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  2. I don't think all the violence is necessary even if it is a crime drama. It doesn't need to happen onscreen or show us all the dead bodies. The screen time could be utilised better as you said. The drama seems to have forgotten about the rom-com HJ was useless except for helping SY to finally make a link to her and YC. I felt like they just had her in this episode so SY had someone to interact with. How long is that stupid girl going to lie about being pregnant? It's going to be pretty obvious she is lying in a few weeks? I agree PBY did a great job shouldering most of the episode alone. I'm looking forward to their reunion too. She was so happy in the preview! It will be nice to see them together again. However, unless we learn something new next week it seems like killing off Min was pretty pointless apart from a convenient way for YC to get the orb. Thank you!
  3. Hi maria, looking forward also for his next film, “Long Live the King,” set for release June 19. Like his previous movie, the upcoming flick also is a "gangster: genre, but it has a completely different tone. Despite dealing with elections and politics, the director said it is not a political film at all. Below is KRW with his PD talking each other. In one of his interviews, KRW said it took time, but he eventually learned his director's style and ran with it. He said that there were times when he memorized all the lines, arrived on the scene to find that everything has changed. cr-Korea Herald
  4. @liddi @cinnyangel thanks! There was a scene that SH picked up a book for Dong Hee after JS dropped her book on the floor in the classroom. Was that the trigger that caused a crack in SH and JS friendship? Trying to piece together the timeline here. And there's one thing I don't get it. Da Hee only told her parents after SH's accident? Not right after her birthday?
  5. [N’-93] 00즈의 성년의 날 드림향 향수 만들기
  6. [Photo] New Poster for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Arthdal Chronicles" Source : /www.hancinema.net/ko...
  7. She is beautiful and has a very bright energy about her...literally like Judy... Can't blame a man like kjw for stealing glances. For that matter she is also a major girlcrush candidate
  8. I want to re-post what you had been post it. BRTC Official IG post it. KJK will attend in this event
  9. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=477&aid=0000184512 Kim Myung Soo will sing an OST of Angel's Last Mission Love. The song name is '녹음 끝' (End of recording)
  10. Haha, the author of this Soompi article seems to be a shipper (and according to the comments the author doesn't often ship actors together irl): 6 Sweet Moments From Episodes 11 & 12 Of “Her Private Life” That Are Couple Goals I would love to see PMY and KJW in another project again. I love Busted and I hope it gets a 3rd season, so KJW can guest as a villain, hehe.
  11. Abyss 2nd OST ‘Fallin’’ by 김필 will be released today. link : http://sports.donga.com/3/all/20190521/95618478/1
  12. @intrariver probably not helpful but I guess it kind of helps back up what you said in your post. Ages ago I made a post asking what that private video was and took a screen shot on my computer. https://ibb.co/gjdj4GQ - my screen shot (ss) from way back and if you notice there's a date of when it was last updated : March 29 and I just checked when the last ep aired which was March 28. If you go to the playlist of all the TYH videos you'll notice that the last updated date is different now lol https://ibb.co/Dk3KVVL - new ss and the date of when it was updated is April 16 I personally didn't see or know that a video had been deleted but the new update definitely helps with what you said that there was another video that they had deleted. Cause it's already been a couple of months since TYH has ended so they shouldn't have a reason to be editing the playlist but they have lol THEY MUST BE ON TO US
  13. 590 @ktcjdrama I love your thoughts
  14. You mean this LOL It would be better 2 older siblings on his left and right. Life managed by the kids. OMG... Season 2
  15. Wow, not sure what to think of today's episode. I agree that there's way too much violence and killing. Probably more than necessary to emphasize that it's a crime drama. (Write/director - Please don't forget the rom-com too.) They could have omitted the gruesome scenes and used that airtime to bring CM back sooner. Also, I wasn't a fan of HJ also knowing about the Abyss and the truth about them all being revived by it. In the end, I don't think she did much to help SY's plan to revive CM. And she's still claiming that she's pregnant with CM's baby ?! PBY did a superb job carrying this episode pretty much by herself though. At least we know she'll have CM back by the beginning of the next episode. Looking forward to their reunion. Loved how she throws her arms around him with so much happiness in the preview!
  16. *** It looks like BTS's V has many friends. I still haven't watched "Hwarang" but, I have a DVD copy of this drama. I hope their friendship will last forever. It’s so NICE to have close friends like that. ******************************************************************************* Park Hyung Sik Says He’s So Close With BTS’s V Even Their Parents Are Friends Park Hyung Sik talked about his friendship with BTS’s V! The two stars got to know each other while filming the KBS drama “Hwarang,” and their friendship has stayed strong ever since. They also remain close friends with other cast members including Park Seo Joon. On May 20, Park Hyung Sik appeared on the radio show “Park Sun Young’s Cine Town Radio” along with his film co-star Moon So Ri, and he picked BTS’s “Boy With Luv” as his song recommendation. “V and I have been to each other’s family homes,” said Park Hyung Sik. “Our parents are also friends, and they’ve gone on trips together too. We’re close like a family.” Park Hyung Sik also shared his amazement over how popular BTS is all over the world. When asked what he and V do when they meet up, Park Hyung Sik said that because of their busy schedules, they only see each other briefly. “Sometimes we pick a day and go somewhere together,” he said. Park Hyung Sik stars in the film “Juror 8,” which hit theaters in Korea on May 15. Watch Park Hyung Sik and V in “Hwarang” below! Watch Now Source (1) / soompi news
  17. No matter how much method acting is involved, this is definitely genuine They weren't even filming! And idk about PMY, but I think KJW is definitely smitten by her lol
  18. Sad about the ratings but I'm not surprised. They aren't listening to the criticisms from last week ( I didn't read the K-nets reaction for this ep. 5 yet as I expect it won't be good): No one wants to see so many Yong Chul scenes or scenes of him killing people. We all know he is a violent murderer. We don't need to see each victim and how he kills them. He isn't an interesting clever or appealing villain. We know nothing about his motives (not that they will justify his behaviour) and there is no suspense as we are following him around all the time so we know exactly what he is doing. Even if they shot the violent scenes, there is no reason they can't cut them out. I'm wondering if the actor playing Yong Chul is expensive or something because he gets so much screen time lmao! Anyway, ep 5 Seyeon was smart working mostly on her own in this episode. PBY did a great job carrying the ep. Except I don't understand why it still took so long to just ask Hee Jin why she lied. It would have made things a lot easier! And I wonder how she knew YC would take out the abyss orb when he was near Min. I guess she was just hoping he would. LOL @ Corpse!Min in a wig! Not how I was expecting him to be revived. Unfortunately it looks like YC still has the orb but I don't really understand what he is going to do with it. This guy just goes around murdering people indiscriminately so what is the benefit of a orb that resurrects the dead to him exactly? What happened to the revived landlady? After this episode it's obvious that Hee Jin and Shady Seo are Young Chul's kids. We also saw young Hee Jin was ugly so that might have something to do with her revived look. YC was also abusive back then and likely killed HJ's mother. Looks like YC goes after Seyeon's family next I'm glad Cha Min is back next episode.
  19. So heartwarming from TVN.. We can't exclude other cast, although RG-DM scene still our fav...
  20. *** RAIN won't be joining this concert anymore - June 1 - Vietnam Korea Friendship concert in Hanoi. ( 2019 We*Friend Concert) ***************************************************************************** [Urgent Notice]비(RAIN), 베트남과 한국 우정 콘서트 ‘K-POP WE*FRIEND’ IN VIETNAM 공연 불참 안내문 - credit : RAIN Company
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