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  2. Such a sweet sweet man. ~~~ and he looks extra cool and handsome with casual clothes on. I love him in his hoodies. Hihihi Kang haneul will be taking the lead role. So he's the second lead. Hmmm. Why thooooo. Reading comments on naver, they are also asking why is he taking the sublead. Maybe he likes the story and the role fits him perfectly? Let's wait and see. Cant wait for the fanmeettt!!!!! I guess we'll be seeing the problematic men again tomorrow. Haha.
  3. Time flies indeed. I remember being so excited when the first news came out that KNG will be cast as the priest of this drama. l was even joking that it is very easy for him to take the role because of his 4-D personality (and surprisingly the staff thought so too haha) . But I am really thankful that this drama paved way for his acting skills and passion to be recognized again. (Bad Guy has reruns too) . For now , Father Haeil is his life character. He really did a lot of effort to make his character come into life. Also what a dynamic ensemble this show has--The production team from PD to writer to casts and crew . Cheers for another season !
  5. hi... just finished watching all eps yesterday. i kinda bored with kdramas lately, hope i can finish this drama... I watched random BTS on youtube, and their chemistry is reaaallllyyyy good.... PMY never fails me, i like all her dramas but to be honest, i find the first two episodes are boring hehehe but i keep going for KJH. i appreciate writer-nim didn't drag the love-hate relationship out, everything was resolved on ep 2... IMO EG is already dead, how can he accept money from DM? Why writer-nim? Why you make him look pathetic? Hope this drama will showering us with cute-lovely-passionate-funny and mesmerizing moments that will make us scream and smile giddily no second lead dilemma, please....
  6. I have a feeling that Cindy is Eum So Hye the evil director of the museum's daughter.
  7. tvN’s “He is Psychometric” has released a new behind-the-scenes video! On April 19, the drama shared new footage of GOT7’s Jinyoung and Shin Ye Eun interacting on set. The clip starts off with the cast and crew preparing for the scene where she’s chained to a bath tub. Shin Ye Eun spots the making film camera and mouths, “I’m scared!” She scares, […] The post Watch: GOT7’s Jinyoung And Shin Ye Eun Are Goofy Despite Filming Serious Scenes For “He Is Psychometric” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  8. I'm moved to tears many times even in such dark episode. And that guest star lady ~ she is just the head of a matchmaking agency, no? Not in any high position in the government section. LOL, translation... Anyone knows what it the place in the last scene where the face-off is happening? That place is also used in Children of Nobody. It looks like a performing theater? There is the cascading seats/stairs with a big stage in front. Unfinished theater?
  9. Probably because this remake portrayed more WJ-ZM romance, it's hands-down the best HSDS by many fans. I had watched 2 versions and had read the novel 3 times before watching this one, I also think it is. Along with its ZM-WJ are the best ZM-WJ, too. Yet after the finale I still feel the same as you, disappointed. I agree, the perfect time for WJ to leave Ming sect was right after the assassination. I don't think that would make him unpatriotic, he could work for his country in many other ways. He was a brilliant doctor and a talented fighter after all. He and ZM didn't care who would rule the country, they just cared about people well being, Hans as well as Mongols, as we saw him meeting ZM's father to cease fighting. Sadly his followers didn't want it, they want to chase Mongols out of the country no matter how squalid the method was. Some may say it's a strategy normally used in wars, but I can't take it that way. WJ came from another planet, I mean, he was pure, he was loyal, he wouldn't conduct anything dishonorable. His followers going behind his back alone is reasonable enough to leave. They brought him ingloriousness. But no punishment because WJ was afraid the army would run riot, so he couldn't. They were so out of order that I surprised they were winning the war with such army. IDK, I believe ZM could not go back to be the same person, no one could, after had been through such crisis. It was too much and she was just a young lady. She would change, and it would be difficult for her to be with WJ. I mean, every time you see your lover remind you of how your love for him make your father die, how can you manage to be happy with him? I didn't say she blame WJ, because she didn't. But she blamed herself, which was worse. I'm sorry I had to wait until I finished the subbed version of the finale which just released last night, I'm 10 pages late.
