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  2. @Cotton Candy i miss this thread too .. Lets see how is the chemi in their new drama.. perhaps their drama wil air in the same month if SYJ's drama progressing fast I also wanna check the first ep hahaha, i don't really like the trailers since SN gave cold n stiff vibe humm I'm wondering if SITR lovers here watch SN just to compare Right now I'm really waiting for SYJ's new drama
  3. Hongnam Bridge. Here's a list of Encounter drama locations: https://koreandramaland.com/jobs/?search_keywords=Encounter&search_categories[]=&submit=&filter_job_type[]=
  4. [HanCinema's News] Kim Go-eun to Quit Language School in Los Angeles to Prepare for "The King: Forever Sovereign" Early this year Kim Go-eun started going to a foreign language school in Los Angeles. This was made possible by her relatively light schedule as of late. Since "Goblin" finished back in 2016, Kim Go-eun's only projects have been the movie "Sunset in My Hometown" and the as-yet unreleased film "Yoo-Yeol's Music Album". A representative from Kim Go-eun's agency, BH Entertainment, has stated that while no firm schedule has been set for the production of "The King: Forever Sovereign" they were currently expecting that she would stop going once such a schedule has been confirmed. Schedule confirmation would probably also mean that Kim Go-eun would start living in South Korea more reliably again, as she has had to travel between the United States and South Korea with some frequency as of late. Kim Go-eun's prior language school commitment, when taken into consideration with her light acting career since "Goblin", suggests that she may not have been actively seeking out a new role. It seems likely that "The King: Forever Sovereign" screenwriter Kim Eun-sook, who also wrote "Goblin", may have pitched the former "Goblin" star on the positives of the project during her last visit to South Korea. "The King: Forever Sovereign" is expected to air on television sometime next year. Cr Hancinema
  5. I agree with you all, this drama has ruined me for all others. The problem with me is that I have started comparing all male leads to Ryan and I'm so dissatisfied. 1. Wrist grab and dragging the female lead against her will is not romantic, Ryan will never do that. He holds her hands so tenderly.. 2. Surprise kiss without acknowledgement of interest? Dude no - look at Ryan, the only time he kissed her was after explicit declarations of love and mutual understanding and consent. The thumb kiss? Amazing save there. He didn't just say, I think she likes me and then proceed. He waited for her to come out and tell him. He's great. 3. Broody male lead because of tragic past who randomly shouts at the female lead? No please, she is not your punching bag, be considerate like Ryan, he apologized for ruining the mood and being grumpy even if he knew DM didn't mind. My woke hero. 4. Lack of apologies for any transgressions or shouting? My lion doesn't lead that life. 5. Treating your girlfriend/wife as someone who needs to be protected and not told stuff, more like a child than a life partner? Heck no, Ryan will tell her everything because she's supposed to know if as a long term romantic partner. 6. Overruling decisions of female lead? No, man, Ryan might have more experience but he respects DM's authority like when she recommended Cindy should handle merchandising (with an ulterior motive yes, but her hunch as a team leader/superior was on point) 7. Causing embarrassment to female lead for being wrong or making mistakes in public? Lion doesn't even know what that means. I remember the staff recalling that DM was once fired but they didn't know the reason, and then during the team dinner guessed it was because DM was too forward with her desires. Clearly, Ryan never publicly humiliated/embarassed her but I can guarantee that all other leads would have screamed all details in public view. 8. Being grumpy or screaming at female lead for being caught with "another guy" and forbidding her to "smile/laugh/meet" another guy? Lol, lion ain't insecure. He was annoyed, listened to her, and also finally told her that she should not deal with EG rashly because he's important to her and he trusts that she won't be swayed. 9. Violation of privacy? Ryan can never do that. He didn't misuse Latte. His conversations with her weren't to ask for information. He told her his issues and waited for response, but didn't probe if there was someone she liked or anything. Others would have. So whenever I switch to any other drama, it just gets me mad and I just go gaga over how amazing Ryan Gold is once again. Same for DM, to be honest, but really, Ryan just wiped the floor with any kdrama lead I have seen so far.
