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  2. Yes as per what @Lawyerh said ..let me know if you can't figure it out. Pali pali ...claim your hubby...I can see on FP thread you may have competition 554
  3. Still giving out KJR vibes!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BwcBp_LJEvK/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=rovvsmransk6
  4. Just started this drama yesterday. Really happy that I found this since I was missing watching a good Chinese drama. Can’t wait to see more.
  5. So, Hwang and the gang actually used by that devil chief prosecutor. Hwang and the gang feel bad in the end. Now I understand why Hwang never used violence when he's asking for the land to father Lee I'm sad when Hwang cried looking at father Lee got killed by that prosecutor.
  6. In twitter some solid PMY admins are angry at PPC shippers they said because of shippers fantasy some got angry at them for spazzing PMY and KJW. Fellow shippers I hope you understand they have no loyalty to PSJ they only like PMY and they do not believe PPC dating. Understand the solid fans or unfollow them if you are jealous.
  7. Sister Kim , lol...can still talk while the gun pointing at her head...not a good copy of the preview..but I think we will have a good ending
  8. Also, I don’t think they care even if she got taken away. They never did like her.
  9. Same feeling here. I think that sometimes people with no sense of morals and the willingness to kill is a prized asset for intelligence purposes. Once you are told to kill someone or many people, you can't afford sympathy or empathy. Hae Il had too much and so he had to leave even though he had the skills. And other times, people are able to hide their true nature under the guise that it's their job, which provides reinforcements for their urges.
  10. Omg ep 19 might be my favorite now. Omggggggggg. Gonna watch subs tmr after I go to the doctor lol. 552
  11. I agree that Hwang never killed anyone I think... probably not even Gu's partner. Remember he was the one who brought the partner back to Hwang. But have to wait for subs, because Kim did say something about this when he was talking to Hoodie Hwang. Remember Hwang was also disgusted at the way Scar Face killed the two men in the truck.
  12. I was checking knets comments on tonight's episode and they are bashing this journalist for his headline that Father Han is dead. "Watch the drama first before you write !" "Do not write obituaries !" It's so The Fiery Priest like !
  13. I would love to do that, but I haven’t tried to create a thread. I’ll try once we get a confirmation from Soop.
  14. I really really detest Scarface and his disgusting face. I really wanted to reach into my screen and pull out all his ugly teeth, twist off the smirk on his face, gouge out his eyes, set his eyebrows and hair on fire, poke sharp needles through his nose, then finish him off with six bullets to his brain. I'm sorry guys but I really needed to rant and vent. How did he ever become a government intelligence agent with his twisted mind? Do they not have psychological tests for that?
  15. Boy for rent man for rent (official trailer)When love doesn't go as expected..." miles " the handsome senior girl refuses to decide to use a man's rental service like " boy for rent " to learn how to tie a man to a punch while " Liz " caught a fan outside. So I decided to use boy for rent to help my girlfriend as well... they both don't know that men's rent will change their lives forever.Let's meet with a delicious story that is born from a forbidden relationship like "rent a man" that will make you tremble. Go with the charming administration of Cairo and the hot hot young man who will crush your heart and make you fall. Love Withdraws, not up in "boy for rent man for rent"Boy for rent man for rentEVERY FRIDAY NIGHT 4 pm on one31 channel - starting this 10 may#BoyForRent#GMMTV
  16. When Prosecutor Park sent him a voice message urging him not to become a bad person like Scarface.... Supercool walking down the hallway to meet Scarface. If I was facing this smile/smirk, I will be really really afraid.
  17. NCT 127 Japan 1st Full Album ‘Awaken’ Jacket Making #TAEIL
  18. Close your eyes and let the music take us.The song #cheng meng ep7 asked to go back to the older than 2540 a little bit more.
  19. So the b-team photo is the last scene from tonight. Guess everyone will do their share of helping father haeil and rescuing Sister Kim !
  20. More videos. https://twitter.com/pinkkong22/status/1048931312780828672 https://twitter.com/somevely_/status/1049332610873221126 https://twitter.com/onjunjinside/status/1050077733236006913 https://twitter.com/My_Lord_Jin/status/1050084369023426560
  21. Forgiveness, acceptance and second chances. This is the running theme for this drama. Father Kim needs to forgive himself Who would have imagined Bobby , Song Sac and Yohan bonding over a meal. Bobby has some respect for SS...we've have come real far
  22. Bobby in the cell, and he flashback to that night. He carried the body with another guy, not Seok, sorry. Bobby looking very uncomfortable, but he did throw Lee down the cliff. He kept telling himself that he didn't kill Lee. Cut to present, he said "sorry" Kim arrived in his hotel room. Gu is already in there. He is trying to make conversation. Kim asked him to leave, very coldly. He said everything is done. No need to work together anymore. He said he is going to take care everything by himself. Gu is still trying to talk sense to him, but Kim is still pushing him away. Gu still pleading with him and even pulled him, but Kim hit him. Gu not letting go, got hit again. Kim left the room, Seo is outside and called to him. He stopped to listen. Seo is also trying to talk to him, Kim replied her coldly and left. Cut to Kim walking on a bridge by himself while Park's voicemail earlier is being played as voice over. Scar Face with his guys in a car, making a call. Something wrong it seems. Cut to police officers outside the church building down on the ground. Then Kim in a rest room washing his face and readying his gun. He walked out, got on his bike and rode to building. Cut to Seo getting a text from Kim, she showed him to Gu. It said something like just wait for a while and everything will be over. and for them to come and clean up. also please take care of Park because they'll need her at the end of this. Kim entered the building, staircases like in preview. He fought some men, then entered a big void place. Scar Face seated in the middle, expecting his arrival. He pulled out Sister Kim though as hostage, boooo... Kim is unfazed. he held out a passport and threw it on the ground. Scar Face said some stuff and a lot more men came out. Scar Face gave a sign for them to attack, they walked towards Kim. But Kim smiled, for the first time in this episode ~ end of episode. Preview: surprisingly there is one!! ~ Kim fighting and losing. Sister Kim shouting stuff at him even though a gun is pointed at her head. ~ Seo and Gu pleading to Kim not to shoot. Kim had a gun pointed at someone, must be Scar Face. ~ SS visiting Bobby in the prison. Bobby no more pantene hair now..... huhuhuu... ~ Police team resigning together. Park is also resigning and praising herself ~ No sighting of Han nor Sister Kim
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