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  2. Sorry to cut your post who will she choose between the slim guy or the fat guy, frankly I'm afraid that the writers put her with the slim guy
  3. Oh dear, i am addicted. Woke up early and decided to watch the raw episode. I am not even going to talk about MS. As I skipped so much I don't even know what happened in ep 9. So why did the husband fall out with the MIL this time? Or what is she doing? The writer has 2 things boiling in the plot for MR and TJ. On one hand their relationship is progressing slowly and steadily. She acquired a boyfriend right? Lol. I just laughed. I mean, if I was TJ no matter what she said I would take it as encouragement when she still didn't stop contact. And went from Bujang-nim to sunbae. I laughed when I heard her reasons as it was so lame . She does show a lot of emotions in front of him doesn't she? She is really soft and sweet. You can see why TJ is falling for her. And darn, so caught up that I didn't notice the switch to banmal until this episode when he called her out on it. When did it happen? All these are signs right in a Kdrama. Since he dropped it in ep 9. And he is pretty rock steady isn't it? I didn't expect him to stand by his words when drunk. Then still go on and pushed her boundaries. He didn't even avoid her gaze/ looks. The writer is plotting something big darn it. I hate all the anticipation. I know its coming. You can always see it coming with a chaebol plot. The CEO is going into full on battle. I am unsure how I feel about her tactics. She shifted it from the Executive meeting where she is the newbie. To her home ground the social battlefield. I definitely don't like her belittling MR not playing golf then dismissing her so publicly. You can see how the writer is building how she fights. Then this is the 2nd or 3rd reference I have caught from the Chairman. Talking about getting involved with a woman within the company. Then his comments about women. That's how the plot is going to go isn't it? There are 2 ways it would go. 1. Build up relationship till ep 20 with mutual confession. Then 4 ep of good dating then BAM. Discovery or he is promoted and outed. Then 10-15 ep of break up separation. Then back together probably from ep 36 to 42. Then maybe, depending on how dirty the office fighting gets; a wedding or not by ep 46. However I don't see this as a drama where she marries in early and then suffer. You know how sometimes the guy leaves his family, they marry and then get blocked from working by his family? I only hope the writer is not going to drag MR through the wringer for this drama. Sometimes writers go overboard when the ratings are high. I don't even know how the writer is going to fit in the MR is IS daughter plot. Especially with what's going on? Plus fit in the reconciliation with SJ and IS. Does my head in. So going back to rewatching TJ totally looking at MR. I don't know this actor but gee, he can really emote. And obviously KSY can as well. They do have good chemistry together. And oh yeah JB has a good vibe about him. What's his name publisher still doesn't have any moment or chemistry moment with MH. Although I don't actually want her to have TWO choices. That is sucky man. When MR is going to be mired in abandonment trauma, work sabotaging, hidden family connections with her boyfriend, a Marketing senior manager involved with a new intern ( even though he's the incoming company heir ), then her SJ family relations, plus her career vs marriage. Geez. Guess I can think at 4am.
  4. [EngSub] Jun Ji Hyun Evolution in Elastine Korean Shampoo CF( 2002-2011) - 전지현 엘라스틴 [EngSub] Jun Ji Hyun Self Camera Interview 1999 Part 1- Highschooler Sassy Girl Self-Introduction
  5. Hahaha....I couldn't bear to watch the 94 kiss even thought it's the R-rated version of all kisses. I keep smiles like an idiot when watching the repeated kiss MV.
  6. 190421 WayV_official Twitter Update "HAPPY MOMENTS AS ONE♡ #WayV #WeiShenV #威神V #KUN #钱锟 #WINWIN #董思成 #TEN #李永钦 #LUCAS #黄旭熙 #HENDERY #黄冠亨 #XIAOJUN #肖俊 #YANGYANG #刘扬扬 "
  7. I'm slightly curious about how MS who seems to be such a responsible eldest daughter ended up with JS, her husband, who is such a mama's boy. But, I'm not so curious to want to watch episode after episode of it, just a quick mention of how they were drawn together in the first place? They seem like such an odd couple.
