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Happy 2nd anniversary to Kim Hyun-joon from CRIMINAL MINDS (2017)! 💓🎉🎊 this gives me an excuse to make some fan vid of we will see. Anyway, i remember being so touched by JG showing us these photos he took of holding whiteboards that show each day of shooting during CM. It’s so weird its already been 2 years... I still remember reading the Namooactors post, about this photo collection gift 🎁JG gave the fans, at the Starbucks near home lol it was such a great autumn day filled with love. 크리미널 마인드 2주년 축하축하. 현준아 잘 지내고 있니? 크마와 관련해서 드라마 외적으로 가장 감동적인 기억은 준기님이 촬영 회차마다저렇게 흔적을 남기고 차곡차곡 모아둔 저 흔적들을 우리에게 선물로 주었던 것이 아닐까.❤️ #leejoongi #이준기 #크리미널마인드 #criminalmindskorea #criminalminds #kimhyunjoon #김현준

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