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Sangyeob oppa called Somin during YouTube live interview yesterday (Part 2)😍 . (Translation by @m0m0ade ❤️ Thank you so much!) They are talking about all the dishes they are eating,So min started mentioning different food that are eating, So min is tell him there is difference in a particular dishe something about color difference of a specific dish they are eating.  MC: its a mukbang(eating show) this is for the first slide.  Second slide MC; anyways thank you for all thee useless information, I don’t think we will need it  MC:Thank you jeon so min  SY: Somin is the best. SY: Wah its so funny  MCThank you so much you should sleep now  SM:Thank you so much  MC: I couldn’t imagine it SM: Eat a lot ohh and have a good time. MC:Let meet together(I think on the show) SM:Yes lets meet MC:Thank you  SM:Thank you SY:pyong MC: Sanyeob you also say pyong when you cut the call? SY: Yes I do  MC:I say the same to my wife a lot too. She is very humble (something about her having good attitude) MC: Her attitude (or presence0 is very different SY: She told us about this dish MC:I know right TMI SY: She is so cute MC Next time it will be jae suk that we will call SY: Jae suk will be sleeping right now (I didn’t catch the last part) . My favorite part when they're hanging up, they talk so cutely hahaha😆. . . You can watch full live on @buzzbean11 YouTube channel. . . (Jeon So Min real Instagram - @jsomin86 🐸) #jeonsomin #junsomin #somin #전소민 #全昭旻#kimjisuk #Leesangyeob #koreanactress #koreanactor  #entertainer #sbs#runningman #런닝맨  #미에로화이바  #맛나감자탕 #koreandrama #톱스타유백이 #TopStarYooBaek #김지석 #전소민 #이상엽 #tvn #금요드라마 #대박나자

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