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Sangyeob oppa called Somin during YouTube live interview yesterday (Part 1)😍 . (Translation by @m0m0ade ❤️ Thank you so much!) SM : Hello SY; Jeong so body SM: Oppa SY:Where are you  SM: At home  SY:i’m with this guy say hello  MC: Hello so min I love you, I’m a fan  SY: Suddenly ? Lol  Toast for the show  She wish them Goodluck for first broadcast  MC: Somin I’m so thankful you  MC:So min what were you doing  SM:I’m sleeping because I have a show tomorrow MC:Oh running man MC:So min why are using jongde Mal  MC:Are you close to sangyeob ? SM:What did sangyeob oppa say ? SY:He said you guy are very close and he has being boasting about it.  SM:Yes its true we are very close  SY:If you had we weren’t close what would have happened to me or what would that make me look like SM: We filmed together so it will be weird if we aren’t close  MC: You really trying hard MC:I think this drama is going to be great, what do you think?  SM: Yes I think its going to be good  MC:Do you think its going to be great  SM:What? Repeats question.. SM:Sangyeob oppa is more awesome or cool as you can see so it will be great.  SY: ya gong so min MC:So min, please say hello to the viewer  SM:Hello veiwer, its so min, I LOVE YOU.  MC:Many of the viewers like you  SY: So min for reall the the viewers really like you(they can see they viewers response on the screen  MC: So min you’re very popular in variety show and flying high  SM: Ahh no no no(BEING HUMBLE0 MC : How is seongyeob poppa doing on the show  SY He is doing really well, I feel bad I’m doing well enough  Ahh no no no. . You can watch full live on @buzzbean11 YouTube channel. . . (Jeon So Min real Instagram - @jsomin86 🐸) #jeonsomin #junsomin #somin #전소민 #全昭旻#kimjisuk #Leesangyeob #koreanactress #koreanactor  #entertainer #sbs#runningman #런닝맨  #미에로화이바  #맛나감자탕 #koreandrama #톱스타유백이 #TopStarYooBaek #김지석 #전소민 #이상엽 #tvn #금요드라마 #대박나자

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