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@Regrann_App from @aozora_luv - 141231 KBS연기대상 베스트커플상 수상 편집본 ///도저히 이대로는 잠이 안와서 또다시 주섬주섬 꺼내서 편집해본;;; ㅎㅎㅎ #지창욱 #jichangwook #池昌旭 #チチャンウク - #regrann We had to delete out of respect to the owner because she did not want us to put subs. Ok the exact moment he said " No, I loved it." was after he licked his lips, thus our video cover. 😅 . What could it be that Min Youngie asked Wookie in here that prompted him to say "NO, I LOVED IT" ? Our translator has kindly supplied us with JCW's response to MY's question, a question we can only assume as either one of the following: 1. Don't you like our couple award? 2. Don't you like my hosting? 3. Don't you like my dress? 😂 4. Don't you like my hair up? 😋 . Our most logical guess to the question MY asked Wookie is choice #1 "Don't you like our best couple award?" But we wouldn't mind the rest of the questions too. 😄 . ( Note that this is the literal translation. In English he means "Yes, I loved it." Koreans ask questions differently from English speakers.) Comment your guesses below 👇👇👇 . Thank you to @aozora_luv for sharing this exclusive fan footage. . - #jichangwook #changmincouple #parkminyoung #healer #지창욱 #박민영#池昌旭 #朴敏英 #チチャンウク #パクミニョン - #regrann

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