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  2. Love these friendships @triplem , @Lawyerh @sushilicious NO NO ... how cruel the prison is , they cut his hair
  3. Good morning Bless you too @meechuttso. I just wish you were here and you are here, probably an angel granted me a wish. And thank you sooo much for the translation (which is definitely lots better than me) . Have a happy weekend everyone !! (Oh...why I've never seen this one before, it's from Japanese promotional photo. credit to @dinosejong twitter )
  4. @aveerie Hahahaa..trying so hard to make some space with those crazy fan girls. Thoughtful hubby YIN must be so proud of him! kkkk
  5. http://m.humoruniv.com/board/read.html?table=pds&pg=0&number=824019 https://theqoo.net/square/885337757
  6. Omoo Thank God. No romance drama! Why do i be so possessive about these two. Please no romance drama at least for short period later. I cant stand seeing them kissing with another co-star. *Just kill me then*
  7. I can't remember which episode, but there was the part when she ranted why she wouldn't work at his cafe. She flounced out... all these was WTH to me. Then as if it can't get worse, her chubby friend came, she saw him and ran back to the cafe, stumbling and falling!!! So over the top and more. I have seen that kind of scenes in many Hollywood/American comedy shows but first for Korean. My guess she is supposed to be around 30 in the show, at least make her a bit mature.
  8. Actually my favorites are Hae Mi and this current ep. it’s too cool. My Agent is too cool. I love that dark vibe around him. Because we all know that you should not and will not mess with Mr Kim Hae Il when he is angry. Lolll lol shouldn’t have come here so early. I got spoiled!
  9. Online voting for The Fact Music Awards (TMA) is now over! Voting was held for a period of three weeks from April 1 to 19 for four different awards: Popularity Award, FAN N STAR Choice Award – Artist, FAN N STAR Choice Award – Individual, and Rising Star Award. The voting results are currently available on […] The post BTS, Super Junior, And More Come Out On Top In The Fact Music Awards’ Online Voting appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  10. Dongwan picked her stuff on stage on both days!
  11. Loves this MV with Good Bye My Princess Soundtrack https://www.weibo.com/u/1801734354?refer_flag=1008085010_&is_hot=1
  12. Thank you! When I’m so used to the world that the drama has made, it makes a deep impression and it’s impactful. Everytime I don’t want to leave I will remember a line in chinese stating that “If old things doesn’t end, how will a new one come?” As much as I feel that I need to leave, but...sigh need some time to get used to it and at the same time wait for KNG’S next project :p Another factor that contributed to me feeling what I am feeling...probably because of those iconic character that I’m never gonna see again. Unless they have a season 2...which....I highly doubt so. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but I felt that based on my guesses. Everything have fallen back into place, there shouldn’t be anymore stuff to talk about...I think this series is design for just one series. I maybe wrong but hm.... My philosophy up in here lol. i just got spoiled! @Lawyerh @Ameera Ali @ktcjdrama Gosh! the person should have put the photo in the spoiler. The person who types about 14 minutes in should put it in the spoiler too! I specifically scroll to the end of the drama just so I don’t spoil the front...guess someone did it for me first time I desired not to get spoiled lol. I want to watch it to find out myself...hmmmmm....okay...now we know that Han survived.. Let me just watch this to cool off lol. 582
  13. What happened Wookie? I think this is another angle of that first vid.
  14. waiting for the full episodes with eng subs.
  15. Concert VCR. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4292192271458567
  16. HE IS TOO HANDSOME!!!!! 2019.04.16 4 Wheeled Restaurant Press Conference - Photos by Top Media Source: Top Media Press Conference video
  17. I don't want him to be a priest anyway ...he is too good of a man to waste on celibacy That scene at @14 min Before was a request , now its an order - he looks so beautiful to me , with all his pain and scars , his light and darkness . In every episode i wished that i was present and helping the team beat the current social rot that is permeating our Gaia and reading the above posting from KNG in our own way we all fought with them in this drama , and supported them , and cried and laughed with them ...and can we really forgive those two ugly reptiles since their bosses seem to be our highest leaders as well .
  18. So Wookie volunteered for yesterday event. Gangwon is always in his heart bc he shoot many drama over there. http://m.kado.net/?mod=news&act=articleView&idxno=963757#Redyho http://m.kwnews.co.kr/nview.asp?AID=219041900036&nv=1
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