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Lee Joongi puts on a priest’s robe in ‘Hotel Del Luna’ to make a special cameo appearance at IU’s request [Official] - (source — - Actor Lee Joongi is making a surprise appearance in ‘Hotel Del Luna.’ He’s appearing as a special cameo directly handpicked by his friend Lee Jieun (IU). . Set to make a surprise appearance in tvN’s weekend drama ‘Hotel Del Luna,’ Lee Joongi is expected to provide a short but powerful presence. He decided to make his appearance because of Lee Jieun. Despite his busy schedule, he gladly accepted the invitation of Lee Jieun, whom he co-starred with in 2016 ‘Moon Lovers,’ demonstrating his loyal friendship with her. The two performed a heartbreaking romance in their previous work together. Anticipation is mounting among the fans wondering what kind of chemistry the two will show in their reunion in ‘Hotel Del Luna.’ . The new stills released before today’s upcoming broadcast (Jul 20) show Lee Jieun as Jang Manwol and Lee Joongi as a catholic priest. For some reason, the two are staring intensely at each other. Above all, it makes us wonder whether he is a human being or a ghost in the form of a priest. If he is a human and priest, he would be a character opposed to Jang Manwol, who runs Hotel Del Luna which only accepts ghosts as its guests. . The producers behind ‘Hotel Del Luna’ expressed their gratitude saying, “After receiving a call from Lee Jieun, Lee Joongi immediately accepted the offer to make a special appearance. He proved a powerful presence despite appearing only as a cameo.” Just as typical of Lee Joongi, who always makes any character his own, he paid close attention to his voice and manner of speaking, and worked enthusiastically, saying “One more time,” even after director Oh Chunghwan said “OK.” . The rep also added, “The two showed perfect chemistry throughout the shoot, filling the set with laughter. Please check out today’s broadcast to see when and what role Lee Joongi will appear in.” - - #leejoongi #이준기 #iu #이지은 #hotel_del_luna #호텔델루나

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