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  2. http://hd.stheadline.com/life/ent/realtime/1506613/ This is quite ridiculous Some people even criticise her for touching her toes in a 39 s video. Saying this act not graceful? They really have nothing better to say. But good to see fans defended her
  3. I was referring to the way Ryan, while misunderstanding Deok Mi and Seon Joo's relationship, treated it with respect (not judging them, giving them his room). Also, in Episode 5 there was the story of Writer Nam and Photographer Tae-Hwa. Episode 5 still stands out to me as one of the best episodes of the series by treating the love between the writer and photographer with delicacy and respect. Thank you to @tensaitekikuroneko and @TheRoadtoPMY for also answering this question.
  4. DHshii, please read this article in case you didn't know it yet..yes bc of your I don't care attitude.. The source stated, “As there is concern regarding blacklisting, there has been no official internal discussion on appearance restrictions or bans. However, the directors personally devote themselves to making judgments, so they are implicitly refraining from casting celebrities that have invoked public criticism.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1316850wpp/sbs-responds-to-reports-of-banning-jung-joon-young-seungri-and-choi-jong-hoon I think who are in Korean Entertainment that never received public criticism, but they directed it to the celebrities who fall under serious cases, e.g military scandal, rape, pimpri, etc. And here Kang Dong Won also turning into Vblogger. I pity him on past generation connection, not his fault at all, but they way he glorifying something so sensitive to public. Same with DH, her big mistake is not her fake love, but she glorifying it, purposely invoking criticism. The way I see her new PR working and new family fnrepublic, seems nothing going to change- Rich people mentality. http://kpopkfans.blogspot.com/2019/05/kang-dong-won-to-start-his-youtube.html?m=1
  5. The drama touched on LGBTQ issues twice: First, RG thought DM and SJ were dating, which was the reason he proposed the fake relationship in the first place. Second, Nho Seok and his relationship with the photographer in Episode 5.
  6. The writer is unexpected. I am unable to predict what will happen next week. How will the writer use NJ's partial amnesia? Will he lose all his memories? I have a headache from this writer, she drove me crazy I love the autistic father very much. And really all the old actors are doing a wonderful job I forgot to mention my opinion of the granddad, he can't judge people, he was deceived for so long. he is so comic too especially when he waves his walking stick to hit someone The halmoni is so kind and forgiving, except for her exaggerated fainting bouts, I like her too I find the VC was bad. How did they forgive him ? SH's mom is my favourite, she is soooooo funny Another thing, I didn't watch subs, what happened in the father's operation?
  7. Sorry for riding your question meant for @jd50, but I was lurking so I thought I should clarify: 1. The author who had the photographer as his lover. The hatred he faced because of his father, and the fact that he could not acknowledge his love until his lover died and even after that - because this society never allowed him to. The relief he found when DM told him that the photographer probably knew about his love even without declarations, the wholesomeness of it all. LGBT relationships are needlessly sexualized but they are normal relationships that are formed on affection and bonding, just physical intimacies don't need to be emphasized all the time. To find a sweet tragic love story in such a circumstance, while weaving it into the whole narrative was really sensitive and mature. 2. The fact that Ryan believed SJ and DM were a lesbian couple trying to find some time intimate together and tried his level best to protect them as a social minority group in a conservative country - that's how he started the fake dating scene. It did not make fun of the situation in a sexual way, but it did highlight how an American and a Korean look at the same thing differently. Yes it was awkward and drove the story forward, but these are the little things that slowly build a more accepting culture in the general public towards the community in my personal experience. This drama touched it so well considering SK is a conservative Asian country.
  8. Hi, i think she said she wanted to get married within 3 years after changing her answer of "her plan to get married in 5 years" because it will be too late. And... did I mention she also pointed out that she needs to work hard for it. (But I think she's already working hard now )
  9. How was LGBTQ even relevant in the drama? please enlighten us because the drama did not even touch on this.
  10. Just saw the first 2 episodes and I am it so far. Especially the chemistry/banter between the leads. The way angels are represented in this drama reminds me very much of the movie "City of Angels (1998)", but I really hope this drama has a happy ending instead of how the movie ended.
