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  2. Lol I’m a Pisces too but I don’t really follow. 536 @Ameera Ali one only lol
  3. welcome to the family if we continue like this, for sure we will get to 150 pages until the drama airs. Imagine what will be here when the drama will finally air i don't think tencent will wait till next year to air the drama, because it can make big bucks, or rather yuans, outta it. Imagine the audience this drama will have. everybody has high expectations, and me personally i expect it to be on the same level as TMOPB. i am sure the girlz here also . for sure now the team behind the drama is doing the editing, GCI etc.and this takes time.
  4. How many award was he nominated for , I am confused now only can remember the one @triplem mentioned will happen in May -2
  5. Both Pisces star sign, both good in light mustache, and both sooo love to play in revenge drama Youre right next episodes quite heart flowing... not too bad. 534.
  6. @Ameera Ali The Tom's cartoon! I am actually thinking about Tom & Jerry when Tom steals something from Jerry just to have him retrieved it back ....eg LSH, Gun & VC. @dulceres It's not stressful anymore but rather fun to watch even if the villains are acting up, after reading many funny/creative/witty/insightful/interesting posts from the chingus here.
  7. Wait...so you tell me...Daesung and Baeksung is the same thing? LOL *mindblown* 530
  8. Oh no, I misjudged PXR. She is pretty after I saw these pics and video from another angle. Cr: as tagged
  9. I thought it's next week? May? 528
  10. Thank you @triplem ! That's a good thing if he didn't start the apartment fire. But people on YT are saying when An performed psychometry on SM that it revealed he killed the bad guy. Which would make JS's words to him meaningless, which would be sad. I'm gonna somehow try and hold out hope that SM isn't really that bad...but I just don't know anymore. Oof!
  11. I'm so envious of those fans... They can get so up close with the stars and not so much security!! I guess that's the perk of waiting at a smaller airport.... @Ameera Ali Mrs Hwang, so many girls get to have selca with Hwang!!!
  12. Hello all, a new fan here. I've been reading all of your comment and agree with whatever you guys said about this HSDS new version, I can't bear not to join this all crazy over WJ-ZM. See how this version going better than old version. I can't help but fall in love with every little part of this version have showed at verry beginning until the end. I even don't mind watched it without sub. Some people don't want to watch it because they don't understand anything and wait for sub out. Since people in this forum love WJ-ZM and me too, going smile all by myself reading your guys explanation. My friend ask me, am I alright? With suspicious look. But to be honest I like ZZR too in this version rather than 2009 version the only old version I watched, not knowing about other version. I gonna speak my mind about ZZR and her character because she have important part and interesting role to play. Not want to related her with WJ-ZM moment, since she gonna ruined it. Well, she is. ZZR is complicated character who have been through many pressure and bullying from her senior. Eventhough she is described a kind hearted, pure and soft woman, as she grown up she like more get influence by his master. She is a no.1 fan of her master. ZZR is a humble person to, when her master said want ZZR become leader her reaction is same like XF. Implicated she have no big ambition. This side of ZZR can make WJ fall for her again. But not, since her personality slowly change and become greedy as story goes on. Actually she can be dangerous rival to ZM if ZZR have more confident like what she's doing at Wan an temple and she have potential to be a good leader and smart too. Seriously you can see ZM face, being ultimately jealous dan angry when she see WJ help and hold ZZR. But ZM still remain calm, cool and more challenging in her princess attitude. After what happen in wan an temple she have no future at all with WJ. Whether she realized it or not she is already choose her path with follow her master without objection. I can see the different ZZR before and after wedding scene, Bambi really portrayed ZZR verry well. She's not overacted to express her emotion, and my favorit scene of her is when she notice how WJ care about ZM, I became amused to see her jealous face at snake island. And of course the ZZR after the wedding attack, being evil and shows her anger, dissapointed and being more cruel than her master.
  13. @turtlegirl apparently according to this IG handle -she used Indonesian in some of her comments- in last night’s episode we were made to believe its SM that burned the apartment. But apparently today SM says no . When An confront him about It , SM says if I say no , will you believe me . So I think he purposely wanted An to use psychometry on him The epilogue
  14. Currently watching the latest epsiodes.. Thoughts when I'm done... but right now I'm on the part where IS asked TJ toi always be by her side. Ugh! I'm gonna hate TJ if he chooses to side with IS or his chairman father! The conflict for this dram and happen once MR finds out abput TJ status and who he is and what his relationship with IS and chaiman. TJ and MR . Back to the drama.
  15. Nice that SH & LSH can still afford the same school , maybe SH sister making big money of Eating online , but sister need to be careful, it’s hard to find her man if she keep eating all these pizza boxes alone @dulceres wishing u nice day as well darling
  16. Credit to pmyifansunited and TVN. I hope I'm doing this correctly to give the credit to the owners.
  17. More witnesses have come forward with testimony in regards to the late actress Jang Ja Yeon’s sexual abuse case. On April 23, it was reported that the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office’s Investigative Team of Past Affairs has issued a statement in which they effectively said that an investigation is needed in regards to suspicions that Jang […] The post Testimony From Further Witnesses Obtained For Jang Ja Yeon’s Sexual Abuse Case appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  18. @Lawyerh lol. You are gonna recover from KJH soon @triplem did SBS Daesung ended? It did right? Hm...Guess have to wait till next year’s Daesung...hope he wins lol 526
  19. our girl is doing a wonderful job in her new drama! She has earned a new ship! We are happy for her because it’s a testament to her wonderful talent in her craft! May she end up happy with the man of her dreams! Now! Another feather to our classic drama,”Healer” what this drama and get the experience of a lifetime! A drama with substance!
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