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  2. ^she is blessed to have a sister and a best friend. I can relate since i also have an older sister who is also my best friend and most of the time i confide to her more than my parents lol. I guess she is the same with her eonnie. Looks like she will be back in korea soon and we can hear something on her new project
  3. Love the interview @Lawyerh. He’s an artist you can tell , not just a celebrity. I like the roles he’s taken up though they may not be the ones his agency wants him to. The guy understands the value of a meaningful role - one that advances his skills rather then his popularity. Mark of a good actor .
  4. JTBC’s “Moments of 18” starring Ong Seong Wu and Kim Hyang Gi is off to a solid start! The drama is about youth at the tender age of 18, when even the slightest of events can set off a whirlwind of emotions. According to Nielsen Korea, the first episode of the drama, which aired July 22, […] The post “Moments Of 18” Starring Ong Seong Wu And Kim Hyang Gi Sets Off With Solid Ratings appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  5. @lightbringer06 Thank you for the enlightment.. I just wonder if CS is the reincarnation of the royal guard.. I must say that Iu's clothes are so fab in every scene.she looks very pretty too .❤️
  6. I honestly never understood why so many women are so crazy about Ryan Gosling. Yes, he's handsome, but.... maybe it's the characters that he plays that women find so romantic.
  7. Ryota’s Weibo reached 2 million followers. Unbelievable... Congratulations!
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/B0OOowNHpNG/?igshid=297s4vatt7nf https://www.instagram.com/p/B0OaTfnn2Gv/?igshid=m80z35m1sgae loving these posts!
  9. I can't help for novel, just says welcome there and send you courage for your home!
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  11. Girls’ Generation’s YoonA talked about her ongoing friendship with her fellow members and the difficulties of acting. On July 22, the idol participated in an interview to promote her upcoming film “E.X.I.T,” an action film about an unemployed man (played by Jo Jung Suk) and a fellow member of his rock climbing club who try […] The post YoonA Talks About Crying While Filming “E.X.I.T” And Meeting Up With Girls’ Generation Members appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. Your last line “joke joke” reminds of VP Lee’s mother when she asks KMS about his sexuality!!!
  13. aw glad she is doing well! she's such a hard worker! soon she will prob have to do press con for two dramas around the same time. what a trooper!
  14. TV / MOVIES “The Way Home” Starring “Little Yoo Seung Ho” To Be Screened Again After 18 Years By abbyinhallyuland | June 29, 2019 THE WAY HOME IS COMING BACK TO LOCAL CINEMAS TO BRING HEARTFELT MESSAGE IN TIME FOR CHUSEOK FESTIVAL. Heartwarming film The Way Home starring 9-year-old Yoo Seung Ho is confirmed to be shown on local cinemas. 18 years ago, the heartening tale of a young boy, who was forced to live with his grandmother in the countryside, exceeded the expectations of movie patrons. Bagging the Best Film and Best Screenplay at the 2002 Grand Bell Awards, the film is also listed in the highest-grossing South Korean films with over 4 million admissions nationwide. In the teaser released, grandmother (Kim Eul Boon) and Little Sang Woo (Yoo Seung Ho) are shown eating at a restaurant. Drawing attention, it speaks a lot about the film’s main theme which is the elderly’s unconditional love selflessly given to the young ones. In 2002, The Way Home achieved an unexpected success with its seemingly modest yet deeply affecting story. Depicting the interaction between a bratty city boy who was left under his grandmother’s care, the little boy’s journey in acknowledging the warmth from his grandma is a tale full of warmth that can be enjoyed even in years to come. Coinciding to the Chuseok festival, the reopening of the film will give a meaningful time to families with its healing premise. Additionally, for fans of Yoo Seung Ho, a peek to the actor’s evident talent even as a child actor would surely put a smile on their faces. https://www.hellokpop.com/tv-movies/the-way-home-little-yoo-seung-ho-screened-again-after-18-years/
  15. You can practice. You need to be struck off the register for you to stop practicing. It’s up to the medical board to decide if you stay on the register or not. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/9768618/Nearly-1000-doctors-and-surgeons-have-criminal-records.html @thistle I adore SeYoung. Like you she was the only reason I persevered in Hwayugi. When her character died, I bailed. Her most recent drama was Clowned Crown with Yeo JinGoo. Loved her in that too. EDIT - From the character chart it looks like the sisters will be pitted against each other. Dr Lee will take MiRae under his wing (He mentioned he’s a Fellow - in medical speak that means he’s finished his ‘Residency’ and studying/qualifying for his sub specialty which looks to be Anesthesiology - so he is able to mentor residents under him). Dr YoHan will take SiYoung. And since Lee and YoHan are already not seeing eye to eye on things, their charges will probably be dragged into the melee as well. I wonder where the mother sits in all this. She seems a rather cold clinical woman, so she may well just let them fight it out in the arena. On the other hand, she needs to be seen as being impartial otherwise people will inevitably “talk” and claim that her children made it through because of ties with her (being Director of Anesthesiology) rather than on their own merit. EDIT2 - the other thing of note is remember how YoHan mentioned that the topic of euthanasia is one that divides the medical fraternity? He’s right there. So depending on what actually transpired in that case, he will have advocates on both sides. Those who believe he did the wrong thing and those who believe he did the right thing. The patient could’ve been living in untold pain which no drugs can alleviate. Would it be kinder to send him off now or let him die a “natural” but pain ridden death? It will be interesting to see how this drama explores this topic.
  16. I dont know the law in South Korea but usually in many place canceling your doctor license mean you cant practice the medical act ( cant cure, make surgery and other doctor stuff) But it doesn't cancel your degree as doctor in paper or in working in other medical field like teaching medicine course, making research, helping other doctor In Theoretical way so yes he can back as professor or teacher or advising as long as he cant deal with patients alone or be the one who do the practice part or even deal directly with patients without another license doctore has the upper hand So maybe that his situation now , or there other way in law for him to get it back. after all canceling something dont mean you not allowed to have it again from the start or in other short but harder way
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