  10. This scene was really nice in the novel too. You can't tell here but the "voiceover" in WJ's head was saying how the lipstick mark was a light shade of pink, with a hint of fragrance, and he was moved (meaning he was moved by her femininity/presence). It was quite romantic! (I'm too lazy to find the whole quote here )
  11. Yep! I noticed this too. For what its worth, Hwang treasures his men. And we can see it both ways. His men also treasures him. They are very loyal. Look at how Bobby willingly takes all the blame when no one asked him to. He admitted he beaten up Father Lee before dumping the body, which is not true, Father Lee died from a head wound (bobby did not know how Father Lee died). I'm pretty sure the cops know that Bobby is lying to protect Hwang, i hope they do because if they don't it means the cops are not attentive to detail. Hua3
  12. [INFO] 190420 Boy Group Individual Brand Reputation for April 2019: 86. #DOYOUNG 93. #JAEHYUN 99. #MARK 100. #TAEYONG
  13. I was summoned by @Lawyerh, she was burning "kemenyan" there calling for me..... +2
  15. Oh that’s really twisted if that’s the case . I think this is one of the reasons why this drama is so interesting. I am trying hard to read SM’s character & looking for clues in every little word he says or in the way he behaves . I feel like a Detective myself . Ok i must power through the next 3 episodes. Who needs sleep huh ? I think all the love lines have their own appeal . I enjoy them all . LA & JI are very sweet together. What do you think of DaeBong - SY , and aunt / old cop ? So cute right . Feels like a family weekend drama complete with single Mother and divorced man meshed with a crime thriller ! Their moments give us a nice comical breather in what is a very dark story.
  16. She calls Gong Yoo Oppa too kkk... When asked about the favourite food in Taiwan, In Na said she likes hot pot the most. "Gong Yoo oppa recommended teppanyaki and seafood," she said. https://entertainment.toggle.sg/en/entertainment/asianbuzz/photos/yoo-in-na-wants-to-try-different-characters-9174138#slideshow-1 Goblin cast must be really really close if they knew YIN was going to Taiwan She mentioned LDW too duringthe presscon n this day, Yoo In Na told Taiwanese media outlets, "I was incredibly happy because fans greeted me warmly at the airport. I was envious of Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook because they had fan meetings in Taiwan. I've always wanted to visit if I got the chance." https://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/08/yoo-in-na-declines-questions-about-iu-at-a-press-conference-in-taiwan
  17. For the sake of my Happy delulu mind..I would say..Touch Your Heart drama potrays their real life soo well. Besides these two already confirmed that their character in drama have many similarity with their own character too.
  18. @bogs_0712 I'm too, first time in Lee Da Hae history. We know she doesn't care about SNS thingy, except that "narcissist" gang. That girl is the close friend of Hwang Hana, that guy is close friends of that "gang". Anyone dare enough to mingle with them. This week I'm following hot big topic in Hong Kong Entertainment. My friends asked me to read and follow the news..for our personal live and Entertainment too. As I mentioned in this thread years before, it's a trend nowadays, women or girls more interested in seducing married men than single eligible bachelor. Other people property is more tempting for some women. So when reading about Sammi Cheng, I came accros the words Soft Rice King Looking at DH so active lately maybe bc she wants to be Soft Rice King” (a relationship where the woman is typically the breadwinner).
  19. After watching with subs, Hwang is really being forced into the situation. Kang, using his position, basically threatened the people under him and the family of his people. If he doesn't listen to him, he will make sure that all will be in trouble. We also see that while hiding away, Hwang's first concern was for his people. He asked Seok and Bobby to give them wages enough for few months ahead, then asked all of them to hide well and not get caught.
  20. I love the scene when YX ask all the sect members to stop their nonsense and please respect JiaoZhu I usually watch Jinyong series ONLY for the fighting sparring scenes. Usually will try to skip through the romance part. So actually this 2019 Hsds and 1983 LOCH were probably the only two series that i would never skip the romance part. The 2 couples chemistry are too good I am now waiting for DGSG 2019 and ROCH 2019
  21. Thank you again @meechuttso for the clip translation. I also searched for this clip in Kerastase Youtube hoping to find it in HD, but I found only short clips of SHS's hand.
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