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  2. When you like thing symmetrical With some luck you get your second kiss * with sub he so smooth & adorable
  3. At first, I didn't expect much. Because the Director himself said he didn't expect much from the non Korean audience since he think the movie is "too Korean", but I guess the issue in the movie is pretty universal, combine with Director's visions and the amazing line of casts, makes Parasite an exceptional movie So happy LSK got this chance. No matter if he's not the leading role, being a part of this and get to go to Cannes is something to be proud of. It was said that there's a lovescene between CEO Park and his wife but since the movie is rated 15+, I guess it will be a kdrama level
  4. 190517 Made by Shinhwa’s Eric, ‘Ricdog’ Gained Much Popularity On the 5th Day of “4 Wheeled Restaurant” + Rating Peaked at 6.5% The popularity of hotdog was seen on tvN’s ‘4 Wheeled Restaurants Season 3’ broadcasted on May 16th. The viewer rating for this episode also increased again at 5.2%, peaked at 6.5% (Nielsen). Not only achieving a new season highest rating, it also topped the all channels, including terrestrial networks, in the same broadcasting time slot. On this day, Eric also showed how to make chickin-mu (pickled radish). He made the pickled radish by carefully checking and testing the taste of pickled radish overnight. The next morning, Heo Kyung-hwan tasted the pickled radish and commented that “It is delicious”. Eric showed his tired look as he kept watch of the pickled radish all night. They were told about their scores for day 4. The taste rating got 4.91 points (out of 5) and the service rating got 5 points. For this day, Eric prepared a Korean style hotdog as a new menu for US, the hometown of hotdog. After failing the batter in the first trial, Eric said “We have to do test and try everything first. I need to try two more times.” And he succeeded making batter in the second trial. Bok-Food went to Six Flags amusement park, which was the sale location for day 5. People showed interest even before truck’s opening. Two Jjajangmyeon and 2 chicken orders came in as soon as they opened. A kid who ate the hotdog made by Eric said he loves the hotdog and he would definitely buy it again if he comes back here. Eric, who wasn’t too busy before, became puzzled with the numbers of orders he continually received for hotdog. When John Park boost up the morale by saying “Today’s sale is good,” Eric said “Let’s sell them all” and Heo Kyung-hwan said “Hotdog is selling well.” Lee Yeon-bok was surprised when he saw the customers eating Jjajangmyeon well. He said “They are eating Jjajangmyeon better than I thought.” Heo Kyung-hwan said “They do not find Jjajangmyeon unfamiliar”. As customers did not put sugar on top of the hotdog, Eric started to dust the hotdogs with sugar himself. After that, he got a flurry of orders for hotdog. (t/n: Korean style hotdog is coated with sugar after deep-fried) When Lee Yeon-bok said “Queue will go down soon” and he started making Jjajang to catch up with the backlog orders, Heo Kyung-hwan looked after the wok from being burnt and Eric helped with the setting up for Jjajangmeyon. They showed great collaborative teamwork. John Park commented that “Hotdog is really a hit. It would had been a disaster if we didn’t have hotdog.” Meanwhile, the sale was doing well that they even had a queue. Source: Herald & TV Report Translation: EricMun.tumblr 190517 Shinhwa’s Eric of ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant’, ‘Ricdog’ Born by ‘E-cipe’ → US Locals ♥ Eric of Shinhwa gave birth to ‘Ricdog’ from ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant 3’. On ‘4 Wheel Restaurants Season 3’, a tvN variety show aired on May 16th, Eric gained attention as he performed greatly as the one in charge of the new hotdog menu while Bok’s Food Truck started its lunch sale at ‘Six Flags’ amusement park in LA. The night before the food truck opening, Eric set out to prepare the ingredients needed to sell Korean hotdog, a new menu, by himself. He gained attention as he gave birth to ‘Ricdog’ with his own E-cipe. Not only washed the sausage and removed the salty taste by boiling it in water, Eric also made a perfect batter after some trials and errors. Started the food truck sale in earnest the next day, Eric demonstrated craftsmanship for his own hotdog, ‘Ricdog’. He also made people laugh as he showed his desire for hotdog orders from the customers. At the beginning, hotdog did not get any order as it was pushed over by orders for Jjajangmyeon and spicy Yangnyeom Chicken, but then hotdog orders began coming in continuously without rest starting from its first order. Eric was puzzled by the influx of orders but he transformed to ‘Hotdog Master’ after managing all the orders perfectly. Especially Chef Lee Yeon-bok who saw ‘Ricdog’, once again acknowledged Eric’s cooking skill by praising him that ‘It was even more delicious as the batter was fermented.’ Amid the praise from Chef Lee Yeon-bok, Eric, who successfully transformed to E-chef, also recorded the highest sales among the menu that were prepared on the day and received praises from the locals. Eric, who performs greatly in many areas as Chef Lee Yeon-bok’s disciple in ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant 3′ as he made ‘Ricdog’ with E-cipe and also receiving nicknames as ‘Onion-Ric’ and ‘Mandu-Ric’ in previous episodes, viewers are anticipating what new skills Eric will show in the upcoming episodes. Meanwhile, ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant 3’ is broadcast every Thursday night at 11:00 pm. Source: OSEN Translation: EricMun.tumblr
  5. Additional cast! Source: OSEN Jung Yoo Jin - Gi Do Hoon - Nam Gi Ae (will be playing as Go Ji Seok's mother who has dementia). P.S. There's also article said Jo Jae Yoon (Sky Castle) also one of the casts. Wait for further info about it.
  6. I hope its fake too. I dont know about others but I have rarely seen leaked news like these to be fake. They only get leaked when its almost confirmed I might be wrong though... Yes its obvious that he doesnt wants to do anything too serious but I hoped that he would find some middle ground and do something which is neither too serious nor too light, a combination of both maybe ? but he seems to be interested in romcoms.only
  7. Going to check it out after a few more episodes airs so that I can watch a bit to see if I like it.
  8. 190510 SNSD’s Sunny IG Update: With Shinhwa Eric and #4WheeledRestaurant Cast in LA When I was in LA, I had a delicious dinner and lots of ice cream with the oppas and chef-nim who worked hard!!!!! Everyone worked hard!!!! The show is so fun ~ I want to run to Mokran (t/n: chef’s Lee’s restaurant) whenever I watch it ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Fighting for the rest of the episodes!!! #4WheeledRestaurant #Mokran #ChefLeeYeonbok, #HeoKyunghwan oppa, #Eric oppa! I’m just looking around ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (John Park oppa could not join us because he met up with his family!!! Now that I watch the show, I realize see everyone was praising. All worked hard!!) See previous photos of Eric and 4 Wheeled Restaurant cast with Sunny in LA back in March here >> https://ericmun.tumblr.com/post/183378159274/190310-shinhwas-eric-chef-lee-yeon-bok-and-heo Source: 515sunnyday Translation: eric_munleader for EricMun.tumblr
  9. It is 32, we had 1 and 2 today 3 and 4 tomorrow So it will be for 2 months It is 32, we had 1 and 2 today 3 and 4 tomorrow So it will be for 2 months 678
  10. watching animal vids in the morning is the best 682
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxxmbwBFFGu/?igshid=1hlhbs2d74hr1 … [TRANS] #ParkShinHye IG update 230519. I heard it's a trend these days... I want to try it too.. #Goodnight
  13. Whanis...??? I don't know what event is... ¿¿??
  14. 190523 NCTsmtown_127 Twitter Update “Caption this!!” “Exploring the beautiful scenery~~ We love the earth~” “Embracing mother nature”
  15. @samzz I don't know what's DH intention of posting Chanel product, either she really loves the brand so much, just for publicity stunt bc lee donghey still have a huge follower in China, or she just want to make peace to the brand ambassador but whatever it is we should thank DH for patronizing Chanel product, it's a great help to the current product ambassador in SK. Who knows one day Chanel see her effort, invites her to some of their events. And it seems she tried everything she can do in her social media account, she tried the app to be a kid, very unusual of her. Well at least I can challenge her, try to be more creative and aim to at least surpass that number followers in IG lol.
  16. 680. @nohamahamoud2002 so cute when L asked to dance. SHS born 89 and L 92. Actually only 3 yrs gap, but i think L look so young. So the gap look like widen? Maybe if i join the thread i also will only squeal on how cute L is... haha... Btw noha is this 16 eps? So tonight will have 2nd ep?
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