  6. [HanCinema's News] How So Ji-sub and Jo Eun-jung First Met On May 21st the SBS Entertainment News program 'One Night' released behind the scenes footage of the first known meeting between So Ji-sub and Jo Eun-jung. They met at the time for work reasons - Jo Eun-jung was interviewing So Ji-sub and Son Ye-jin for their then-upcoming movie "Be with You". In the footage there are moments where So Ji-sub seems oddly nervous, even though as a veteran actor he should be very comfortable with these kinds of interviews. Son Ye-jin's presence in the interview make this especially obvious, as there are times when she and Jo Eun-jung team up to tease So Ji-sub for his odd answers. One particular standout moment is when Jo Eun-jung comments on how So Ji-sub seems like a very expressive lover. So Ji-sub responds by saying that he works hard to clean up his past when it comes to love. At that time So Ji-sub had never had a confirmed girlfriend. And with the current announcement that he is together with Jo Eun-jung, there is speculation that the two might be planning to get married. Written by William Schwartz
  7. Same. Sometimes i enter parts of house and forgot what i wanted. 658
  8. *** The coming together of Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin has fans even more excited. Viewers can't wait to see them together in this drama already. Hyun Bin takes on the role of a good looking and best-skilled North Korean officer Lee Jeong-hyeok while Son Ye-jin is Yoon Se-ri, a top 1% heiress in Korea. "Emergency Love Landing" aims for release towards the end of the year on tvN. Can’t wait!
  9. They are talking a foreign language I don't understand. It's not Korean. Maybe an angelic tongue they learned. First part is just this. So cute! Oh no, Ottoke'. I meant the much longer 12s clip on twitter, sweet imminion! LoL.
  10. Comedy Action Film Starring Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Yi Kyung, And More Begins Filming Upcoming comedy action film “Hitmen” has begun filming after finalizing its cast. It stars Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Joon Ho, Hwang Woo Seul Hye, Lee Yi Kyung, and Lee Ji Won. After completing their script reading on May 16, the cast officially began to film on May 21. “Hitmen” is about nationally treasured special agent Jun (played by Kwon Sang Woo) who begins the second stage of his life as a webtoon writer. Kwon Sang Woo has recently received love for his work in the film “The Accidental Detective 2: In Action,” and the drama “Mystery Queen 2.” Through his character Jun, the actor plans to showcase very realistic and down-to-earth acting, in addition to his action-packed scenes. After appearing in hit drama “SKY Castle,” Jung Joon Ho will portray NIS agent Deok Gyu, who is a charismatic and funny character. While having showcased honest and random charms through “Sunkissed Family” and “Drinking Alone,” Hwang Woo Seul Hye will play Jun’s wife Mina, and plans to show viewers a realistic image of married couples with Kwon Sang Woo. With actors who received love from such diverse projects, viewers can look forward to the chemistry between all of their characters. Catch Kwon Sang Woo in his latest drama “Mystery Queen 2” below! Watch Now Source (1) / soompi news
  11. DH's biological clock is ticking. Right after HK she was excited talking about marriage, but as last year show Ugly Duckling, she said, marriage is not in her mind or not even thinking of it, even omma not pushing her. Wink Wink.
  12. Hi firstaid, thanks for sharing the links. This is good news! I’m glad they are finally doing a drama together this time. So looking forward to watch them. My heart is always beating so fast for HB.
