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  2. I think she's all rested but my guess is she just isn't ready to leave her ''little bundle of joy' (Bubbles i believe that's his nickname) not even for a day so imagine her having to do those variety shows that requires her to be away for at least 2-3 months..
  3. Their eyes said it all. When I look at them, I don't see one sided one or one loves more than the other. I simply see 2 people srsly adore and cherish each other a lot.
  4. Ah, sorry for the confusion. It's towards the end of the book, It's totally ok that you don't feel the same about Aarif. Everyone has their own perspective of the cast, characters and story.
  5. yes, i too like the ending very much never should expect too much from a korean drama. it is satisfied
  6. Gahhh! So cute! i hope to catch the subbed version later today...so so curious to know what he sees at the end of this ep. but it if he does see, he would find out what VP looks like, right? GH is dressed as she always is so he already knows her? happy 520! I just found out 20 May is the second Chinese Valentine’s. Big here in Shanghai.
  7. Bomi's YouTube channel hit 700,000+ subscribers!
  8. Oh My God.... How to let go of these two ever..???! They've become my soul Beautiful memories from the last year!!! I want those days back when I was super happy to see my lover boy on-screen! And dear @Pyar @parkeunbinchoidaniel & @gladys0710 friends, Let me ask you something. Do you like the ending of The Gost Detective..??! I guess majority of fans oppose the ending because Lee Da Il remained as a ghost forever!!! But it's different from me!! I like the ending so much! It's better than nothing at all! At least he's with her for the rest of her life!! I know it's so sad but I am fully satisfied with the ending!!!
  9. There is never, ever, never, never ever, never a dull moment now that Chang Wook and Friends are back in town! This is one of the most delightful things I have ever seen. Complete equanimity! Nothing seems to phase him, nothing that he shows openly, anyway. Sometimes after the incident has passed he'll talk about how nervous he was, but it never shows while it's going on. Well, OK, there was that little flub during the discharge ceremony, but even that was very well covered. Please enjoy.
  10. @lu09 I cracked at NJ reaction because did he really expect to not face consequences for driving a van into the sea? Lol How the heck did he think he could live with a piece of metal in his head without any worry? Too busy obsessing over SH. For fish food lol since his brother ended up lost in a river, it's only fitting he follows suit. Aera can even join them like she tried before. Happy ending for them lol
  11. I want to see him in several roles but suited for his age such as 1) troubled young man (Uni or a couple of years out of school) - could be a biker, a gangster, a rebel chaebol - 2) Arrogant chaebol maneuvring the cut throat biz world 3) A detective/spy ala mission impossible/Bourne 4) A soldier BAsically all those manly hawt roles The genre can be thriller, crime, romance, angst .. just not romcom
  12. This was when PMY invited all the casts and crews to watch the 1st episode together. They sat together and he jokingly gave her anti anxiety medicine because maybe she looks nervous Agree! I hope they will have like reunion dinner or something like that like some of the drama casts that maintained their friendship even after the drama ended. Ooooh.. Villain Mo tae Gu kind of style. I bet Mo Tae Gu will turn into Ryan Gold immediately when he saw the detective is Park Min Young.
  13. Haaha Do you like Sixth prince? Haha 588
  14. Actually you are right...he is very good with kids....especially in the off cam scene when the boy asked about the Ng...loved that he assured the boy that that the Ng wasn’t due to him.... such a sweetie.... would kill for a shot of Ryan gold with a baby strapped to his chest....lol the OTP look so lovely when they are out walking in the sun....under the cherry blossoms...in the amusement park....picnic... i think I’m worried regarding the whole childhood trauma trope because it can ruin the lighthearted tone of the drama... ( still having ptsd from the third charm....I was an esom Fan after btimfl and had looked forward to her romcom) ....of course it has to happen because that is the original premise....the genius artist who couldn’t paint any more...and is healed by love Thanks for the bubble pics....there are reflections of children...a swing etc in the bubbles...also realised they reused the same bubbles in that close up shot above... well..we will see...I just hope they compensate the pain with lots of kisses n cuddles... wonder if it’s too much to ask to get one mature scene....lol... Or will that cause mini explosions in a few households...but think of the million gifs it would spawn...that we could rewatch
  15. They're already done filming Busted 2. They finished it before the end of last year. If they do Busted 3, that would be great to have KJW as a guest.
  16. I was read & so touched my heart when I read it. See guys ? They never ever changes . Never
  17. I agree. If it ended with just a wedding, it'd be too much like wwwsk and other K-dramas. I like both the wedding and flash forward better.
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