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  2. That natural Next step for Us , it’s was love in first sight i would make u bridesmaid & partner you with mr smooth hair @sushilicious will come as flipping hair while our priest registered our marriage, SS dance for us, father Han give me away , gives that speech mama don't you and @triplem think it can work -2
  3. Thought after episode 14: Still clueless how they would wrap this whole mess in next 2 episodes. The twists and turns is really unpredictable to me. One second they are so determined to fight, another second they are so helpless, then the following one try to run away, one is trying to straighten things, then now both are running away. Based on the preview, I think Bae Man Su (the con shaman) might play a significant role into getting to HDD's weakness or find out a way to banish HDD's soul back to hell. I hope both leads live after all of this and not following "Priest" finale by making one of them lost memory. That would be too depressing Yeah, he was rash here and that temper of him... sigh.. I was like how you are when I watched the episode.. haha. But over the remaining episodes it would be interesting. You might fall in love with Yeon Jeong Hoon wickedness as the second possessed person. Hahaha. Those possessed actors are so good! I can't even hate them because they seduced me with their great acting! Gosh! It's okay . Each one have their own preference. For me, I just like unconventional kind of drama and the gory killing and bloodbath in the first episode kinda hooked me (read: I am not a psychopath ). Besides, I've been wanting to see Go Joon Hee and Song Sae Byuk to take on lead role. By the way, I am currently watching KJW's new drama too! Hahahaha! But, I didn't leave any comment or opinion because I usually just enjoy reading the posts in romance drama's thread and squealing over the heart-throbbing .gifs . I rarely make any comment to it.
  4. The MC lineup has been confirmed for “The Boss Has Donkey Ears” (literal title), a new KBS variety show. On April 19, it was announced that TVXQ’s Yunho, Kim Sook, Jun Hyun Moo, and Kim Yong Gun will be the hosts of the new program. The talk show features various celebrity bosses and the honest […] The post TVXQ’s Yunho, Kim Sook, Jun Hyun Moo, And Kim Yong Gun To MC New KBS Variety Show appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  5. 181007 Shinhwa 20th Anniversary Concert, Heart Tour in Seoul - Dongwan fancam/fanpic.
  6. Gifts for Lee Joon Gi https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=leejungi&no=1141211&page=1 https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=leejungi&no=1141181&page=1
  7. Wow!!! You're so advanced.. Haven't thought about it, but really hope so and it'll be magical!!! Yes, inner and outer beauty.
  8. I just paste the link from IG and it automatically shows up. But the post has to be public otherwise it’s just going to appear as a link
  9. But I’m dabbing for today’s episode coming in 4 hr 34 Min 528
  10. Nice story from a fan... Wookie returns her bag with his handwritten letter So sweet of him and nice advice from Wookie "please keep your bag carefully". What a lucky fan Thanks for sharing
  11. Some press photos from HB's departure to Taiwan. Does this mean we'll get airport photos from both HB and SH on May 10!? OMO! And as I mentioned before, somehow these two always have new contents at the same time lol. Seems like SH will receive an award for her philanthropic work? So proud of her!
  12. Here is some more update of new casting for KSH new drama. He will play male lead brother in the drama. Hope we can get confirmations for male lead soon also! Am really missing seeing KSH acting! Hope drama can start film soon and we can have BTS spoiler pics! Let us all post and keep forum alive till KSH comeback chingu-dul!
  13. Haha well none of them as hilarious as Choi & Dan byeon so far. Lol at fake marriage license for u & hwang... u guys going to elope? This is unexpected ending for FP 526
  14. its just 4 episodes and there is a riot already.... hahah.. and yes, since this is the PPC thread, there shouldn't be a comparison about her leading man in other drama, other than WWWSK for this thread... As i wrote in the HPL, i tot DM's bestie sounds like Seo Jun, hence wanted to see what updates our couple have here...
  15. It is so quiet now that we have no more new updates from KSH side. Hope we can have many many updates soon for KSH activities and new drama casting. Some pics of KSH for SOUP 2019. Don't know why SOUP have so much photoshop but KSH can still looking beautiful! Wish KSH would also do movie this year. It has been long time since last movie. Hope also we can get release date for LA soon! Look forward to all KSH fan meeting pics and videos soon!
  16. I think some of you guys feel like she dont have any chemistry with KJW are whether they do act like bro-sis or our forum peoples' hearts are very strong for PPC. Kudos for our strong PPC heart! come to think about it again I think PMY build up good vibes between HPL casts as it helps her gaining good relationship with them so that the actings can come out well. She said they've been stayed up nights for shooting so it is important to stay happy while shooting. And I guess that's why she wont bother posted ABH's photo with her in IG. I think she has become someone really free and dont bother what people think anymore. Or...her heart is already belong to someone we know. haha. love my delulu mind.
  17. Ikr.. cute beyond words Not ounce chance for me to get SLS too... Im waiting for more scenes of the OTP. Some Ryan Gold Fashion show >> he himself is a walking life art for me Haha ya i also found them so cute on & off screen... Long time not into shipping business these days lol
  18. Kim Seo Hyung will be returning to the silver screen with upcoming film “Alma Mater” (literal title), a reboot of the popular Korean horror film series “Whispering Corridors.” Kim Seo Hyung has taken on the leading role of No Eun Hee, a teacher who returns to her alma mater. Upon her return, the memories she thought were […] The post Kim Seo Hyung Confirmed To Star In Reboot Of Horror Film Series “Whispering Corridors” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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