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  2. I think they count it wrong on the screen lol. There's so many Love it when somebody said "I don't think I even recognise the word anymore"
  3. I agree. I think the biggest conflict here is jung in having a patriarchal family where even their relationship is being influenced by his father. Also, ji ho being a single father so more reason for jung in's father not to accept him. I think jung in is just used to having ki suk around and everything will changed once she meets ji ho
  4. I don't think they have enough to indict him and lock him up. So I think those scenes are of him meeting his Mother in prison and escorting her out (remember how the Police were frustrated that they couldn't keep her in the cell for longer?).
  5. Park Min Young has the most beautiful smile and joyous laugh I love that girl. I think our lion just bit his tail when he questioned her presence / relationship in his apartment ... his verbal attack so rattled her that her elevator ride with her Idol was so blasé..wow how the times change . (DM a kiss is a kiss of apology , but a lioness gets her beef first lol )
  6. Did u see this video. His laugh is so addictive. Cr:as tagged



    for you :blush:

  8. Just wanted to share it again. WJ called her 68 times MinMin. Love it that the fans actually counting it on the screen. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av49267375/
  9. So much feels on this scene... Touching nose and heated gaze, YIN eyeing his lips kkk
  10. During the press conference for the YouTube Original documentary “Jay Park: Chosen 1” held on April 25, Jay Park talked about being treated differently in Asia and the United States. First, he talked about joining Roc Nation, saying, “I’m very happy to be in Roc Nation, but it happened out of nowhere. I already belong to […] The post Jay Park Talks About The Differences Between His Fame In Asia And The United States appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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  12. Another favorite gif kkk.... You can actually see LDW's eyes locked in on YIN's lips while YIN looked first on his eyes before moving on his lips and YIN pulling him closer and closer... Just my observation though but I've watched this so many times already so I think I'm right
  13. HAHAHAHA CUTE! Anyway, by virtue of the BRO CODE, I don't think LDW would act that way towards YIN IF she had a BF. He has always been known as good mannered and an upstanding man. I'm pretty sure showing respect towards another man's GF by keeping his distance from the girl, though being friendly towards her, is what he would have done. However, that is NOT the case here. I think we have all come to a consensus that he acts/behaves very differently with YIN than with all his other female co-stars who were obviously just friends to them. This, to me, shows how special she is to him, "more than a friend" kind of special. Those lingering touches (remember him tapping her shoulder for the selca and letting his hand linger there and then trying to get a close-body-contact selca with her?), those lingering soft looks, him being attuned to her every move, mood, and discomfort during that live interview, not to mention how he took care of her during filming (schedule arrangement, heater, telling her staff to wrap her with a blanket because it's cold, and how can we forget the vitamins he got her), PLUS, oh man, those hot kisses and hugs that have their bodies flush against each other (look at LSW who is married, he had the tamest of all kisses with his partner in the drama); all these are things that I'd rather say a man would do to and for his someone special, AND the important thing of all is I do not see YIN avoiding those acts towards her. SHY, but not avoidant. If anything, I see YIN trying to pull LDW in line at times when she thinks he was letting on more than what she was comfortable to share with the public. I rather believe that YIN wants whatever is between them kept private (probably because of her unpleasant experience with her last public romance) that's why she was the restrained one . They are both decent and respectable people, and I believe they would not have behaved towards each other the way they did if either of them are/were in a relationship with other people.
  14. I love it...please continue this fanfic. I actually cried when reading it. I said I love to see WJ being tortured for missing MM but I also has a soft spot for him.
  15. Its funny when we want to go finale we dont know what will happen to Yj because others characters are alive.. Why Im thinking we still have a lot episodes.. Just hope the finale will give smile in the end.. I want more succes to king actually.
  16. ^ Thanks for sharing poor MM. now I really wish they included this scene.
  17. This is one of the cut scenes. MM crying at hotpot restaurant missing WJ before the wedding.
  18. Ryan's journey to become a fanboy is such a highlight,i adore it!!!Also,it was obvious he is totally intrested in DM as a woman,at least for us the viewers...What man dedicates soooo much time learning about her favorite idol(like those 700 vids) or doing so many things out of his character and observing all the little details,it's funny and adorable,curious if he realizes it yet...The scene in the elevator that looks like a hombie talking to himself(aka crazy dude) jumping Shi An like a mad man is mad crazy,laughed so much,even pestering him about how the fans feel! I can say i adore Ryan more and more with all his flaws,he is damn charming even more seeing how he puts all his efforts on all the stuff he is intrested! Can't wait to see DM again in action in her fangirl mode going around in her City Hunter outfit along her Healer camera On the other hand i smell trouble coming from that program that SJ husband is preparing and clearly omied to tell his wife even if he clearly tries to make it look good unlike the original intention from his high ups,or maybe they make our DM a star or even more funny,make Ryan one,he is the perfect subject of how one becomes a fan...Hope he won't use her just to get the ratings,that would be pretty low...Still can't like Sindy,i know she is a device plot type character but she really is unlikable...Curious what Shi An's hiding in respect with Lee Sol,and not about being more than sure her son...Is there some secret message ingraved in all the 9 painings that he wants to know or what..Neverless the cause,what Ryan's Mom did to him is something hard to forgive even more if i suspect was because he was in her way as a painter... Ryan's house is soooo pretty and classy!Dm earrings are so beautiful,especially those red&green pair she sports... This might be my SEASON Drama and i just can't get enough of this two!Time flies reaaaaly slow till next episode!!! Also for those celebrating this weekend Easter,hope u have a nice Holiday filled with peace,good food and all by your dear ones!
  19. I prefer to watch that on Instagram, they have the zlowmo version and also i can zoom in and out . Anyway As a good shipper i have to help to make the video to get 100m so I’m gonna watch that scene on utube from now on..
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