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  2. Why do I think Ni Na's sister is behind everything that happened to YS? I mean their mom is ambitious and corrupt and a true-blue YS hater but that's all she is. She seems weak to me. LOL this mysterious sister just looks diabolical. @immorethantso right about the details. She really knows how to shift her emotions and facial expressions in a split second. And L, oh my goodness, L. Those dimples are just UGH, to die for! I love his comedic timing. I guess this is why their chemistry is great. Even before they have actually spoken to each other, like face to face, the chemistry is strong. Looking forward to next week! SHS, stop making me cry!!!!
  3. From minor and supporting roles until the main leads posted appreciation posts. They have become a great family and work so hard till the end <3
  4. Ryan was seven when he was separated from his mum. Think it's been pretty obvious that Ryan and Shi-an are brothers. Also, does Shi-an moonlight as a psychic?
  5. wow @twoparkcouple i didnt expect it would be like that in korea coz i can see PMY international fans really like HPL.. they like PMY/KJW skinships lol.. but yeah i agree with u.. the story is not about fangirling.. in seoul the rating even dropped to 2.8 now...
  6. LoL, stop that, @immorethant From now on I won't accept your silly needless apologies unless you accompany it with SHS apology gifs. Like this. You know the drill... OK, while you go to your factory to generate lovely sparkly gifs of L hanging on wires, here are a couple to hold us over. Shamelessly unapologetically stolen from the twittersphere @dinah the cat
  7. Thank you so much @meechuttso for help correcting. Had to admit that when the drama was actually aired and with RL business, there are flood of news and pics and clips recently that I really don't have time to properly read or put effort to translate, just skim through and try to catch up quickly . So please forgive me if you see that my postings lately are kinda copy-paste. It's different from before drama was aired or during SHS hiatus that there're less news and material so I can have time to read/digest or create something to get pass the boring day of waiting. But now the drama was come out, so my time after work was spent on re-watching the drama at least 3 times per episode to enjoy and appreciate every moment of it. Ooooppps... I just read your post in ALML thread. I'm so sorry that I say sorry again here. (I really want to put a Seo-Ri's gif of 'Sorry for having a hard head' here, but I'm busy now, so I will edit and paste that gif here later )
  8. "One Spring Night" Compared to "Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food" Since the conception of "One Spring Night" as a project it has been compared to "Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food" as a possible spiritual successor project. After all, both dramas share the same lead actor, Jung Hae-in, and the same director, Ahn Pan-seok. Both dramas have similar themes of a happy present day compared to an ambivalent romantic future - "One Spring Night" is only really missing Son Ye-jin to top it all off. Now that the drama has actually started, immediate differences between the two dramas are much more obviously apparent. The lead characters, instead of being adrift in life, are shown to have actual commitments and plans. Jung Hae-in's character, Ji-ho, has a son, and Han Ji-min's character is focused on marriage. Some of the themes and performances between the two dramas are similar, as to be expected. More cast and crew are shared between the two productions than just the lead actor and director. But compared to "Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food", "One Spring Night" appears to be focusing more on how romantic relationships are shaped by change, with stronger social commentary on what marriage is, why some people want it, and whether that's important. https://www.hancinema.net/hancinema-s-news-one-spring-night-compared-to-pretty-sister-who-buys-me-food-129930.html
  9. Wow, so many folks joined in! Welcome all! Where to start from? Today it took ages for episodes to get subbed! Before I could go gaga over the episode, the preview kept me distracted! The hall-walking scene and YS pushing Dan towards her in the Precious? I can’t wait!! The show is cliche, sure but then again it’s a fantasy rom-com! What love story isn’t? I was talking to @mylovekge earlier and predicted the ratings will go down this time (8.6%) and I was right! I expecting few viewers to drop down. Fantasy rom com is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s almost considered childish perception of love. I wasn’t expecting this much of ratings to begin with and I’m glad the opposite happened! I’m sure Hae Sun is pretty happy as well! L & HS gave their best with their characters and performances ... now the ratings will be dependant on the story and upcoming chemistry. If everything is good, this show can reach double digits in the rest 30 episodes! The first two episodes already gave us a few twists. I thought, the accident would be cause of her blindness, that was not the case. I thought LYS will stay blind for at least half way through and that did not happen as well. In fact, I’m kind of disappointed! Hae Sun was doing such a fabulous job playing one ... it almost feels like a loss! But then again I was sure she will get them back eventually. To believe and witness Dan’s truth, she would need her eyesight. At the end of episode, the glimpses of their childhood is love! Contrary to what everyone is saying, I don’t think Dan died as a child. Maybe that was just an encounter. I could be wrong. I also feel that hugged happened after he jumped into the water. Maybe, maybe not. I just don’t want it to be too cliche. I’m just hopping he is unconscious somewhere, just like how they showed in Let’s Fight Ghost. I don’t want it to have a sad ending! LYS losing all her loved ones ... it will be too tragic to see her losing the love of her life. Btw, I’m loving the secretary and LYS bond! Hell, I’m loving all the LYS-Secretary-Dan scenes! I hope we have more in the future! What I expected is not happening, so I wonder how the story and love story will unfold from here on? I hope it’s not all about her going back on stage and working hard towards getting her talent back. Yes, I want to see that but hoping to see many twists in the future!
