying, “Sandalwood is fragrant even in seed leaf” is not true. What Jang Hyuk proved was that even if a person has no talent, with persistent trying, one can make his dreams come true. ⠀ “When I first taught him acting, it was frustrating to see his too slow progress. There are kids who go straight to school but there are also kids who go to school slowly taking times to look at flowers or trees around, snooping around stationery stores and doing other things. Jang Hyuk was the latter. Slowly but steadily what he has done is melted in his life. Putting it in terms of architecture, he strengthened the foundation thoroughly. It will never fall apart because it is ironed and pressed.” ⠀ ______ Continued in comment #장혁 #janghyuk #チャンヒョク

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