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  2. I hope so, too. I have run across interviews from other people who have worked in Hollywood for a bit, giving their reactions. (One comment was how nice it was to be allowed to eat and sleep and basically have easier working conditions.) Hopefully someone interviews her. I love her interviews, and would dearly love to read a new one. Yes, we do!!
  3. exactly... i revised the video and he only did once time and i think the same...
  4. didnt know what i was looking at before it does look like a thumbs up
  5. @Erafera1 Ohhh yup haha I just love the fanarts! They are so adorable!
  6. oh that's disappointing ): hopefully, she'll do a Korean magazine interview. I would love to hear about her experience filming for the show, her travels and future plans. The plot does sound interesting and it's action, but I just can't trust Kring to successfully pull this off based on what commenters have said about his previous work. But it is what it is. Let's hope this will at least open more doors for her. I read quite a good number of Korean actors this year have confirmed appearances in Hollywood films which is great. God knows we need more diversity in Hollywood.
  7. Would Any kind soul help us by translating what he is saying? Really wanna know more about him
  8. I think he purposely choose high kick just to tease her . Of cos, he watched it. It was a popular series there. And he knows how she will react. I think that's why she's having a good day on that presscon that she couldn't take her eyes of him for the whole day About that time when we discussed about why tvn have much more promotion for hpl then wwwsk, I think it is because tvn just open ig acc around wwwsk ep 4? If I was not mistaken. At least their popularity had caught everyone's attention. And we have kakaotalk live too. I feel sorry for Taehwan but I wished just PPC had appear on that livetalk lol I really wish he can be like LBH. He can go further. He has so many high opportunities cuz he's multitalented. And he works hard to improve and add his talents.
  9. My favourite is also that star dress, checkered blue/red shirt & what she was wearing when she plucked the flower out! Her styling is love in this show!
  10. In most K-drama the husband is always showing a different face once he wants to leave his wife, this time we have a husband who is decent but his life was interrupted by a seductive woman, he will definitely fall for her temptation, but my questions will he became like the other husbands in k-drama who will mistreat his ex and became awful to her? or would he get divorced in a good manner and treat her respectfully out of guilt? because usually the ex turns into brainless manchild and makes it as if it is her fault for not keeping him "interested". Then he will start ruining her life once she moves on. But it is a good thing that if she got a job her line of work will definitely be cooking and not in medicine where when they work in one place sabotage is always in place. The main lead knows how kind and sweet she is but if his sister turned her into a monster and he believed her I will lose my temper. I hope he will be like the lead in "Happy Sisters", he knew her well to be her rock. By the way, why in K-drama the mother is always wearing a white headband and lays in the bed sick when something doesn't go her way?
  11. I discover Off first with Sotus 1, and i was thinking all the senior's team was naughty boys, that made me misjudge their talent level, until i saw they well play what the serie needed from them. Off was doing his job, as all others actors, not more. With Puppy Honey, one step further was made that made me appreciate more his acting. And this progress is constant, so the OffGun pair (what a couple) become part of my Top 2 BL couple. It seems a new level have been made for Off and i'm sure this new serie will prove it!
  12. MONSTA X’s Joohoney had an emotional reunion with Park Sun Ho on Mnet’s “Produce X 101.” On the May 24 broadcast, Joohoney appeared as a special teacher to help contestants prepare for their first group mission. Actor and “Produce X 101” contestant Park Sun Ho couldn’t hide his surprise when he saw Joohoney, and the […] The post MONSTA X’s Joohoney And Park Sun Ho Tearfully Reunite On “Produce X 101” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. OMG!!!! You zoomed in, I guess trying to be low key about it but not enough kkkkk Might be lol My delusional mind already think that Jong Kook was responding to Somin's thumbs up
  14. I haven't read the webtoon yet, I was about to do it but after knowing about the main character, I put it aside. I don't think such a character is redeemable because he likes hurting women for enjoyment. For sure the drama can be different from the webtoon but it's too risky, I don't have faith the writer will try to tone it down and prevent controversies. And there is also the fact ruler's production team is behind it. If the drama takes inspiration from the webtoon, the basic frame and even the genre should be changed. To make the male main character likeable, it needs to give him some painful backstory to explain his behaviour at least. There must be a reason explaining why he is a playboy. He can be like the main character in Nice Guy who decided to sleep with women to obtain information from those women and the information's purpose was revenge. He wanted to get back at his ex that left him while he was rotting in prison instead of her. But Nice Guy's character never looked down on women, so demeaning women is a no no even though the character has a painful past. I'm still recovering from the shock and shaking my head. YSH deserves better than playing a sexist man in a silly romcom. Exactly, villain characters should have some standards. And the sexyness or hotness of actors playing those characters won't erase the shallowness of those characters. I'm sorry to say this, but the people behind this project really look down on the general public and think that if someone like YSH plays a direspectful and trash character, the general public will become blind and pretend that his character's flaws don't exist and will cheer for him, fangirl over his supposed hotness, YSH with his charms will achieve to make them forget he will be playing a character mistreating women.
  15. Yess if we talking about Kwang jun oppa, how long he worked with bogum and how close they are, I'm sure he really know what bogum want, and what he need. Just see how kwang jun jumping to bogum in the first second he end his conversation. His eyes never left him I felt kinda sad V is the only friend who know about his album. But I think its because their friendship is so precious. Its not like his friendship with other not precious (especially with his actor's friends). I m sure It will be more comfortable for him to tell V who worked in music.
  16. How could i forgot the outfit in the park? it's the second pic posted by @immorethant in her fashion summary I totally agree it was very nice: one of her best outfit! Simple almost minimalist but striking! He other outfits have too much patterns for my taste and mix opposite colors sometimes, that maybe why they look mature because the design despite all seemed to fit her age and her character. By the way, how could a basic pair of slippers cost 90$?
  17. Miss these two being together in public, When will it happen again? #Kyollen #throwback Ctto
  18. Not that I have seen Tamra Island but I thought he was the lead in there? Poor him for losing the girl. So much competitions in the entertainment industry for actors/actresses. I think the actor Fukuda has the looks and is tall, he just doesn't have a break to get a girl in dramas anymore. Wish him luck in the future.
  19. Just about his sister, I have the impression that if she continues to provoke shady mom, she may die, maybe that's the reason why her brother will finally help his boss to catch this woman.?! If not clearly shady mom does not like jenny, it was obvious that she had kidnapped her, she uses jenny to live well and she is abusive even leaves to mistreat without jenny without making final count as and when the truth is liberated, jenny will suffer a great deal, especially as she is a public figure;... the ex husband of Song Ah is really cute and sexy, it's a shame that the actor plays a role in this drama I'm shocked to see that Song Ah takes all the blame for the death of their daughter,
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