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  2. I'm sure your silent isn't because you forget him ...and you all who love him will be back soon ...He needs you
  3. Wookie is still Gangwondo's province ambassador for tourism and will be participating in event TOMORROW, 19th April, 11 am KST, at Seoul Station, 3rd floor. There will be promotional event to boost up interest towards Gangwondo called "Again, go east" with various activities and discounts on railway given to participants. The vid is from March, 2018 when Wookie was making event for fans as Gangwondo's tourist ambassador and Olympics ambassador.
  4. Dongwan with the duck bag, lol. This is a real fashion! Link: HEUNGBUN_324SH Link: HEUNGBUN_324SH
  5. long life to the YG family, they might be a mess but they make such good music!
  6. i'm soo in love with drama, it's driving me crazy. unpopular opinion here, but for me SM and JS story is waay more interesting than LA and JI. i sometimes forgot that those two (LA and JI) are the main lead. well tbh JI is my least favorite character here. her conflict seems "lighter" compared to SM and even JS. however, her scene with LA is adorable so i cant really complain haha
  7. Will see if it's available on my netflix. I watched April Snow and liked the way the story is told, even though adultery is not the genre I would go to, it's still a very real issue. 974
  8. Seoooooo……..happy......Hyun Jin got this TVN's drama offered!! Can't wait to see her acting with Ra MI Ran! The tittle 'Black Dog' is quite appealing but have something to do with the feelings of depression...! Yes!! Hope she'll accept it!
  9. I was wondering the same haha Thanks for making this topic
  10. Looks like it’s already confirmed? I think we still need to wait for Soop’s announcement! Will it be a drama or comedy? Both of them can pull it off!
  11. look at our priest Kim...all happy with priest Han...but now things have changed....because of that one baddie that ruins everything eh? 972
  12. Ikr. Lolllllll. But let’s hold on to this and bless our shinbuun first lolll. i didn’t watch this...
  13. http://tbm-auth.alicdn.com/wAQ6cVMke7VsMbQZNmf/TG8Xr9dWb5l3Onummyt_220989316741_hd_hq.mp4?auth_key=1555515006-0-0-66bbb16f58d80500c3fe62e8362cd458 …
  14. 970 if anyone wants to cheat, @Ameera Ali and me will sing this.. love me now.. intoxicate me now.. sya la la la la wkkwkwkwk Baby can’t you see I’m callinnnnnnnn a guy like you should wear a warninggggggg it’s dangerous I’m fallinnnnnnnn WKWKWKWKWKWKWKWK
  15. the still were posted on twitter and ig: website has been updated with stills in high quality: http://program.tving.com/tvn/abyss/8/Board/View?b_seq=7 http://program.tving.com/tvn/abyss/8/Board/View?b_seq=8
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