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  2. Live recaps! GH's voice-over with Someone swimming... GH is running through a hotel lobby, just barely made it to the lift. Her brother alone at home, heard some noises, then he started doing some funny kung-fu moves because he suspected someone is in the house. And turned out that really the driver is in their house trying to find something. Person swimming is Dom. He got shocked by GH who appeared right in front of his face as he got up from water. She is trying to show him something on the tablet. He is not shy at all whereas she is all shy because of his bare chest. She covered him in towel after handing him the tablet, as in preview. Dom's mother threw water on DJ's face, followed by a white envelope too... gosh, are these two really married with an evil MIL?? LOL DJ in front of the hotel suite pressing the bell. He is surprised to see GH is the one opening the door with a very tired face. He asked what happened to her, and why the mess, and where is Dom? GH saw the TnT envelope that is in DJ's hand, so she took it and saw some unsigned forms. DJ wondered why she cared so much about all this. GH started whispering to him, but Dom suddenly appeared in the middle of them. Why are you whispering? Secret? Scheming? Love?~ hahaha.... DJ made a comment to Dom about GH's face that looks so tired. Dom looked more closely, and started gathering her stuff and asked her to go home. He is so concerned about her
  3. everyone knows that already.. hence shes called the queen of chemistry.. but its nothing to worry about.. really... NOTHING!
  4. She was trained so hard this time for ballet. From the photo I can see her knee was bruised and had some scars . She must been injured. Although we can see a professional ballet dancer through the drama, but she must had been through a hard time.
  5. Yes im grateful that u invited me to some place thank you so much Congratulations on nearly to 200 pgs Yes we will have so much fun thanks for calling me funny its just bc i love them both so much and its cute Yes im not letting my joy interrupt my studies. Im nearly done Thanks for worry about me ur like a big sis to me @gm4queen
  6. I'm now in Seoul. Does someone know, what's the name of the tower in episode 8? They were there to see the wind and Jin hyuk got a cold after that? I would like to visit this place. And the bridge with the pictures in episode 5 too please?
  7. I will write later after my complicated bosses finished their problems without making things difficult for me note: at least my love to my oppas are deeper than @Ameera Ali <~~~ this girl can love more (her slogan)
  8. He is under Wookkimchi haha cause he is wook too! But jinchi sounds good too! Thanks! Hahaha Yes Jinchi looks real good too! Jinchi and Gilchi (Lol sounds like grilled cheese haha sorry Hae Mi!) Haha love them. (Lol, ocn, It’s too dark! Make it brighter! I can’t see!) this was what spark that “oh.” In me haha 638
  9. @newyee I read the preview, that is why I am making this guess: the translation is not clear but anyway it says 모두가 즐거운 식사 자리, 산하에게 걸려온 남준의 전화에 다들 당황하는데... everyone is having a nice meal, Namjun calls Sanha and everyone is puzzled (this is not google translation, I am learning Korean, so I used my brains), the underlined words mean: "Namjun's phone call to Sanha"
  10. This one back in kobe, so funny MC : Do you have any questions about fans? BG : well... what do you want to eat after event? The MC think he is so cute And they end up talking about food Cr:eezzm
  11. 2019.05.21  Kang Dong Won To Give A Sneak Peek Into His Daily Life In Reality Vlog Series by D. S.kim Kang Dong Won will be giving a sneak peek into his life in Los Angeles! On May 25, the first part of Kang Dong Won’s upcoming reality Vlog series “Kang Dong Won & Friends, Viva L.A Vida” will be released through a YouTube channel called MonoTube. The channel serves a purpose of showcasing unique lifestyles of various celebrities, and it announced its official launch in partnership with Kang Dong Won. For the first time in 16 years since his debut, Kang Dong Won will be showing off his daily life to the public. He plans to showcase his life in Los Angeles, where he is staying for a year to shoot an upcoming Hollywood film. The actor will be joined by his friends including actor Bae Jung Nam, musician Joo Hyung Jin, fashion designer Se Yi Shin, and others, who have flown out to Los Angeles to accompany the actor in his journey to becoming a Hollywood star. On May 20, MonoTube released a minute-long teaser of Kang Dong Won’s upcoming reality Vlog series, in which the actor is walking along the beach in Los Angeles. The actor also sung and played the guitar for the background music of the teaser. A source from MonoTube stated, “The new sides of the human Kang Dong Won that were not known to the public before, added on top of the fun and vibrant trip that [he goes on] with his close friends, will catch your attention.” The source continued, “Aside from Kang Dong Won’s reality Vlog series, we also have a lineup of various stars who are hard to see on variety shows to be featured in the channel’s future videos. Please look forward to the channel becoming an unparalleled ‘star channel’ on YouTube.” source https://www.soompi.com/article/1326059wpp/kang-dong-won-to-give-a-sneak-peek-into-his-daily-life-in-reality-vlog-series Actor Kang Dong Won to have his first ever travel vlog series through new star contents channel Actor Kang Dong Won will be saying hello to the public very soon with his first ever vlog series, 16 years after his debut! For the past year, the actor has been away from the public eye while residing in Los Angeles, California for about 12 months, immersed in his Hollywood debut production. A new, upcoming star contents channel by the name of 'monotube' was able to partner up with Kang Dong Won during his time in LA, in order to record footage of his life abroad, as well as a fun vacation with some of his closest friends! The upcoming travel vlog series 'Kang Dong Won & Friends, Viva L.A Vida' launches through 'monotube's official YouTube channel this May 25 at 8 PM KST. Kang Dong Won's good friends including model Bae Jung Nam, musician Joo Hyung Jin, and more also star in the vlog series, flying over to LA to treat the actor to a little bit of home. You can check out some of 'monotube's first teasers for Kang Dong Won's upcoming vlog series, below! In the brief, serene teaser clip, Kang Dong Won also contributes his voice and guitar strumming to establish the perfect, peaceful vacation mood. source https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/05/actor-kang-dong-won-to-have-his-first-ever-travel-vlog-series-through-new-star-contents-channel
  12. 190521 NCTsmtown_DREAM Twitter Update https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D7FPCfwV4AEu98A?
  13. I love JKY’s personality. He definitely has a lot of characteristics in him. He is always bringing laughter to the set. I hope that when he reaches his 30’s or coming back from the military (I don’t even want to think about his military duty) that he never change. I hope he continues to be this bubbly person.
  14. As long as greed still exist, there will be many Coach Kim.... and I do believe that the main problem isn't Coach Kim but Coach Kim exist because of the problem. +2.
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