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  2. Video Greeting during the School Festival of Shinmok High School, his alma mater. Part of the Tweet: An actor with a really good image!
  3. All the pics and gifs available here : https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=20424047&memberNo=35450008&vType=VERTICAL
  4. Hyunie changed her ig profile to one of her Marie Claire photoshoot @babyval22 we are rational shipper,right ?! Wookie's ig updates! haha Poor Bangchingu
  5. @Lawyerh my inner kousuke is so happy hahaha omg i really can't lawyerhhhh help me! Hold me down! Tie me to a tree! 874
  6. Regarding this new project, I just have an open mind. In Goblin I thought that she was so adorable and that's what made me a mega fan. CITT set the foundation and Goblin entrapped me into the fandom so I'm grateful for it.
  7. Oh, and my favorite moments from episode 14, screencapped and edited by irene402_.
  8. 23# little thing that is disgusting & supposed to be funny ... Nose picking .. hand spitting ... using your future boyfriend brush
  9. 1 M I L L I O N Hits rainbow stars! Gift 6 ACHIEVED! #FANNSTARS @thefactnews #KimHyunJoong Thank you #Henecia C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S! by SS501 x TripleS TRENDSETTER
  10. I'm watching HPL and a huge fan of both series and PMY, i just wanna leave it here that the chemistry between PMY & KJW vs PMY & PSJ is kinda diff and i still ship PPC more than the other couple because I believe the other couple BTS is for fanservice. //ilovethatfanservicetoo but i just support PMY whatever she acts in because just her is enough xD
  11. NCT 127’s latest album is a hit! On May 24, NCT 127 released their fourth mini album “We Are Superhuman” along with the title track “Superhuman.” Soon after its release, the album topped iTunes album charts in at least 23 countries and regions including the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Greece, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, […] The post NCT 127 Tops International iTunes Charts With “We Are Superhuman” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  12. They actually really look good together I will update this post. Pics are already posted by @tok-soompi. Can wednesday and thursday come faster please Credits to the owners. It seems that this is the first time that eun-u has met someone to be called as mom. So it means JH may not have dated since eun-u's mom left. He is really smitten by JI
  13. So mellow and lovely. I like the quiet moments between JHI and HJM as JH and JI. It may or may not be a mistake, it may be destiny but what was powerful to me was this line. Cheating or not, that is up to the viewer's perception. But in this story, that is something for JH and JI to decipher.
  14. you know he flutters every lady's heart is not only because of his good looks. it's the warm aura about him, the way he talks to the ladies, the respect he has for them,the way he is considerate to them, the way he puts their comfortness first! pmy must be lucky women! idk what sweet things he did for her off screen but she told in interviews that -- "psj's left side of the face looks good on camera so does for pmy yet he still let pmy to be on the left side so that her visuals could stand out more" then in another interview she said "during hot days psj would let pmy do her shooting first & wait for her to finish" then we got to see him ocassionally shielding her from sunight in bts! ahggh this little gestures proves what kind of man he was raised to be as & how much considerate he is about pmy's comfortness!
  15. Personally I think the reason they said that Ye Jin got the offer first in March is just to make people think their US trip is for the drama and therefore emphasise their relationship as platonic which I highly doubt. At the end the truth will be unveiled. In the meantime I think we just sit back, enjoy their drama and many more wonderful things coming with it.
  16. Response to Vaiduakhu, Lilac Escarlata and QSD: I saw Perfect numbers already. I forget if its a movie or a drama. I think its a movie only. Her degenerate boyfriend tried to something inappropriate to her daughter or younger sister... I forget and she kills him and this semi-pervert neighbour next door helps them get away by hiding the body under a rock beneath the ocean. They made this alibi that they watch a comedy movie but the CCTV camera caught their expressions as distraught while all other viewers were smiling. That really got my attention. So Different Dreams do have some historical basis because Jeoson China and Japan were influenced by the west. I knew Japan was modern even before but Korea and China were poor, to say the least. Even in the Phillippines the rich who travel to Europe even in the 18th century were dressed this way but the ordinary people were horribly attired. About Fukada, I think the directors see him as a perfect leading man that's why they always make him lose to a protagonist like this movie case in point.
  17. [Comeback Stage] NCT 127 - Superhuman , 엔시티 127 - Superhuman Show Music core 20190525
  18. SEUNGHOON Twitter Update
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