  10. *** Se7en is so CUTE. *********************************************************** Stars Have Fun Becoming Kids Again By Using Baby Face Filter The baby face filter is so popular nowadays, and celebrities have got in on the fun! Check out many of the celebrities who become enthralled by their adorable appearances as they go back to their childhood using the funny filter. Se7en Fans can’t help but fawn over little Se7en! (skipped unrelated.....) credit : soompi news
  11. Shine Shares... (Note: The last page I posted on was page 71. To back read 70 pages more is not possible with the time I have. ^^' I'll be sharing my thoughts after watching Episode 13, followed by thoughts after watching Episode 14) Episode 13 Afterthoughts And so my hunch since the first few episodes was right. Ryan and Shi An are brothers. The artist is their mother. Theory 1: Yoon Jae got lost in an amusement park. He was 9 years old then, hence nine artworks by Lee Sol. Theory 2: In the past, Yoon Jae ended up holding the hand of Deok Mi's mom. They couldn't find his mother so she brought him to the orphanage. Hence, "I am not your mother!" But she felt guilty for doing this so from time to time, she brought Deok Mi and Eun Gi to the orphanage to play with Yoon Jae so he won't feel so alone. This went on until Yoon Jae got adopted. Then everything about it became a memory. However, Eun Gi found the name Yoon Jae quite familiar, why didn't Deok Mi? Episode 14 Afterthoughts My Theory 1 is only partially right, on the part of Yoon Jae getting lost. We now know Lee Sol's side of the story. It was both tragic and unfortunate for her and Yoon Jae. And on the age part, I was wrong. Yoon Jae was lost when he was seven. My Theory 2 could also be partially correct, but yet to be confirmed since the details are still undetermined. We'll find out next week It amazes me how this drama is able to execute everything so lightly. The comedy, the romance, the rivalry, the quarrels, even the story behind Ryan Gold's painful past. I don't end up feeling heavy after watching; instead I get more engaged in trying to put the pieces together, with just the right amount of fluff as bonus. Deok Mi's interpretation of Lee Sol's work, "bubbles of hope" might just be what the artist had in mind as she painted. When put together, the nine paintings tell the story of Yoon Jae's happiness. This was the portrait of her dream for Yoon Jae. But similar to how each canvas was a puzzle piece, so are the lives of Yoon Jae, Deok Mi, Eun Gi and Young Sook (DM's mom) are connected, and are finally falling into their proper place. One more thing to be revealed, at least to Shi An, is that Sung curator is actually "Shi An is My Life". Oh and I really ship Cheum couple Kyung Ah and Yoo Sub! ^^ Congrats to Joo Hyuk! And thanks to him and Geun Woo, Seon Joo and Seung Min are back together. I'd rather Da In and Eun Gi be friends (a seemingly rebound relationship would be really sad), but I do wish a happy ending for each of them. Two more episodes left, then WWW comes in. I have a feeling that this drama would be dubbed and broadcast in the Philippines. BONUS! New stills
  12. I second this! Please grant us this wish KBS! Same here, I prefer to see cute bts scenes in the park and those in the house. We can only hope for the next Making video.
  13. I really thought it's for drama casting 190523 Actress Lee Min Jung to appear on her first fixed variety show with Shinhwa's Eric and Andy Actress Lee Min Jung will be appearing on her first fixed variety show since debut - MBC's 'The Hairdresser of Seville'! In the upcoming variety program, two of the top hairdressers of South Korea including a veteran hairdresser of 53-years as well as a renowned, top fashion hair designer will be traveling to an unfamiliar hair salon in Spain, for a whirlwind of intercultural experiences. The two hairdressers will be accompanied by a team of celebrity aids including Shinhwa's Eric, Andy, as well as actress Lee Min Jung. The program is expected to begin filming soon, aiming to air some time this July. Source: alkpop
  14. I agree. his character is really cold but very likable & decentI too like him very much! i think he can't do any wrong with his nice personality! choi daniel is the best boss ever
  15. [V Report] 2PM’s Taecyeon thanks fans for waiting Broadcast date: May 16-17 Starring: 2PM, EXID, Stray Kids, BTOB Taecyeon of 2PM has completed his military duty and celebrated his return with a livestream on Naver’s V Live. (Naver's V Live) With a salute to his fans, he reported that he has officially been discharged. “I couldn’t sleep very well last night since I was so excited. I have waited so much for today and was happy to hear the wakeup bugle call this morning,” the singer-actor said. He went through a series of questions fans posted on his Instagram account. Besides family members, Taecyeon’s first call was to the former commander of his battalion. “He has been of great support and I have deep respect for him,” he said showing again why he has earned a nickname Captain Korea for his exemplary performance over the past 20 months. The idol even gave up on his American green card to enter the service. “When you are wearing your uniform there are certain rules so it was not easy for me to talk to you like this. I really am happy that I now can freely communicate with you,” he said, thanking the fans for being there for him. Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/128943. credit : http://kpopherald.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=201905170902420472245_2
  16. *** I hope we could get to see them MORE hang out together. ***************************************************************************** Park Hyung Sik On His Friends BTS’s V, Park Seo Joon, And Choi Woo Sik: “They’re My Only Refuge” Park Hyung Sik talked more about his close friendship with BTS’s V, Park Seo Joon, and Choi Woo Sik! During a recent interview with Herald Pop, Park Hyung Sik affectionately described his friends as his only refuge. He came to know V and Park Seo Joon — whom he calls his soulmates — during their time together on the 2016-2017 drama “Hwarang,” and on how he met Choi Woo Sik, he said, “Park Seo Joon and Choi Woo Sik are close. Because of that, Park Seo Joon had really wanted to introduce Choi Woo Sik to me and V.” He added, “Honestly, it’s not easy for everyone to be a good match, but when we got together, it was crazy. Everyone’s so funny.” Describing what it’s like when they hang out, Park Hyung Sik said, “We meet often and make completely ridiculous, lame jokes. It’s so fun. They’re my only refuge, a place where I can heal.” Meanwhile, Park Hyung Sik’s new movie, “Juror 8,” premiered last week on May 15. Source (1) / soompi news
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