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Lee Dong Wook, who says he is preparing a date for the amusement park for Yoo In Na, is drawing keen attention. Last week when we (DC Inside InNa Gallery and us International fans) sent a coffee truck they have filming in amusement park 😍🥰😊🍑🌸💕 • Kwon Jung Rok and Oh Jin Shim, who were revealed in the drama, are attracting attention by visiting an amusement park in the middle of the night. The soft smiles of the two people facing each other also make the viewers excited. This is drawing attention from Kwon Jung Rok, who is on a date with the amusement park prepared for Oh Jin Shim, by saying that another effort by Kwon Jung Rok, the "Yon-ae-chi" character, will be shown. In particular, Kwon Jung Rok's unusual movements, which seem to be taking the hint of Oh Jin Shim, are being spotted, raising questions. Moreover, Kwon Jung Rok's look at Oh Jin Shim with a friendly smile and a deep look will be revealed, raising sweet expectations about what will happen at the amusement park. • Above all, in the last episode, stalker Lee Kang Joon (played by Kim Ga Woo) showed up in front of Kwon Jung Rok and Oh Jin Shim, which are deepening affection, and created breathtaking tension. The cold confrontation between Lee Kang Joon, who looks coldly at Oh Jin Shim, and Kwon Jung Rok, who blocked his gaze, horrified viewers. • Meanwhile, Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na are said to have thrilled their staff with their two shots of dating like real lovers. On top of this, the two men rode on rides and made everyone on the scene laugh with extreme reactions that made them doubt whether it was acting or real. Therefore, interest in the dating scene between Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na, which will brighten up the amusement park, is increasing further. • ©Naver #이동욱 #李栋旭 #유인나 #刘仁娜 #ユインナ #저승사자 #써니 #왕여 #김선 #피치커플 #도깨비 #진심이닿다 #오진심 #오윤서 #5리얼 #권정록 #觸及真心 #연고커플 #LeeDongWook #YooInNa #PichiCouple #Goblin #GrimReaper #SunnyNotSunhee #OhYoonSeo #OhJinShim #KwonJungRok #TouchYourHeart #OintmentCouple #4mydearpichicouple

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