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Actor Woo Do-Hwan named Jang Hyuk as his role model. . On October 29, in an interview with Woo Do-Hwan on his upcoming film “The Divine Fury”  at a cafe in Samcheong - dong, Seoul, Korea, he said, "I started acting when I was 19 years old after watching the drama" Chuno ". I never acted before and I did not even know what acting was, but after watching "Chuno" , there were many things that I felt as a viewer. I wanted to be an actor so that I could have a good influence on people." . He continued, "Jang Hyuk Sunbaenim is my role model, and I even know all the lines in Chuno. I went to Pungmul every day while I was going to the institute in Anyhyeon-dong." . He said, "I wanted to meet Jang Hyuk Sunbaenim someday. And I am really pleased to finally meet him while filming JTBC 'My Country' . I thank him for inspiring me to embark on my acting career. And Sunbaenim was really happy and thankful to hear it." . Translated from : . Thank you @janghyuk_taiwan for sharing the article in Chinese. . Follow Jang Hyuk's official account on instagram 👉 @ajincome #Janghyuk #张赫 #장혁 #チャンヒョク #ajincome @ajincome #koreanstar #koreanactors #WokofLove #greasymelo #fatedtoloveyou #moneyflower #돈꽃  #badpapa #배드파파 #나의나라

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