  8. I believed the kiss was his love confession instead of saying (I love you) out loud.
  9. (*appears*) Urh. Caved and finally created an account to say hi to all the other shippers. I came across SP in a moment of "I need a cute drama now". Did my usual of looking at YT compilations of kisses/jealousy scenes to see what might hit the sweet spot and BOY DID IT. This was about two months ago (better late than never, right?). Binged it because the chemistry was out of this world and they do the #1 thing real couples do when they kiss... specifically post-kiss you don't look dreamily into their eyes, you stare, distractedly, at their mouth... You can act out chemistry but you can't fake that moment post smooching the person you like. I'm always super cautious about shipping real people (for obvious reasons!) but... I mean what can you do? It is them! Being so lovely and natural together. So here I am. Hi! and I can't wait to see what the future holds for both of them because I love them as actors too. But my little shipper heart hopes that they will be in each other's lives in a meaningful, long term way... Now I'm going to wash my hair because like BH when I'm working on something I forget that my hair needs washing... (*disappears again*)
  10. NCT 127 thrilled fans with a surprise appearance in New York this weekend! On April 20, YouTube star GoToe held one of his popular random play dance events in New York City’s Washington Square Park, where a large crowd of locals gathered to dance to snippets of various K-pop songs. Halfway through the event, the […] The post Watch: NCT 127 Surprises Fans By Joining YouTuber GoToe’s Random Play Dance In New York appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  11. Today
  12. I 'm PSJ's fan so long time. I like all him lead co- star. I'm ok with everyone but I never want to him to marry or be a real couple with him lead co- star. He has good chemistry with all the actresses who work with him. Until I saw this picture when she had to go back to Singapore alone after a reward trip in Phuket. When i saw it I immediately thought that I wanted him to marry her and want them to be real couples. She is a very cool woman, a person who takes good care of herself, so very smart and so adorable. OH!! She look totally awesome. she are such an elegant woman.............. I am wondering what makes she so fascinating. My PSJ has a wondrous relationship with this beautiful woman, He is so lucky. PARK MIN YOUNG !!!!!! I like you very much I promise to support you everything. Like I used to support Park Seo Jun before...I promise........
  13. The styling in this show seems top notch. So far what have seen of HS ... or maybe it’s just her good sense. Is anybody interested in knowing who’s singing for this show? Other than L probably ... To me OSTs matter a lot ... they do half the job making a show popular! I hope they are good!
  14. feel free to ship PMY with her costars... It just proves she is doing great on her relationship with them.. keep supporting her on HPL (be our guest!) But, we (all) know what is REAL...
  15. I believed most of the kiss scene was initiated by MinMn in previous version. Only this version by WJ and a deep kiss too.
  16. 190421 xhlrud Twitter Update with NCT 127 "Something really incredible happened to me. Accidentally, during the New York RPD, NCT 127 actually came and danced to my songs. Still, all of this is a dream for me. Thankfully, I was invited to the New Jersey concert, and the second RPD was held in front of hall. #NCT127 #nct"
  17. I wonder why Allkpop had posted dating rumor news again. Some international fans ,Thai ,Filipino were surprised about their dating rumor 3 years ( actually we all shippers have been there before)cause they have never watch the drama before.I hope PPC will be having more shippers than these days like SSC. Maybe this is good for wwwsk to gain more viewers.
  18. Shall we change the name of this thread?? Kim Nam Gil fanclub?? Seriously each and every post is about him. LOL. @Sejabin You dont know Yeon woo Jin?!?! I agree he can raise the temperature very well. But for me it is his sweet smile that I found very attractive. He has no abs or anything but he is such a good actor. Watch Marriage Not dating if you already haven't. -2
  19. I laughed so hard watching it (probably because Ohm, Sing, Gigie, Guy and Amper barely could hold themself too).
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