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  2. When it gets even funnier when they compare wwwsk bed scene with hpl bed scene. (contributor to views number)
  3. Fan made teaser for The King http://video.weibo.com/show?fid=1034:4375279658055056 Or not?
  4. Are only we who cannot see the sparks between them?? yes their chemistry is good but I still cannot feel anything between them
  5. The part when Yeonseo stood up from the dining table and stretch out her hand, Dan strutted to her side obediently to give his arm, and he looked at the dining table with his chopsticks and spoon ... that expression is hilarious. Gosh these two are so cute! Their chemistry is seriously on fire. And i never expected i would enjoy L's acting! He's making me laugh every moment with his silly antics.
  6. to say PMY was deceived is a bit much coz obviously she chose to do this drama.. and she must have gotten the script and reviewed them bfore hand.. so she knows what she’s getting herself into.. the fact that she still does the drama means she likes the script and the plot.. however, one of the craziest comment i saw so far was from some of their shippers.. they think PMY is attracted to KJW in real life that’s y she dont mind doing all the skinships in HPL.. the more the better... hahahaa people are so creative when it comes to shipping lol.. including me ofc...
  7. Park Bogum Revealed How Best Friend BTS' V Reacted to His Japanese Debut Single 'Bloomin' Park Bogum gave a shoutout to V during his fan meeting in Japan. On May 21st, Park Bogum held a solo fan meeting event in Tokyo, Japan, as a part his debut album promotions. As you know, Park Bogum has made his official Japan debut with his album 'Bloomin' earlier in March. Thousands of fans came to the event and the actor talked more about his debut as a singer. During the talk session, Park Bogum was asked how his relatives reacted to his song. To this, Park Bogum started, "My friend, one of my cute friends..." but got cut by fans who shouted, "TaeTae!" Surprised, Park Bogum continued, "Right, it's TaeTae. My litte brother TaeTae listened to my song and he said that he likes it." https://www.kstarlive.com/article/2019/05/24/park-bogum-revealed-how-best-friend-bts-v-reacted-to-his-japanese-debut-single-bloomin-230253
  8. @greezlybee @thistle @Chellsee I'm with you guys. I also am enjoying HPL, but this one has a slow quiet realness compared the fairy tale comedy of HPL. Can't wait for next week! For viewing I'd prefer to wait until the series is finished, but I know I won't be able to resist. Plus if I don't watch it live I won't be able to keep up with the forum in real time.
  9. They kept comparing HPL and WWWSK / PMY-KJW and PMY-PSJ in their drama Soompi forum threads, ig, twitter how HPL is better and PMY and KJW chemistry has more "realness" (their actual word ) than PMY PSJ. But when we are the ones who do the comparisons we are called bitter and envious.
  10. by the way im new from this thread but a long time member of soompi and i love HPL esp those two!
  11. Official photos from Episode 2 are out. First coffee date of JI and JH. More under spoiler.
  12. Thanks Chingu for your analysis on Namjoon character. He was one of the most interesting characters out there in the drama.
  13. This! I am 100 percent agree with U. Chae young shin and Deok Mi kinda similar. But Young shin was the one with emotional baggage in healer, she was lost and adopted. Young shin is a tomboy (coz she grew up mostly without a mom), more a risk taker in her work. While Deok Mi is more feminine and mature, but not too much a risk taker at work. The styling and PMY potrayal makes me can differentiate both characters.
  14. Comments from Netizen regarding ep 3-4. 1.[+852, -45] Shin Hye Sun’s emotional acting has got deeper…I like her acting, It’s immersive…L also matches well the angel role…ㅋ 2.[+637, -81] Why there is no article on the main page about this? It’s a daebak drama!!!!!! Actor Kim Myung Soo’s visual is seriously top class but his acting is also good!!! 3.[+384, -29] Shin Hye Sun’s acting is crazy…Myung Soo’s beauty is crazy…Everyone is good at acting so It’s fun to watch!! 4.[+278, -31] This drama is really so fun ㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Shin Hye Sun is so pretty ㅜㅜ I hope everyone will have good dreams tonight!!! I have to wait a week ㅜㅜ 5.[+204, -18] Hye Sun’s crying, you can seriously trust and watch her 6.[+79, -6] His face seems more like CGI than the wings. He was so handsome in today’s ending. His hair was wet so he looked even more handsome. His visual is so unrealistic. The chemistry between the leads is also good. Judging from the preview, looks like they will fight, I’m looking froward to it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The drama’s content is a little depressing but it’s funny whenever the male lead appears ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ His role feels necessary to change the atmosphere. The male lead is expressing Dan really well. 7.[+74, -3] Today’s ending was so good, L’s face is seriously the best CGI 8.[+72, -5] When I saw the drama’s preview I thought It’s childish, who will watch this? But now i feel frustrated that I have to wait a week ㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋ Both of them are pretty and handsome, they are no joke!! There is no acting hole which makes it more daebak, Angel’s Last Mission fighting!!!! 9.[+64, -5] It’s so lively, no frustrating, Kim Myung Soo and Shin Hye Soo have good chemistry, It’s fun 10.[+55, -3] Myung Soo is so good at acting plus he is cute and handsome~~~ 11.[+54, -8] I cried with Shin Hye Sun when she cried ㅠㅠ Kim Myung Soo was perfect at the end ㅠㅠㅠ Angel’s Last Mission fighting♡ 12.[+44, -4] I was in awe because of Kim Myung Soo’s acting and then I was more in awe when I saw his face ㅋㅋㅋ Rating: 6.6% | 8.6% https://www.netizendrama.com/spoilers-angels-last-mission-love-e03-04-rating/
  15. One thing that I really appreciate about Jiwon coz if you look at her resume almost all the roles she’s playing are the kind of woman who are not the damsel in distress, she really into female-centric characters a story that evolves saying hey-i-am-strong-and-independent-woman. Probably that’s the reason, why we could not usually get a solid A-list actors as her partner. Yet, the result is always better anyways whoever her male lead is coz she have this thing of ‘i-will-let-you-shine’ .
