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  2. @ryotatao9495 It doesn't seem like Tao has any projects at the moment. I hope the jobs will come eventually since I don't want Tao to get worried or sad about this. I'm hoping for some hints too. @liemmeciau Ryota was filming Anikoma at that time so he probably didn't have enough time to rest.
  3. Not yet. Catching up with Beautiful World first. 696
  4. Hahaha. So true. I looked at the writer credits, he also wrote God's Quiz season 1-4. So this is not his first serial kdrama. I read the majority of God's Quiz main cast maintained even in the recent season 5. Omoooo..Seo is the cover for OST 6! ctto Ost 6 official videoclip
  5. 190421 NCT 127 VLIVE https://www.vlive.tv/video/124760
  6. haha sounds like an expensive cast. Although, maybe it'll turn out to be good bromance. Chief Kim can do some of the thinking since Hae Il is more action person.
  7. That give me creep , worried about my DoRi for second , I don’t care about the other .. I miss that child , need more scenes about him @newyee the rate story going , if we ask NJ remember you love SH , his reply would be like what love , so his love / hate around everyone is like a dice , one time we get this , other time we got the other @lu09 it would have been fun, if SH sister fall for NJ - these writer don’t like my crazy in love story line
  8. well I guess she never thought that it would be this tacky... so does KJW. suddenly I feel sorry for KJW cuz this is his 1st romcom and it turns out like that... what I can say I still blame the HPL writer
  9. Muahahaaa..... Just dropping by for adding some juice on our big oppa's thread!! It's said to be one of his movies!! https://daegorr.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/kmovie-review-차형사-runway-cop/ My dear friend, don't worry about him too much!! He will be back looking hotter than ever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybvEpvSQP4w
  10. Since its the same writer, can we have a FP and Chief Kim crossover? I don't know if I can handle Hae Il, Chief Kim, Hwang and bobby on my screennnnnnnn!!! I envision Chief Kim and Hae Il will butt heads often. Det Goo will try to be their peacemaker. If Junho and Kim Sun Ho(dimples) can join it would be awesome. Hahaha
  11. Thanks to the fan-highlight on twitter: Byunghun & Minjung seen at Paradise City Gala Dinner Party (4/20?). Not a clear photo, though. Source: Pyung Yong Park
  12. @sushilicious @triplem if I do Hwang egg , would take me next year to finish it kang & scary face for my cat
  13. Thanks to the fan-highlight on twitter: Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung seen at Paradise City Gala Dinner Party (presumably 4/20?). Not a clear photo, though. Photo: Pyung Yong Park
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