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OSEN = Park Soo-young, reporter] Jang So-min said, "This is my first time" Jung So-min said in an interview with a TV interview "I am the first time in this life" at a cafe in Samcheong-dong on the morning of November 11, "Lee Min-gi has a lot of willingness because he is a senior who has more experience than me." He said, "In the beginning, Sehee was a character who did not smell a person, but when he did not shoot, he took care of me and took care of him so much that he wanted to do it. Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki played the roles of Yoon Ji-ho and Nam Se-hee in this work to stimulate the love cells of viewers. In the one-time ending, two people complete the surprise poetry and collect the topics. "I do not know if the first kiss will be taken when I do not like it, but it was awkward but not inconvenient," said Jinsong. / #becausethisismyfirstlife #jungsomin #이민기 #이번생은처음이라 #leeminki

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