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[#News] Channel A Gwanghwamun drama 'The lover of the 3 o'clock in the afternoon of the weekday' (hereafter, Oh Se-yeon) is the growth drama of the adults suffering severe measles due to taboo love. Lee Sang-yeop plays the role of Yoon Jung-woo, a biology teacher in 'Osee Yeon', and is performing a high melodic performance such as sensibility and acting power from the eyes. In the photograph, Lee Sang-yop focused on the script with his serious eyes, not leaving the script in hand even in the bustling scene. In addition, Lee Sang-yeop can feel that he is forced to be absorbed by Yoon Jung-woo's character in 'Osee Yeon' while he looks at the script to look at the script to digest Yoon Jung Woo character perfectly. He is not only a visual and stable actor but also an actress who has a unique color and is not afraid of challenging with the constant conflict of acting. That's why the public expectation will be high for what kind of activity will be shown in 'Lovers of the City in the afternoon of the weekday' just started. On the other hand, channel A gilt drama 'Lovers of the hour of the afternoon of the weekday' is broadcast every Friday and 11:00 on Saturday and Friday. @sangyeob #이상엽 #LeeSangYeob #LoveAffairsintheAfternoon #평일오후세시의연인 #YoonJungWoo . . . News: 🌸🌸

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