  11. I suddenly remembered YSH words at his FM. He said he wants to play a villain. The character in the romcom is close to villain to be honest,except he is not the villain but the main character. In my opinion it answers to why he chose this romcom. I wish he stops taking decisions emotionally and thinks thouroughly. Just because he wants to break his melo guy image or wants to play a villain, doesn't mean he has to hop on the first project that gives him that chance. He should wait for the right projects, otherwise he is going to ruin his image. I hope he listens to his fans this time. Sorry to say this but I'm glaring at him and the people who help him to pick projects. Didn't any alarms go on when they read the script ? YSH should have received the script of the first episodes at least. I expected him to have a better judgement. Actors like Lee Je Hoon who act in movies about comfort women and their struggles have all my sympathy and respect. But I can't shield my faves who choose to act in projects promoting the objectification of women, bullying, workplace ill-treatment and sexism.
  12. yes yes yes I know he's a Kiss Expert, but from ep 8, he seems longing for a kiss with PMY. Joking saying he ate all her lipstick, he seems to enjoyed it LOL And on hugging scenes, he always hug her really tight. And knows where to put emotions, the hug where he was missing her after business trip even with cute tone, the hug and caress on her hair where he comfort her after saying he'll support her after she stop working, he put different emotions on every hug that we can feel his love for Miso. Very detail in delivering the emotions. No wonder PMY said she also learnt a lot from him although she's the senior in this industry.
  13. I am so excited.. Yejin will looks elegant and gorgeous from top to toe because shes the heiress,while HB will looks sooooo manly... I love the storyline.... I hope yejin will play the spoiled chaebol
  14. The so-called bed scene clip is currently trending #1 in Naver with 114k views. The comments are all asking Tvn to show the omitted scene in the next episode. Both I-fans and K-fans, WE ARE ALL THIRSTY AND NOT SATISFIED
  15. Well I guess BJS will be around for a little more longer. I might sound sadistic, however the highlight of these last two episodes of was the BJS escape scene - the way he used that scalpel! On that note a bts on the scene: Like some of you here I also loved it when DKW asked KKJ about her ear, while in the car . As much as I would love to ship these two I just can't imagine the amount of emotional and psychological baggage the two of them would have to deal with! Sorry I am not quoting names!! However as I catch up with thread I forget who said what I remember reading or hearing an interview with Lee Jin Wook, where he said the show begins and ends with KKJ's hearing. I am not exactly sure what is being alluded to here?!
  16. 190523 FANCAMS Military Training Graduation- Minho 1 - 2 - 3 - 4
  17. Hey so I've actually been a fan of KJK since I was a child i saw X man on and off and then I religiously watched Family Outing with him and YJS in it I noticed he was very often reserved and respectful to any and all women and with that and how he takes care of himself so we'll I see him as someone to aspire to be like as a male myself. When Running Man started I was interested and enjoyed the first hundredish episodes but after that it got really stale and repetitive so I just slowly stopped watching, that is until Somin and Sechan joined Sechan took some adjustment to really get into his groove but Somin was such a quick fix to the show and she instantly became my second favorite member behind KJK. I've always kind of shipped him with anyone that breathes lul Yoon Eun Hy in Xman Lee Hyori Family Outing With Running Man I thought him and JiHyo were cute cause she was one of the few ladies he was friendly enough with to not call to them super respectfully. That's said in the most recent episodes the show has been laying it on thick and besides him being clearly uncomfortable with it, it just feels like it's more proof they're just friends With Somin I don't know if they're romantic persay but I simply find it the most likely. The way he acts around her is different to all the previous "loveliness" except Yoon Eun Hye both of which had them be close irl and amicable in show. The reasons why I think these two are a viable option is that KJK has trouble getting super close to females who don't initiate. JiHyo took yeeeears to get close to and I know the gagwoman he's close too probably initiated that relationship too. The only female idol he is close to relatively is Son Naeun who also initiated by asking for help with working out So we see a pattern where despite his alpha male exteriors h is very shy and reserved. It's why he has been noted as usually falling for girls who make an active move for him. I don't think JiHyo works in this regard as she is very much so a private person happy living her own life. I think that's why I personally think he might have had a thing with Lee Hyori in the past and it didn't work out. Which is why when he was in a car telling jejudo stories of heartbreak to Somin he mentioned a girl who got married. (my conspiracy theory cuz that's also where she lives plus he has very few opportunity outside of broadcast to meet women) Somin has done just this with her inviting him for coffee and how proactive she is it just feels like she is a good match for him
