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  2. Hello dear @bebebisous33 chingu!! Yes, I read your analysis & I love your ideas of NYJ! And I personally think that LJH is only a side character in NYJ's drama plan! His main lead is LJJ but why do I feel that NYJ would take the advantage of LJJ's disease to break him down! And I am still not clear that why NYJ wants taekang group & hospital for himself..???! Is he planning to merge it with Haeun hospital or am I missing here something..???! Things are too fishy here! No one knows NYJ's next move & it's very dangerous for his enemies! And NYJ will make LJJ & Seon go bankruptcy & they two guys are after each other, aren't they..???! And why is Seon after Taekang group & LJJ while he is having Haeun hospital..??!! They are getting each other's throats now & I am more curious over the plot! This is gonna be a fantastic ride! Can't wait to see next eps....
  3. Same here. Negotiation wasn't enough for me that's why I wished for another project for them. As a hardcore HB & SYJ fan of their individual careers since a long way back, I've always wished they too could have a project together. They are both very serious actors and I have always admired their acting that's why. When news about their Negotiation collab came out, I was really looking forward to it but never dared to think that "something" would come up w/ them in reality because I was mindful that HB was in a fairly new relationship w/ KSR. As all love affairs usually go, the first months are the most heady/passionate and I was expecting the same for HB then. All these real romantic rumors later on bet. HB & SYJ took me by surprise. And though their story is still unfolding and we don't know their future, I really hope this TVN project pushes through. I have watched 4 of this writer's works (Producers, Queen of Housewives, Queen of Reversals, My Husband's Got a Family) and I'm impressed w/ her works. @cybertron I agree. When the news first came out on this offer 1st wk of March, HB said that he hasn't met the writer personally yet.
  4. I did not lol. Because thier back story very long. But i can tell you that He is out there for revenge. It didn't really shoot up the viewer ratings lol hahhaa 966
  5. Lol look domestic.. not broody racoon anymore . So you managed to complete Shark? Depressing? 964
  6. I think a lot of us here see that it's his hand resting on her waist. Their bodies are too close together that it his hand wasn't resting on her waist and just hanging behind her it would've been touching her behind hehe Sharing this because the looks they gave each other after the kiss were really something...
  7. Lol Okay now i not emo lol..so..*changes DP* 962
  8. I think that is one of the reason why ZM can forgive WJ and be together with him after ZYZ plotted killing her father. Definitely fall under WJ influence.
  9. 960 So cute. Such a waste of good looking pair, i hate makjang story... hmm.. dilemma https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.yahoo.com/amphtml/news/kim-nam-gil-makes-son-ye-jin-frustrated-071918133.html
  10. Yes dear! I already watched their part & I just love them! He is so handsome & she is so beautiful!! It's already been a year for Jugglers & fans are all loving their cameo!! And thanks a lot for dropping by here, dear!!
  11. Please let me know what your favorite ZM/ZWJ scene is in the show. Im still waiting for Eng subs so this will help while I'm waiting.
  12. I too have been curious about what TJ would do about his father's take on office romance. I feel like he won't be able to control his feelings...just because from what we've seen so far, he's gone out of his way to continue interactions with MR. He can't help it i suppose because he's intrigued by MR. I think the writer's trying to develop a strong relationship between MR and TJ- showing them having fights at an early stage and talking about it. Always a sign of a good relationship is when the couple has disagreements and talks it out to work things through. It's nice that MR and TJ can do that....especially when they talk about why they're angry with one another and MR apologizing to TJ after realizing she upset him. I'm hoping that TJ becomes more self assured and authoritative when he finally takes over the company. I wonder if the drama would show TJ taking over the company and MR feeling betrayed at his identity and then distancing herself from him (breaking things off) but then we see TJ work harder to win her over despite being her boss this time. I'd like to see him fight for his love to be honest
  13. In a behind-the-scenes reel for the upcoming SBS drama “The Secret Life of My Secretary,” actors Kim Young Kwang and Jin Ki Joo gave viewers a taste of their incredible chemistry. The drama is a romantic comedy about a boss named Do Min Ik (Kim Young Kwang) and his secretary Jung Gal Hee (Jin Ki […] The post Watch: Kim Young Kwang And Jin Ki Joo Show Incredible Chemistry Behind-The-Scenes Of “The Secret Life Of My Secretary” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  14. @lu09 , @dulceres , @newyee & @nohamahamoud2002 That the way AR except Esther to communicate with her ... u know I have no brain , u like NJ more .. just for fun
  15. richard simmons nct says: jeno ver. source https://nakamotens.tumblr.com/post/184366667616/richard simmons-nct-says-jeno-ver-happy-birthday-to-ncts
  16. u took the words out of my mouth regarding the whole PS thing. Idk why but I find the people criticizing about people's appearance so cheap. It's simply none of their business. 2020/2021? are u predicting something? I looked at this pic a thousand times I cannot tell if thats his fingers or that's just her blouse.. What do you guys think? If its his fingers around her waist, this is definitely something. I don't think PSJ's the type to just put his hand around a female actress like this. Mind you, the spot itself is very intimate. His body language to me srsly seems like they're dating or else he wouldn't be doing something like this.
  17. Umm sorry to bring this kind of topic... I want to clarify that I'm not a KJW fan... I've noticed the recent post of KJW in Instagram is the same caption of PMY.. Although he uploaded first... somehow it bothered me a bit... But I trust this ship will land safely
  18. I have to say that your thoughts are totally on point! Some of my favorite scenes are their hot pot dates at the inn. Do you think their conversation together during their first date had a positive influence on ZM? I can’t remember the exact context, but WJ was talking about how he witnessed his parents commit suicide under the pressure of the sects. He remembers the exact faces of each person who took part of it, but sees no point in killing them for revenge as his parents would not come back. He realizes that revenge upon revenge is a just viscous cycle. ZM said that WJ can do that because he is a good person, but if it were her, if someone killed her father/brother, she basically said she would wipe out their entire family even friends…that would include ZR. WJ’s response was that if she did, he would not be her friend anymore. He would not see her anymore. If he did, he would not talk to her. It was a classic WJ response . ZM seemed to tone down her ruthless methods after that LOL. On their next date at the inn, she even lent her sword to free XZ of the chains upon WJ's request. They both seem to have extreme personalities. WJ has a heart of gold while the early ZM was considered “evil”. WJ is not the sharpest tool in the shed (probably because he’s too nice for his own good), but ZM is just so smart that she sees through everything. It’s no wonder together they complement/balance each other.
  19. I REPOSTED THE PMY OLD PICS BECAUSE MANY OF YOU WERE CONFUSED WHO IS THE REAL HER AND WHICH PICS ARE FAKE OLD PICS. So many stuff have been re discussed and reposted here in the thread because most of you are new here and were not around when we talked about it months ago. Many of your topics now were already talked by us last year. Why censor on one topic alone? I liked the people here before they were not as bossy as the new ones here now. If you are ashamed and do not want to see the PMY old photos then it is a manifestation that even if you won't admit it to yourself, deep inside you, you believe Plastic Surgery should be ashamed of and you do not wholeheartedly accept her for what she is before her plastic surgery. As others said, what is there to hide from haters anyway, - you open youtube and the old pics and the fake pics are there among related videos - you google PMY and that pics always show up. Anyway, I think this means aside from English studies, PSJ is secretly working on an album or planning an album
  20. Last Chinese Mike Drama: Mr. Swimmer, Now with 6 translates subs on the official channel.
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