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  2. I know what's the problem with PMY, she's so pro and talented, she makes her costars look good. The similarity in all her works? She never strive to dominate the scene. (A good comparison is Park Seo Joon costar in She is Pretty vs WWWSK). Unfortunately , Kdrama female leads have not been too varied, thus she can't stretch her acting skills too much. Back to our gold KJW, he was wise to have his first rom-com with PMY. After watching HPL BTS, I can sense he humbly learns from PMY, rom-com is a new genre for him afterall. I like PMY since SKK Scandal, love her since Healer. Like KJW since he struts down the steps with MILK in his hand, love him after watching Antique.
  3. Welcome back, @mouse007, I'm so glad to hear you had a great vacay! And super excited to hear you've plans to watch a few eps of PYHOMS and/or Le Coup today. 770
  4. @sushilicious I've been away on vacation and pretty much disconnected from social media and everything else. LOL Work is busy (catching up on what I missed while I was away) but the vacation was nice and I never wanted to leave! 768
  5. try Angel's last mission love. it is short and on KBS, it started on Wednesday, it already aired 4 episodes , I will start it after Left-handed wife finishes for romantic comedy, watch The secret life of my secretary, it is so good (I recommend it for @dramaninja I know he likes that genre ) Also Home for Summer is a daily drama on KBS too, it is good but I can't follow something long now. If you are a fan of Kang Ji Hwan, Joseon Survival will start on 8th of June. It is mix of historical and fantasy, shifting between modern and old times.
  6. @mouse007 hiiii ~ long time no see . How’s your work? 770
  7. "It's glycerin." - KJW, probably I disagree...I think there's a way to do it that makes emotional sense, and I think this pair of actors can pull it off. Finally watched episode 14 with subs...and that didn't change my mind. I still found it mostly boring. It must be my cold pastel-black heart. But poor, poor Ryan. Confronting his long-lost mom and instant brother and seemingly having to come to terms with it pronto and his girlfriend won't even let him drink and getting unsolicited therapy for his chronic mental block, all within 72 hours or so? Poor, poor dude. I'm really amazed at how well he seemed to be doing, especially at work, even when he was going through all that. I would have promptly taken a leave and gone on a bender, maybe with some therapeutic plate-smashing thrown in. I guess having a therapy girlfriend really helps. Also, I love Hyojin! When she had to go without the affluent lifestyle she was used to, she immediately decided on a solution, adapted to a new lifestyle without whining or feeling sorry for herself, and got along well with the people who were helping her. Also I love her brazenness, calling out the lovebirds for "privatizing" the gallery and for the "TMI" at the company dinner. Now she just needs to convert from her stalker ways. And I also still love Eom. So. Hye. (Ohmygod!) Steals the show, every time. And the last scene...I still wasn't moved by it, but I can appreciate that PMY and KJW did great. I did keep on thinking during the scene that I hope they played Pictionary during the filming downtime. Can KJW draw well too? It seems like he does everything. And also yes, it did look like a hair commercial! Give this girl some endorsement coin! @luvcrabbieshinhwa Thanks for the Melohwa link! My fave ones were: (Me: The answer is hell yes.)
  8. [Event] Fluke-Boom-Beer joins the launch of ANOTHER STORY, a hip lifestyle concept store with the launch of the summer theme collection "RAINBOW" Fill your lifestyle in a unique way. Anyone who is on the 4TH FLOOR OF THE 4th floor, the hey building, the. Mall.Style by @allybunnyruth#AnotherStoryBangkok #ASrainbow#Pimplus_PR#Playeminent #playeminentartist
  9. Can’t believe the drama is going to finish next week. I love family drama because I want to punish myself everyday watching the writer screws up the plot and add unnecessary things to irritate the viewers. I’m currently watching Her Private Life and is still looking for another drama. I think KBS is the best with melodrama. Aura Group is also a paid actor in this drama.
  10. @kokodus Oh that's her name! I haven't heard of Familiar Wife but I'll search for it later. I loved Go Back Couple so if it's similar, I'd like to watch it too. I saw on Netflix that she also has a new drama called One Spring Night. It looked interesting and I might check it out when I have more time. I've just come back from vacation so I haven't caught up with Put Your Head On My Shoulders or Le Coup De Foudre but I plan on watching some episodes today. I don't blame you for having SLS for Guan Chao, he is adorable in his own way. @themarchioness pssst! Hey you! I haven't forgotten about you! I'll message you shortly! hello everyone! Sorry I've been MIA! @cenching @triplem @sushilicious @lynne22 @angelangie @Ameera Ali @Lawyerh @Lmangla @nohamahamoud2002 @staygold -2
  11. I am glad she will realize there are far important things than Aura group I really wonder what is so special about it
  12. Did Sanha’s mom want to donate her cornea because the preview said so? The Chairman Oh is the most evil of evils. Sandal is the MVP today! Now Aera learned her lessons.
  13. Actually I missed Wookie old warm eyes, not seductive type.. And the strict trainer who said she will look after Wookie during the show as per fan request, now she met him and star struck, and Wookie reaction..hehehe
  14. I really love SH's dad very much, I hope he regains his eyesight again. The actor is so good. Really the older actors are far better than the younger ones (with the exception of Chan ) @dulceres PSH is a genuinely kind person, he is ready to help even his enemies.
  15. Filler ep, Chairman Oh's thugs tried to scare AR and PSH comes to the rescue, writer nim loosing her steam.
  16. I want to confess my sin here.. i cannot stop watching KJW video on SOOP management youtube channel.. a video bts of his perfume commercial. His collar bone..shoulder..cheek bone..eyes.. OKAY, I AM A PERVERT! This man really make me insane.. HELP..........
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