  18. @kimmortal I don't like Zhang Wuji as a character in most of the previous versions but I love this version of Zhang Wuji due to he's not the wishy washy type. The bonus for me is how Joseph Zeng who portrayal his character to perfectly how I like it. Another reason I love Joseph's portrayal was his excellent chemistry with Yukee (I know I mentioned many times already). Both of them are very comparable, even 86 version can not beat this. I understand Zhao Min suffered a alot for him. WJ knew ZM like him a lot (hence: sacrificed her life when fighting the persian) and he also like her a lot. Still they're enemies of two countries, WJ think their future is impossible, nada, zero chance. This version of WJ portrayal as an upright gentleman, he definitely won't take advantage of her when he know they can't be together. That is the reason why he hold back the kiss at Snake Island. The scene at the Lake, I think WJ already made up his mind that he's going to marry ZZR since he already make that promised. Again being an upright and live by the principal kind of guy, he can not lies about his newly engagement with ZZR to ZM. He has to be upfront and be frank about their situation and warned her about the consequences if they insist to be together (him and her family killing each other at the battlefield). At this point of time WJ probably think their love is even more impossible when they were at Snake Island. WJ also wants ZM to give up on him and go back to her family and live the life she use to live. He doesn't want to see her suffer more pain (only If he know she still suffered back home and almost got beheaded because of him). I think in other versions, WJ did mentioned that ZM being a high status princess she is, he is not good enough for her. We the audience might think WJ is being stupid to rejected a girl like ZM and marry a girl like ZZR (me included, no offense to others..please don't kill me). But in reality he has to look at the bigger picture, ZZR is the perfect choice for him and his Wudang family, godfather, grandfather, uncle, and Ming Cult. members.(WJ live for everyone else but himself). Their lives is not solely base of their love life, they have to think about their families, duties, and countries, etc. LOL....I have to rewatched so many times to understood WJ perspective. I used to get so mad at WJ when I watched episodes 39 to 41 for the first time. I even told myself not to rewatch those episodes but I'm glads I did, I understood WJ more now with a clearer mind.
  19. cr.@night_gif Lee Sung Kyung Says She’s Still Close With “Doctors” Cast, Thanks Park Shin Hye And Yoon Kyun Sang For Support CELEB May 10, 2019 by R. Jun In a recent interview with Herald Pop, actress Lee Sung Kyung talked about her close friendship with her cast mates from the 2016 drama “Doctors”: Park Shin Hye, Yoon Kyun Sang, and Kim Min Suk. She said, “‘Doctors’ was like a coming-of-age drama in that a lot of us were around the same age, and we’re still close friends now.” The actress expressed her gratitude for the support she got from Park Shin Hye and Yoon Kyun Sang when her new movie “Girl Cops” came out. “The premiere screening was a pretty small event, and though [Park Shin Hye] couldn’t attend because she was abroad, she contacted me and said she would definitely be watching the movie. Yoon Kyun Sang was able to make it to the premiere, so I was really thankful.” full article: https://www.soompi.com/article/1323664wpp/lee-sung-kyung-says-shes-still-close-with-doctors-cast-thanks-park-shin-hye-and-yoon-kyun-sang-for-support
  20. I know there's still like four months left before filming for Treadstone ends. But for these past couple weeks, I've had a couple questions in mind: 1) when will we get to see another hyo interview? I'm not really familiar with how tv shows and promotions go, but do they usually hold press conferences and give interviews? 2) If, and that's a big IF the show gets renewed for more than one season, then will she be stuck with the same role for years? This issue didn't even cross my mind until I saw tweets of Constance Wu voicing out her disappointment over her tv show getting renewed for another season, when she already had plans to accept a major movie offer. I have some other questions, but imma stop here lol it's just that there's so many things about Treadstone that I'm not too thrilled about, but I don't want to start rambling. Anyway, ever since hyo announced she was doing this project I haven't made up my mind whether this is a good move for her career or not.
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