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  2. 6 Korean Actors & Actresses Will Soon Be 40 Years Old, Don't Think!Gogor Subyakto | Saturday, May 25 2019 14:50 WIB Lee Dong Wook - Song Hye Kyo. Credit: Cosmopolitan - SUECOMMA BONNIE Kapanlagi.com - Lee Dong Wook and Song Hye Kyo is a South Korean actors and actresses are so popular. Both of them have starred in various dramas that are immediately successful in the market. I have had a long career, many people don't realize that Lee Dong Wook and Song Hye Kyo really have a mature age. In fact, soon they will step on 40 years. In addition to the two stars that have been mentioned, there are still a series of other kece actors and actresses who will soon enter the age of four heads. Do you think anyone is there? Song Hye Kyo This time there is Song Joong Ki's wife, Song Hye Kyo, who is already known for her beautiful visuals. Throughout his career, this beautiful actress has not changed much in terms of appearance, always charming! Song Hye Kyo herself is approaching the age of 40 (she was born in 1981). Source Credit @https://m.kapanlagi.com/showbiz/asian-star/6-aktor-38-aktris-korea-ini-sebentar-lagi-akan-berusia-40-tahun-gak-nyangka-c6b911.html#
  3. you mean the child actor's instagram? maybe it is an older photo? they always keep the suspense by not sending the new scenes I feel so sorry for JTH This is his most important role till now, and he is severely attacked. How will he improve his image now? most viewers connect him with his romantic marriage, otherwise no one knows much about his roles, except for Monster. Did you watch it?? He is so funny
  4. Another JRA event. Tao looks beautiful. I still prefer her without bangs. I didn't really notice before that she has a dimple on her left cheek. She wore the Tiffany necklace again. Credit: 土屋太凤烘焙坊 Generations will be holding another dome tour at the end of 2019. I hope Tao will have time to come support them this year. I'm curious on what kind of flowers she will send this time as well . https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4376307573853873
  5. Omg @ktcjdrama YouTube first ocn clip is hella creepy the thumbnail I took a back after seeing the face haha 942 this week’s case...selling infants what the
  6. 940 @cenching is he married? I hate him but I like his eyes and gaze. His acting is best with his gaze. His eyes are big too for korean standard. I hate guy with big eyes. They can easily bewitched us @Lawyerh you know that I wish a win for Lee dong gun Wkwkkwkw ok I like angel kdrama. After a long time finally I cry again watching a drama since the king loves 2017 btw but mister gold is still #1 I hate him.
  7. He married for so long ( 2004 ) he probably add spicy to his marriage through acting but the other one is a new wed 2017 isn’t allowed yet -2
  8. erm.. who moved out of the apartment in the preview? TJ moved back with Chairman Han?? MR took off the ring.. sighs.. if Chairman Han can threaten TJ with that, and TJ succumbed to it then its not difficult for that old fox to pull the same stunt and force TJ to marry Jung Soo Yi.. and finally, TJ new image looks much better and more compatible with MR.. OK im not going to watch ytd and today’s epi.. i shall watch them after next week with all 4 epi back to back.. and check here for updates haha! @larus i cant stop laughing at the chinese hashtags management reshufflement and promotion notice is out.. not her name, but her bf’s.
  9. I saw on Instagram and they recently received ep 102-103 script. That’s mean they haven’t filmed it yet right?
  10. No number. @ktcjdrama They keep comparing with Pretty Noona. But actually its different for me. I like the tone... quiet & melancholy. And in border of cheating / moral vagueness. Let me know once u dip in. @Dhakra have u tried One Spring Night?
  11. @nateko @meon and all of our fellow psychopaths. Have a cookie! laced with some tranquilizers to make us feel high for tonight’s episode!
  12. OMG I hope it's true. Fingers crossed Can you share the twitter thread where our girl met with PD? Just curious!!
  13. 938. @cenching haha... but sometimes married guy can produce some weird pheromone. Admiration but with restraint... One that i like Ji Jin Hee & Kim Hyun Joo from I have a lover @Ameera Ali But ya most of the time, not that fun lol...
  14. I did not watch the episode yet but I saw the video where Mi Ri told Tae Joo about her abandonment. I am so proud of her. You go, girl! Now, Tae Joo, is your turn. From the preview, it looks like he won`t tell himself the truth about his identity. He looks so handsome in that suit but he is so sad! Yeah, the Chairman blackmailed him. I just knew that the Chairman would convince him to do what he wants, threatening reprisals against Miri. Both Mi Ri and Tae Joo are sad! But I have faith that they will find each other again. I feel so bad for Mi Ri. What happened? She just found out that Tae Joo was promoted but not her?
  15. Am considering. It's available on Netflix, so easy to access. But will do that later this week. One drama ended last night and another will end on Tuesday. I should be able to add a new one, except that, there are new dramas that I've been looking forward to which will star soon.... Do you recommend it based on what you see so far? 940
  16. @ktcjdrama here! a tranquilizer laced cookie just for you. Eat up~ @Lawyerh be good and have one too Enjoy~ 938
  17. This gif is definitely Deok Mi's style Well, we have to get the explanation on why Ryan was on right side, PD-nim!
  18. @Sejabin @Ameera Ali @Lawyerh For some married actors usually the sexy scenes are soggy and dry... Cringe worthy...Lion still the best....Yeah!!! +2
  19. she doesn't want them to know that she took Geon, because the adoption was illegal. And this worried look is for the foolish suspense, so that we will suspect the truth too
  20. I had the same thought, lol, but I think I was even more shocked that he spoke nicely to her from beginning to end. He usually pushes her back so harshly at some point of their regular interactions. It was also interesting to notice that he showed more compassion toward her... when the colleagues were not around. I keep thinking he doesn't want people noticing when he cares for people, probably by fear of them getting hurt (killed) in the end. That much was clear in season 2, if I remember well. That man has been through such incredible trauma throughout his life, I'm surprised he hasn't broken down yet. The writing of this season is terrifyingly great, once again. Loved the twist with foreign wife.
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