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  2. Yes, looking forward to it... especially I like both leads. 506
  3. I would read again light novel book and I can read wortenia senki novel. This is one of the best.
  4. It was in one of the YT preview/cuts videos and you don't really need to know much Chinese to understand his intention.
  5. I guess Angel's last mission will have some element of melodrama. -2
  6. @ktcjdrama But it's a really superb drama that didn't comes along often....Everything is flawless and makes me sitting on the edge of my chair. I am on episode 14, I need a break for my beauty sleep tonight and continue tomorrow....Too heavy to keep continue...I will gain plenty of wrinkles from frowning and grimacing.... +2
  7. "Supersports 10 mile International Run series Thailand"
  8. Sorry was out so couldn't search for you. 504
  9. 502 so we won? Wkwkwk btw absolute bf is too bored it is bored because main lead is a kid if they want to show someone with many naked abs scene they must to give us someone mature and min ah face why is it change drastically. Like I don’t know who is she? Aishhhhhh..
  10. https://m.weibo.cn/1911708997/4373612867576796 I almost feel like this is their wedding dinner lol
  11. You completely right. But actually i’m surprise, the man still survived after he fall off from a fast moving train. Was Miki also like YJ, Korean adopted by Japanese? It looks like in the preview, Miki was abused by his adopted father.
  12. That's what I thought too!!! But how could that be though....?? He killed her yet he cried for her?? I really should go browse through V2.
  13. Yo empecé a seguir a Kim Jong Kook y a Song Ji Hyo desde Family Outing, la verdad es que siempre me ha gustado esa pareja desde el principio. En running man cuando empezaron con la "monday couple" no me gustaba nada. Siempre he pensado que SJH y KJK tenian algo, pero KJK y SJH siempre han negado una relación mas allá de amistad, ambos lo han negado siempre tanto en Running Man como en otros shows de variedades. Cuando apareció Hong Ji Young y vi acercamientos entre ambos, me empezó también a gustar la posibilidad de que Kim Jong Kook acabara con HJY, pero en navidades en los premios SBS me di cuenta de que todo era actuado. Cuando le preguntaron a HJY por 3 cosas que destacaría de KJK todo era superficial , a parte también KJK lo ha negado siempre. Con Jeon So Min ha sido todo muy distinto. KJK siempre ha sido muy frio con ella, es mas, pienso que realmente le molestaba su presencia al principio (salvo cuando apareció como invitada ). Sin embargo KJK empezó a mirarla poco a poco en secreto y se ve que en los últimos 2 o 3 meses se le ve bastante feliz cuando la tiene al lado (KJK llevaba un par de años muy muy serio en running man). Jeon So Min desde que apareció la primera vez en Running Man ya tenía en su cabeza a KJK... y así se ha visto que en muchísimos capítulos siempre se gira para mirarlo, le busca, o le nombra aun no estando presente en el lugar.... incluso la cita privada que tuvieron demuestra que al menos ella busca algo mas que el simple compañerismo de runninng man... Desde el concierto en solitario de KJK y la invitación a JSM y sus padres parece que de verdad se están acercando. Desde ese capítulo hasta el capítulo de hoy KJK y JSM siempre se están rozando o dando pequeñas palmaditas y ambos están cerca siempre el uno con el otro.
  14. @sushilicious I found Outbound Love already... True.... It gets darker later 500
  15. I`ve just watched live. It was a good episode, IMO. In Sook... I don`t have words for her. The Director`s Park`s face when he found out that MI Ri and Tae Joo are dating! On point. He thought In Sook will tell the Chairman the truth about her family relationship with Mi Ri but she prefered to throw under the bus both Tae Joo and her daughter instead. I did not understand what she said but even without knowing the exact words, I could sensed how perplexed Director Park was. Mi Ri is her biological daughter, Tae Joo was like a son to her. Chairman Han coming to the company in person. I wish I know what he said to Mi Ri at the meeting that made gher a little uncomfortable. Every man executives laughed but she did not like it. I can imagine. Chairman Han noticed the ring on Mi Ri`s finger, he knows his son is serious about the relationship. I saw that he bring The investor from China again. What is his plan? I loved when Mi Ri got angry when she found out that In Sook manipulated her mother Sun ja, to push her to leave to America. I cheered when I saw that she went to In Sook`s office to say a few words to her. It is her right to be angry. I am glad she did not keep it inside this time. Mi Ri and Tae Joo spent the night together and Tae Joo got her a couple ring. He is wearing the ring himself as a medallion I really like that they got so close. Now I want lot of kisses from this couple. I can wait to see more of them. Mi Sun took Da Bin at work because she did not have another option. I wish she will find a solution about her family. I hope she will move close to her mother. Mi Hye is faliing for Woo Jin. She is writing a book about her family. I apreciate that she wants to protect Mi Ri`s situation but I think she should not exclude her from her writing because Mi ri would feel hurt. Next episode will be intense as well. Both Mi Ri and Tae Joo will feel the presure. As long as they are together everything will be fine. I can`t wait for next week.
  16. I love this drama, really enjoying the mystery and the main leads. What i find interesting about Hiroshi is he is so mysterious that i would not be surprised if the storyline about his past would be he is actually from Joseun but raised by Japanese parents hence why he raised YJ to keep her Korean identity -it was mentioned several times in the drama Hiroshi raised her with Korean speaking helpers etc. I would soooo love it if this was true because he has that sort of wickedness where you want him to be loved in the end. Theres definitely more to his story that i am looking forward to finding out.
  17. Oh NO NO NO!!! I can't see him crying at all! Specially, in the scene of Today's Detective, where he cried so hard for his mother's death, I was so heart broken!! I never can see him crying!!! I now saw that tears are falling from his eyes in that scene, friend! His crying is so realistic! I think it's from the bottom of his heart!!! And that's why his crying scenes are so emotional for me!
  18. New stills have been released for MBC’s upcoming series “One Spring Night”! “One String Night” is a drama about the romance between two ordinary people. It tells the story of librarian Lee Jung In (played by Han Ji Min) who values the life she wants, and pharmacist Yoo Ji Ho (played by Jung Hae In) who is […] The post Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Are Lost In The Search For Love In “One Spring Night” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  19. Them actually being seated next to each other makes the taking SEPARATE pics w. the SAME ppl look all the more funny Isnt it much more convienient to take the pic just once rather than twice lol. Since sitting next to each other it would be the much faster way lol. And also with 1 pic show theres nothing to hide, rather than take separate pics and none together making things only more complicated. If they want to show there nothing there simply take pics normally and dont behave like ninjas , that would actually work much better in making the dating rumors/speculations die down lol
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