  13. 4 Things To Look Out For In “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” Premiere https://www.soompi.com/article/1326379wpp/4-things-to-look-out-for-in-angels-last-mission-love-premiere A new kind of fantasy – this time with angels! “Imagine if the angels we thought only existed in heaven lived among us humans?” “Angel’s Last Mission: Love,” introduces us to a fantasy world of angels. Among these angels is the klutz angel played by L, who must find Shin Hye Sun’s character love in order to return to heaven. The magic that will help you forget the harshness of reality begins now! The art of ballet This drama centers on ballet, featuring former and current dancers. “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” aims to gift viewers with the magic of dance. Including Shin Hye Sun, fellow actors and dancers practiced their ballet for a long period of 120 days. A miracle-like romance “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” aims to greet their audience with a love story that matches well to the season of spring. Ballerina Lee Yeon Seo seems to have lost all meaning to life, until Dan, the klutz angel appears in her life. This drama draws a romance that intertwines a cold-hearted girl with an immature angel who can be each other’s lifesavers. A never-before-seen collaboration While the four lead actors all receive love for different charms, viewers are curious of their on-screen chemistry. Shin Hye Sun will show a transformation through becoming a cold and prickly ballerina, while L will continue showcasing his growth on camera through bright and bubbly Kim Dan. As both a veteran on and off screen, Lee Dong Gun puts down the tough foundation of the drama as he plays Ji Kang Woo, the art director of a ballet company. Kim Bo Mi previously studied dance, and will be able to showcase her skills through acting as Geum Ni Na.
  14. 656 I think her wedding dress is nice. Simple & classic. https://www.jaynestars.com/news/photos-of-fala-chens-wedding-in-paris/ And seems she found a good guy... Lol @triplem actually thats all for me on YWJ. Haha... i only like those MND & DLIL. DLIL towards the end quite annoying, thats why i seldom mentioned this in my fav list. But i really like the first half. MND is funny, but actually i already forgot a lot about the story. And i think toward end also not that excited me. Maybe u try Judge vs Judge. I think i dropped it once found out the culprit. Its just lacklustre idk why. U let me know how it is... I also try Introvert Boss. Dont get me started lol... really dont like the drama, the story& the actress. And i have to say YWJ performance not too good either there. Queen 7 days. Gave up too, cos smell makjang. Maybe u were right chemistry with PMY not too bad. But its ok only for me. PMY never succesful convince me with any of her romance story. Haha not good either with names, dates, days too... i need to drink ginko biloba. My memory pretty bad nowadays lol.
  15. You know what I’m bad at ...names ! I always tell my students if you want me to write you a reference letter , email me your photo as well Now I hv no time . I’m more busy on public hols . I need to watch eps 14 of DL. The separation is annoying me . What YWJ drama should I watch next ? 654
  16. @greezlybee answered some of these. i'll try to answer some too! I think they were two different flashbacks from different ages. The first flashback was when she was a little girl because her mother was still alive. The second flashback was when she was a tenenager and her mother had already died/disappeared which is why she says to YC that she knows he killed her mother. There are 3 boys: two on the swing and the one standing in the background. I feel like the audeince are supposed to focus on the creepy looking kid staring in the background. I thought he looked a bit like the young Shady Seo in the ep. 6 flashback with young Young Chul so that might be a clue... Judging by the preview for next episode they made some kind of deal. I cannot stand her HJ's character! She is nothing but trouble CM should have just left her dead sorry not sorry. I wasn't sure about that part either. I don't think HJ knows. Knowing YC she is probably dead LMAO! You and me both! This part made no sense to me either. The different ways people are reviving doesn't make sense at all. I think just another unlucky victim. Haha! Yes! I loved these scenes. Especially how she was low-key impressed but as soon as he looked up she was acting like she didn't care. I'm so glad we got some lightness and fun back this episode. I feel so sad for her too. I still think they should try tbh. It's so heartbreaking for SY especially now CM has his life back I had the same thoughts as @greezlybee that CM was referring to a new tenant. I didn't think she was moving in because she said to CM she was just going to get a few things before they went back. But now you guys are making me think maybe she is moving back which is weird. I know SY is brave but that couldn't be me
  17. I don't think I'll be able to watch another rom com after this lol Abyss has been keeping me busy lately lol
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