  16. maybe that he is younger is not the real reason.(i think her fans just don't want a celeb as her bf or husband.) that a man is 1~2 years younger than a woman doesn't matter at all. rarher, older woman-younger man couple is trend.(rain-kth, ssc, ahj-ghs..etc. even actress cjw and hhj married a 8 years younger man). and we all know pmy ex bf was younger..and now her dating rumor guy is also younger than her.
  17. Actually, SITR is one of the dramas that took ages for me to finish lol. I have this habit of donwloading dramas so i make sure i finish it even if it is really bad. My effort of downloading the episodes is what gives me the reason to finish all haha. There is something with OSN that makes me smile just by seeing yjh and lji together. Their relationship has this excitement and attraction that can't be denied. I was actually smiling while watching. I guess part of it can be attributed to their amazing chemistry. What if they become passionate, i don' know if i can handle it lol. The dagger look jeong in gave jae in if she makes a move with ji ho is just gold lol. And the conversations, very real. It has been a while since i have watched a melodrama and the 2 episodes are so good. I hope the writer can continue with the succeeding episodes. This writer might actually redeem herself if she will do it right this time. But it seems that we are on the right track so my hopes are up
  18. It looks like SEVENTEEN’s The8 has something special planned for fans! On May 24, a teaser poster was shared on SEVENTEEN’s official social media accounts with the caption, “The8, Dreams Come True.” According to the information, The8 is set to release new music at 1 a.m. KST on June 9. The teaser poster a hand […] The post SEVENTEEN’s The8 Teases New Music With Poster For “Dreams Come True” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  19. It looks like SEVENTEEN’s The8 has something special planned for fans! On May 24, a teaser poster was shared on SEVENTEEN’s official social media accounts with the caption, “The8, Dreams Come True.” According to the information, The8 is set to release new music at 1 a.m. KST on June 9. The teaser poster a hand […] The post SEVENTEEN’s The8 Teases New Music With Poster For “Dreams Come True” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  20. It is true that there are PPC shippers who trolls around. But, all ships have that. Heck, we have that here! Its a good thing that PMY was the lead here, because she knows what she needs to do. If you need fluttering scenes, she gave that here. If you want intimate moments, she did those here. but the whole plot was just not supporting her fangirl character anymore. It started good, it was an interesting fresh take, the cast were blending well. but halfway, they went the other direction. I dont really know why but it was just a wasted opportunity. just want to point out another wwwsk similarity.. DeukMi was wearing.. again her boss' clothes on the morning after. just like Miso did. we are not hating on HPL.. it was ok.. but they couldve done better with the fangirling plot, because they have a great actress portraying it!
  21. I've only seen PMY in WWWSK and HPL (have only seen clips of her other dramas), and I think she's a good actress, certainly one of the better ones of her generation. She has a great screen presence. I wasn't a fan of the first two episodes of HPL, but what I did like in those was how she was able to establish Deokmi as distinct from Miso. I felt right away that Deokmi was an entirely different character, and not just because of the writing. And she seems to be the kind of actor who can elevate another actor who's in a scene with her; not too many can do that. I hope to see her in more adventurous roles (KJW's impact! ), but I do acknowledge that the roles written for women aren't as diverse or plentiful as those available for men. I'll definitely check out whatever her next project is, especially if it's a drama (those are easier to access). @tnl34 That was probably me. Hey, different strokes for different folks, right?
  22. Thank you for pointing these out. There are so many loopholes in the mother story that it is very frustrating, and I have very little sympathy for a woman who thinks it's safe to leave her son alone in a strange place while she does something else. I really wish the drama hadn't gone this route. There were other ways to resolve this issue, so I'm a little disappointed it had to go all melodrama on this. I honestly wish the drama had chosen another reason for Ryan's inability to paint. Except for Deok-mi's dad, who's not much use, none of the other dads seem to exist. Sure, Eun-gi's father seemingly abandoned him, but what about Shi-an's father? Also, Ryan never once called/texted his adoptive parents while he was in Korea, but presumably they have a loving relationship from what he tells Deok-mi. I find it really odd. There is so much to explore that it is annoying the drama has to fall back on childhood connections to make it seem Ryan and Deok-mi are fated to be. Hi, thank you for the link, it was an interesting read. My frustration is that this is something that could have been avoided if she'd only had the common sense to either bring her kid along with her to that meeting, or make him stay at home. How difficult was either? Also, they were poor, but they did not seem to be in an abusive situation where Ryan was forcibly removed from her. The entire mother story didn't even have to happen (but that's another story for another day). Also, going by what Ryan tells Deok-mi, his adoptive parents were loving and honest with him about his adoption. So if Lee Sol wanted to reconnect, assuming she even searched hard enough, there would be no reason for Ryan's adoptive parents to reject a meeting (even if it is just to see him from afar). I don't begrudge Lee Sol for having a second family, but I always find it unreasonable that a parent who has been MIA for the better part of a child's life suddenly waltzes back with a sob story and all is well. I actually feel very hard for Ryan that he is expected to come to terms with all this in this manner (Shi-an suddenly wanting to make nice as his brother, blah blah) and be the bigger person in it all. Sorry, the mother issue has really ticked me off.
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