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  2. @dolley yes because in Naver, pann, Nate, or whatever in Korea why using that # for headlines news, except the -ve news. In China, My Girl this, MY Girl that. They are laughing at us for still active in here by reminiscing old Donghey stuff, but now they are using it too.
  3. here's as for my comeback in the thread!! Been away from Soompi. Maybe you're trying to type a foul word or not accepted here in the forum (or the whole internet). I forgot why the name though.
  4. H.Y.‏ @itnw0628 10h10 hours ago YoonA, "The album title, 'A Walk to Remember' is also my idea. This album contains the songs I sang in the past as well, and that leads to the album title." #SNSD #YoonA H.Y.‏ @itnw0628 10h10 hours ago Q: Tell me the part of the lyrics you like in the new song YoonA, "Interestingly, there are many 'cham' (Note: it means 'truly') in my songs. There are 2 new songs in the album, and 'cham' is in another song again. To You starts with 'cham', too." #SNSD #YoonA "All The Time We Spent Together" also starts with 'cham' H.Y.‏ @itnw0628 10h10 hours ago YoonA, "The lyrics I like is, there are many, but if I have to pick one, I think it's 'We had a lot of things to talk'. I didn't write the lyrics for the song, though. I love that part because it can be applied to anyone." #SNSD #YoonA TheSoneSource‏ @the_sone_source 2h2 hours ago Lyrics are abt hoping to meet again the person who was always next to you during hardships. H.Y.‏ @itnw0628 10h10 hours ago Q: What's your favorite song in the album? YoonA, "I think it's 'When The Wind Blows'. I also love the lyrics of another new song, which I will sing later." #SNSD #YoonA
  5. Honestly I was waiting for Ji Ho's son to say something like "girlfriend?" but I definitely did not expect the "mommy" card. That's 1000000000000000000% more akward
  7. haha you mean the number? all they can get are negative publicity, so they can't use that. Their target market, the cosmetics user, I bet they don't know that number exist lol why not use her other drama series produced in China? Why My Girl? Even before I had a bad impression of that company and seems my impression are all true. Another set of popcorn please? Curious about the BFF's, where are they?
  9. There’s something about the theme of angels and love stories that always seems kind of eerie but romantic. I also can’t help but think about the hit U.S. movie, “City of Angels.” It makes you think of how beautiful the romance between an angel and human could be and it’s kind of what had me looking forward […] The post 4 Things We Loved & 2 Things We Hated About The Premiere Of “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. @OndineI felt so bad for PMY when she had to deflect those dating rumors from her previous drama. You can tell it really affected her. This particular shippers group seems very delulu, so many circumstantial and coincidental "so-called evidence" that proves nothing. I have no inherent problem with shipping, but when the subject of said shipping has cried/denied these rumors, I think it's only respectful to stop spreading false rumors, regardless if they're really dating in secret or not. Especially the faux CSI crap the delulu shippers claim are "proof" (previous engagements and events the couple attended), man that really pissed me off. Especially for someone like PMY, who seems to be a very private and down-to-earth person in real life. @itsMYdayI too want to speak about PMY improving my welfare. But it just seems creepy talking about a woman's body parts, being a man. We are stuck admiring her smile and fashion sense. What else? Lmao
  11. This is so lucky. If it was someone else, I would have been beaten. Stay with my mother and see me Are you going to rake it? #The Series is funny you tonight! Very hungry from nowhere Anyone can help you.
  12. I can only hope that your 'speculation' may come true! Crossing fingers here. It's not that I get tired of re-watching You're Beautiful-Heartstring-The Heirs-FBND-Pinocchio-Doctors-MOA but a new PSH drama from will absolutely pleased many fans who missed her dearly. I may be too much of a fangirl to say this, but kdrama world is not the same without her
  13. Fukuda is so dashing looking and cool to make Matsuura going bonkers and all his men bowing to Fukuda. You go Fukuda!
  14. Hong Jong Hyun And Kim So Yeon’s Romance Overcomes Hurdle On “Mother Of Mine,” Boosting Ratings by E. Cha KBS 2TV’s “Mother of Mine” enjoyed a significant ratings boost for its latest episode! According to Nielsen Korea, the May 26 broadcast of the popular weekend drama scored average ratings of 25.9 percent and 32.5 percent nationwide, marking a considerable increase in viewership from the night before. Spoiler On the latest installment of the drama, the relationship between Han Tae Joo (played by Hong Jong Hyun) and Kang Mi Ri (played by Kim So Yeon) faced a significant hurdle. Dismissing Kang Mi Ri’s love for Han Tae Joo as a childish infatuation, Jeon In Sook (played by Choi Myung Gil) and Han Jong Soo (played by Dong Bang Woo) promoted Han Tae Joo to a high-ranking position at work in order to cause a rift between the couple. Due to his promotion, it came to light that Han Tae Joo was not actually an ordinary entry-level employee, but rather the heir to the company. After some initial conflict, Kang Mi Ri finally opened up to Han Tae Joo about her childhood trauma. After she tearfully revealed that she didn’t consider herself to be of much value since even her own mother had abandoned her, Han Tae Joo took her into his arms and comforted her, insisting that she was wrong. https://www.soompi.com/article/1327640wpp/hong-jong-hyun-and-kim-so-yeons-romance-overcomes-hurdle-on-mother-of-mine-boosting-ratings
  15. Watch: “Search: WWW” Shares Sneak Peek Into Cutthroat World Of The Search Engine Industry Drama Preview May 27, 2019 by J. Lim tvN’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Search: WWW” has shared a thrilling teaser for its first episode! “Search: WWW” will center around portal sites and search engines, telling the story of women who work within them and the men who are after these women’s hearts. The drama sets to shed light on the competitive reality of search engines, “Where people become their most honest selves.” In the teaser, Im Soo Jung is workaholic Bae Ta Mi, a strategic manager at Korea’s No. 1 portal site Unicorn who is always observing people to know, “What are people searching the most and what are people interested in?” However, her life is almost warlike at times as she stands as a witness at a hearing and gets a raw egg thrown at her. Into her life comes Park Mo Gun (played by Jang Ki Yong), who creates music for games and brings joy into her life. They’re seen holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes, teasing the sweet romance that is on its way. Meanwhile, Cha Hyun (played by Lee Da Hee) can be seen wielding a baseball bat to relieve stress while also having her eyes glued to the search engine on her phone. When asked “Does erasing a few search words make me a bad person?” Song Ga Kyung (played by Jeon Hye Jin) replies, “You’re a bad person because you’re helping bad people.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1327676wpp/watch-search-www-shares-sneak-peek-into-cutthroat-world-of-the-search-engine-industry
  16. ^There are actually premonitions that GS will not be a good ex bf in case. Jae in even said that she found him assertive and competitive which she does not feel before. If GS will initiate the break up, i think there will be less issues but since it is JI and it is with JH, I am sure once GS knows he will explode lol. As jae in said, if it is her having a relationship with anyone in the group, there will be no issues. Imagine if JI and JH continue what they have, it will be a big problem not only on her parents standards but to their friends as well. It will be so awkward really. And to think that it will seem that JI chose JH will really hurt GS ego. By standards JH is inferior to GS but since JI chose him, it will be the opposite. I can see a flaring GS lol
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