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[#İNTERVİEW] 📌Last 5 days, the drama 〈Weekday afternoon lover〉 finally started. What did the two look like for the first airing moment? SANGYEOB: I watched my first room with my parents in the house. I think I trembled a lot this time. It was a bit intense material, so I was worried about how it would be accepted. I was so nervous that I didn't see the compilation, but it was good for the individual. HASUN: Before I aired, I previewed the first and second editions, and they seemed to fall out better than the script. In fact, Part 1 and 2 were very difficult scripts and I felt better because they came out better than I thought. And the surrounding reaction is good. If you look at the texting constantly, everyone should have taken care (laughs). 📌It's a work that has been loved by dramas and movies in Japan? HASUN: I rather liked it. I looked at the synops and found out that there is an original, but it is interesting. So I was convinced I should do this work. In the meantime, there haven't been many dramas where female characters are the main. I really liked the character named 'Ji-eun' in a situation where the character that a woman can take is limited. So I think it was better. SANGYEOB: The theme of the evergreen drama itself is a story that can be used all over the world. So I didn't think much about it. The bishop also showed great confidence. . . . #이상엽 & #박하선 @sangyeob @mintsungrace #평일오후세시의연인 . . . #LoveAffairsintheAfternoon #LeeSangYeob #ParkHaSun . . . . #그라치아 #GraziaKorea

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