[SNS] 191121 Moon Geun Young Instagram Update: 1. I ran out of the blue yesterday- I've been watching the waves and they were pretty. I've been watching it for a while and I couldn't figure out why it was pretty, so I became emotional. 2. As soon as I woke up the morning, I went out because I wanted to see the waves- The sunlight breaking in the waves is so shiny that makes me watched again for a long time. 3. There's a pretty lake on the road I was going on. So I turned the car around- They said you can go around it with a bicycle. I wanted to show it to my friend, but I laughed so hard while filming it. I laughed a lot all by myself the whole time while I was riding the bicycle. 4. This was the place where I planned to go. I've been here a few times but why is it different every time I come here? I've been standing on the shore for a long time, as I sang alone. Keuk- I wished it would be good if I could live. But today getting a peeked into your hearts- I began to have a bit of desire- My acting profession that I like, I want to be a person who enjoyably acts and lives well. #AlthoughImReallyALackingPerson #SoICanBeABetterPerson #ToGom(Bear)Shongkie's (also known as Moons Fans) #ToBecomeAnActor #WhoYoureNotEmbarrasedOf #IWillAlwaysKeepItInMyHeart #ForWishingMeHappiness #SincerelyThankYou #Day1525💋 Trans by: mgyifc #MoonGeunYoung #문근영 #유령을잡아라 #CatchTheGhost

Posted by Moon Geun Young International Fanclub on Thursday, November 21, 2019