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  2. so watched last episode. wow, the way they handled mother and son reunion wast beautiful! I am glad they did not portray her as evil mother, but a mother in a very sad circumstances ending in an accident. So I am sure she did need time to recover, and probably did not have any way to reach someone to look out for her boy. I am glad there is no bad people in this drama. just circumstances that lead to faithful event. I am also happy we got to hear how his adoptive parents where good people. they have bene a big part on what kind of person he is today. the way they ended this episode with them happily playing together make me optimistic about next weeks episode. like with lee seol I think DM mothers have reasonable answer to what happened that lead him to the orphanage. I need to belive this is handled the same way as all the other conflict this drama have had so far. with warmth and heart! Also I really love how gentle and sweet Ryan and DM is as a couple. the way the handle every conflict they just talking about it and act mature, understanding and trusting each other. It is just so refreshing to me. I mean other drama would have made every conflict dramatic but here they are acting like adult hearing each other out.
  3. Wait for the "Official Trailer of Theory of Love" simultaneously all channels. Friday 24 May at 12:00
  4. I'm happy with how this episode turned out. Not complaining about the bed scene etc. I think the essence of the episode is about Ryan and his mom-at least they're not siblings as I thought they would be lol. But on a serious note, if we think about it the whole Ryan and Mom thing wasn't too draggy and there were just answers straight away. I don't complain about DM and RG being intimate since their relationship is much deeper than that. I would not get my hopes up on the remaining episodes but as an avid viewer I would support whatever outcome that they're going to show and appreciate all their efforts in making this show worth watching. As I have mentioned before we've all been spoiled with the kisses and sweetness they've shown but the drama is bringing us much more. But dang KJW is so damn hot I want one for myself
  5. Tbh pretty safe for us to have kids play in playgrounds by themselves in Singapore. Probably ok in Japan as well. Not that parents do it often but these are really safe countries.
  6. To cheer you up :mrgreen:

    I read this & I like 






  7. Oh, no... I did not take any offense it’s really true that I tend to forget very easily since I was little... hehehe anyways, posting another fanart:
  8. You guys are like my family (online family) , no matter how much doubt i have, I never spend a day without visiting this thread (for the past a year). I don’t know if it’s because my love for PPc or is it because i love to talk to you all. it’s my first time shipping korean actors in real life, and I swear to the moon and the stars in the sky ,it’s hard to be a shipper! I become so dramatic these days..
  9. yes., it is my favourite scene. He acted brilliantly. Actually he has so many master scenes. So sad that most of the viewers hate the actor himself too. In the LHW thread, they are attacking NJ severely, wishing him the worst death I defended him but most of readers didn't like my analysis I have so many ideas, but it seems I can't mention them in soompi, I will just mention my opinions on the blog instead, to avoid offending anyone. people don't accept each other's opinions easily I feel so sorry for him -2
  10. Do not buy jewelry online. Specially if it’s expensive jewelry. You need to see it with your own eyes to value. I am a jewelry fan but I never buy it online ^_*
  11. @triplem @nohamahamoud2002 thanks , I enjoy it , I can’t wait to read your thought About AR pointing the gun at his head -2
  12. I hope we get a super adorable and lovey-dovey morning after scene at least (probably featuring KJW's best cooked lobster impression again). Seems like the two Youtube videos from the last scene aren't racking up the views that an HPL upload usually gets. I also hope the last two episodes will be chock-full of Deokmi-Ryan happy goodness...it's the last we'll ever see of them.
  13. Sorry to say, but I'm dissapointed with the last scene. Why the woodshop scene is hotter than the bed scene? I think this is the best that we can get in terms of intimacy since we only have 2 episodes left and there's still a lot of issue that need to be resolved.
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  15. Part six of the blog @kimdaehwi I hope you like it. https://my-favourite-korean-drama-reviews.blogspot.com/2019/05/part-six.html
  16. What fish did you have in mind ? 764
  17. @ck1OzI can suspend my disbelief for a bit on leaving the child. This was the 80s, people were more lax with those kinds of stuff, there's less fear-mongering (even if justified) back then. And if Lee Sol really was a single mom with not a single family, I can believe it, even if it's unlikely. My concern more is how she was unable to find him after waking up from her coma. Since RG remembered his real name, I found it hard to believe she wasn't able to find him. @kenreiAgreed with the bed scene. I mean the only bed scenes I've seen are all PMY dramas (lol), Healer might have been the most daring in terms of kissing/cuddling, but we never even saw PMY's bare shoulder there. WWWSK also didn't show anything from PMY, but we saw PSJ topless. And the post-bed scene with PMY wearing his shirt. Anyway, the point is, I've always known that dramas in this genre are very conservative when it comes to bed scenes, which is why I don't get why everyone is kinda annoyed lol, I was expecting it to be like that. Unless I haven't been watching the more daring dramas. I'm thankful it was at least acknowledged that their relationship took that next level, instead of completely glossing over it. (I'm guessing people's expectations were raised by how relatively daring the workshop scene was though, that everyone was waiting for an even MORE daring bed scene. I've said daring too many times lol.)
  18. JTBC’s Chief of Staff shows us those who will change the world in new teaser by tipsymocha I’m pretty sure the show didn’t intend to make this newest teaser funny, but I couldn’t help giggling a little at the Very Serious faces in this teaser. Not that I think JTBC’s upcoming political drama Chief of Staff won’t be a serious show, full of ideology and a fair dose of cold pragmatism, especially given the character descriptions of this ensemble. The cast is full of some heavy hitters and I’m excited to finally see them in action. The teaser has a super simple concept, in that it’s really a 2-3 second shot of each of our main players, intercut with the caption “Those who move the world are coming” and snippets of Lee Jung-jae (Svaha: The Sixth Finger) walking towards an out-of-focus camera. First, we have Shin Mina (Tomorrow With You), sporting her politician badge as a freshman senator. Next is Lee Elijah (An Empress’s Dignity), playing a secretary who works with Lee Jung-jae’s Chief of Staff character. Kim Dong-joon (About Time) looks appropriately young with his backpack and naive confidence as an intern who is set on changing the world for good. An almost unheard-of morally upright politician, Jung Jin-young (Sketch), gazes back at us from behind his desk, while his political and ethical opposite Kim Gab-soo (Haechi) gives us an imperious gaze from his chair. Jung Woong-in (Ms. Ma, Nemesis) rounds out the main cast as an aide whose ultimate loyalty lies with money. The teaser ends as Lee Jung-jae gets broodingly close enough for the camera to focus on him. http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/05/jtbcs-chief-of-staff-shows-us-those-who-will-change-the-world-in-new-teaser/
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